The Complete Callia Flower Delivery Review: My Experience After 1+ Year as a Devoted Customer

As a bonafide flower junkie who has tested every floral delivery service under the sun, I‘ve found one that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Callia. After over a year as a satisfied subscriber, I want to share my comprehensive first-hand review.

Below I‘ll cover everything there is know about Callia‘s origin story, leadership, company facts and milestones. You‘ll find transparent pricing tables, in-depth examinations of Callia‘s bouquets, subscriptions and gifting options. I‘ll also spotlight how Callia gives back.

By the end, you‘ll understand exactly why I wholeheartedly recommend Callia for gifting or self-care floral nourishment!

Quick Callia Overview

Before we dive deeper, let‘s quickly review Callia‘s background and services:

HQ: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Founded: 2016 by Catherine Metrycki
Services: Flower delivery, subscriptions, corporate gifts & weddings
Delivery Region: Canada & Select U.S. States

The Story Behind Callia: From a Cringey Text to Canada‘s Newest Floral Star

We all have sender‘s remorse after firing off an impersonal text or DM when the moment calls for something more meaningful. Callia‘s inception came from the founder‘s own text message face palm.

In 2016, entrepreneur Catherine Metrycki couldn‘t pull herself away from work to properly congratulate a friend on a big promotion. The lame text message apology she sent instead inspired a profound idea.

There had to be an easier, elevated way to send warm wishes or celebrate loved ones across distances!

Soon after, Metrycki took that spark of inspiration and launched Callia – a flower delivery service focused on gifting beautiful, seasonal flower arrangements for all of life‘s brightest moments (and just because ones too!).

From Solo Founder to Rising Brand with 35k+ Instagram Followers

Starting as a one-woman show in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Callia quickly blossomed thanks to gorgeous designs showcasing floral craftsmanship and creative vision.

A 2019 appearance on CBC‘s Dragons‘ Den accelerated the brand‘s reach after Metrycki landed a deal with investor Manjit Minhas of M-Industries. Since then, Callia expanded delivery services nationwide across Canada and into parts of the U.S.

Today, Callia enjoys over 35,000 Instagram followers and 10,000 Facebook fans. The company continues setting new standards for floral gifting with elegantly packaged boxes overflowing with fresh blooms.

Callia Company Timeline

Callia‘s growth from solo founder to nationally recognized floral delivery service

Clearly this mission-driven company has tapped into potent gifting magic. Next let‘s get into the delicious details on what Callia is selling.

Unboxing Callia‘s Signature Flower Offerings

Callia wows customers with its selection of skillfully designed bouquets, subscriptions boxes and wedding flowers – all constructed from seasonal stems sourced locally when possible.

Before we dig into Callia‘s specific products, here is a comprehensive pricing breakdown across all categories:

Callia Bouquets

Size Price (USD)
Standard $59
Deluxe (50% larger) $79
Super Deluxe (2x larger) $99
Super-Duper Deluxe (2.5x larger) $119

Callia Subscriptions

Term Size Price (USD)
3 months Standard $169
3 months Deluxe $227
3 months Super Deluxe $353
6 months Standard $316
6 months Deluxe $429
6 months Super Deluxe $646

Callia Weddings

  • Bride‘s Bouquet: Starting at $75
  • Boutonnieres: Starting at $15
  • Centerpieces: Starting at $60

Callia Corporate Gifts

  • Starting at $45/unit for orders 100+ units
  • Volume discounts available

Now let‘s explore Callia‘s standout products categories.

Callia‘s Signature Bouquets: Fresh Florals Redefined

As a floral designer wannabe, I deeply admire Callia‘s ever-changing bouquets. Every 4-6 weeks, the talented team debuts new creations aligned to the current season.

This ensures you always receive lively blooms reflecting the beauty and textures around you – bright peonies and playful rainbow stems in Spring, abundant sunflowers and wild daisies for Summer, rich autumn hues and foliage for Fall.

Beyond capturing seasonal essence, Callia infuses conscientious touches into each hand-tied bouquet:

  • Local, sustainably grown flowers when available
  • Premium roses, exotic varieties imported when necessary
  • Skillful, balanced compositions
  • Luxe packaging – matte boxes, tissue lining, satin ribbons
  • Flower food packets for nourishment
  • Care instructions for enjoying 10-14+ days of vase life

The exceptional quality and artistic vision shine through vividly as you first lift the magnetic closure tab and lay eyes on your Callia creation.

Callia Seasonal Bouquet

Receiving Callia‘s radiant bouquets truly heightens any occasion. The packaging pampers while allowing the bespoke floral arrangement to steal the spotlight where it belongs.

Speaking of showstoppers, let‘s spotlight Callia‘s talents for more monumental affairs like weddings.

Callia Wedding Flowers: Luxe Stems for Modern Nuptials

For today‘s contemporary, budget-conscious couples seeking wow-worthy floral décor without wholesale markups, Callia offers a welcome solution.

You enjoy the same dedication to seasonality, artistic execution and premium blooms as Callia‘s signature bouquets. Except crafted by expert hands into boutonnieres, invigorating centerpieces and breathtaking bridal bouquets.

As a bonus, Callia‘s wedding flowers cost approximately 25% less than traditional florists according to the company. Now that‘s a welcome wedding gift!

While Callia‘s wedding designers specialize in elevated simplicity perfect for modern venues, their work always exudes luxury presentation with confident pops of color, thoughtful personalizations and playful textures.

Callia Wedding Bouquet

Vibrant peonies, Café au Lait dahlias, queen anne’s lace and eucalyptus globe form this bride‘s perfect seasonal bouquet. Image via Callia Instagram.

As you can see, Callia offers far beyond your run-of-the-mill wedding flowers. Their creations feel fresh and modern while photographing beautifully.

Spreading Smiles Year-Round With Callia‘s Subscription Boxes

In addition to one-off bouquets sent as precious gifts (or little pick-me-ups for yourself), Callia offers both short-term seasonal and continuous subscription options.

For devoted followers who want to double down on floral joy, it‘s a fantastic way to keep your home continuously graced by professional arrangements.

Here‘s an overview of Callia‘s subscription offerings:

Seasonal flower subscriptions

  • Get Callia bouquets delivered monthly for 3 or 6 month terms
  • Size your monthly delivery from Standard up to Extra Large
  • Pause/skip months or cancel anytime

Ongoing flower subscription

  • Receive Callia‘s brilliance bouquets monthly indefinitely
  • Newly designed arrangements arriving each month
  • Flexibility to pause, skip or cancel anytime

I‘ve found the continuity of the ongoing subscription invaluable. Having fresh florals become a regular moment of luxury that I eagerly anticipate feels akin to receiving a monthly spa treatment or massage. Yet it costs a fraction of the price of in-person pampering!

Callia Subscription Box

With Callia‘s subscriptions, the unboxing thrill repeats endlessly. And the flexibility to pause or tailor stems to my budget makes maintaining this floral habit effortless.

Corporate Gifting Services: Let Callia Handle Holiday Cheer and Client Appreciation

Now what if you need to send beautiful flower gifts en masse to clients, employees or donors? Enter Callia‘s corporate gifting program.

I love how Callia tailors branded floral gifts for any B2B occasion – new client onboarding, employee recognition, holiday spreadding cheer or sales incentives.

The team handles all logistics end-to-end for seamless corporate gifting, including:

  • Sourcing premium seasonal stems
  • Professionally designing arrangements tied to company color palette
  • Printed enclosure cards with custom messages
  • Scheduled delivery services across departments/regions
  • Volume discounts and account management

Current big brand partners enjoying Callia‘s corporate flowers include Lululemon, Mercedes-Benz Financial and RE/MAX.

But the company can easily scale for businesses of any size whether you need 5 gift baskets or 500. The starting minimum is 100 units per year.

If wowing customers, partners or staff en masse with flowers seems daunting, let Callia take the reins as your gifted (no pun intended) corporate gifting partner.

How Does Callia Give Back?

What I admire about Callia beyond their fantastic flowers is the company‘s dedication to social impact.

Callia partners with One Tree Planted to sponsor reforestation efforts globally. For every bouquet sold, Callia donates to plant a tree in an at-risk community.

To date, the brand has funded the planting of 10,000 trees based on consumer purchases – helping restore forests and habitats across North America, Asia, Africa and South America.

Callia Forest Image

A funded reforestation project in action via One Tree Planted

As climate change increasingly impacts flower growers and supply chains, Callia‘s commitment to environmental restoration shows forward thinking.

By supporting Callia with your flower purchases, you can send beautiful gifts while indirectly giving back to the planet, communities and endangered ecosystems. An awesome bonus cause acceleration!

Now let‘s examine why Callia makes an excellent choice for all flower lovers and gifters.

Who Is Callia Best For?

Based on this transparent look behind the curtain, Callia clearly caters to:

Devoted Flower Fans

With passion for floral design and commitment to elite quality blooms, Callia ensures each petal and stem delights true appreciators.

Savvy Shoppers

Far cheaper than privately commissioned florist arrangements, Callia delivers premium flowers for fair value – extra savings for subscriptions.

Gifting Gurus

With gifting extras like vases, digital Greets and corporate programs, Callia simplifies sharing joy beautifully.

Eco-Conscious Customers

Between local sourcing and reforestation projects, environmentally-minded shoppers feel good supporting Callia.

Time-Starved People

Skipping in-person florists and buying online, Callia offers convenience without compromising luxury.

Anyone Seeking Flower-Fueled Happiness!

Whether you gift the roses or buy the posies for yourself, Callia boosts your mood without breaking your budget.

Clearly Callia holds wide appeal. Next let‘s examine direct customer feedback.

Callia Customer Reviews Suggest Overwhelming Satisfaction

The proof is in the petals! When a company claims superior floral quality and service, what better test than real consumer opinions?

Here‘s a data snapshot of Callia‘s sterling customer satisfaction across review platforms:

  • 5/5 Stars on Facebook – Nearly perfect scores across 543 Ratings
  • 20+ Written Reviews Averaging 5/5 Stars – Consistent praises for packaging, longevity, customer service
  • A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau – Zero registered complaints. 2 positive reviews.

Analyzing the patterns within reviews shows buyers adore:

  • Flower quality and vase life exceeding expectations
  • Standout packaging elevating unboxing experience
  • Attentive customer service resolving any issues promptly

In my personal experience across over a dozen bouquets and monthly subscriptions, Callia absolutely delivers on its brand promises.

The flowers arrive fresh as if just cut from the grower‘s fields and last 10-14 days minimum with proper care. Only once did I receive a damaged box missing floral foam. But Callia‘s friendly team had replacement stems to my door within 36 hours!

They exude passion for their floral craft while also running a consumer-centric business. Feel confident buying from Callia sight-unseen based on collective glowing reviews.

Current Callia Deals: How to Save on Your Next Bouquet

While Callia flowers already shine as a solid value, who doesn‘t love saving extra? Luckily there are always great ways to slash your flower splurge.

Here are the best Callia discounts available now:

  • 15% Off U.S. Orders – Limited promo for American customers
  • Spend $100+ for 10% Off – Hit this cart threshold to unlock extra savings
  • Up to 10% Cashback – Online cashback apps like Rakuten offer bouquet rebates

I always make sure to use Rakuten or another cashback site before purchasing flowers or subscriptions. It offers easy bonus discounts on a service I already wholeheartedly endorse.

Between smart budgeting tactics like cashback leverage and Callia‘s loyal member savings, you can regularly enjoy professional floral arrangements without draining your wallet.

Where Can You Buy Callia Bouquets?

At the moment Callia stems are only available through the company‘s online shop at

The website provides an easy, mobile-friendly way to browse, customize and order flower deliveries for yourself or a lucky recipient.

Options include:

  • Pick bouquet size
  • Add extras like vases or sweet treats
  • Select regional delivery date
  • Enter recipient details
  • Checkout securely

After enjoying Callia arrangements for over a year now, I can confirm it‘s a smooth, intuitive process taking just minutes to put smiles on doorsteps.

Callia Review Conclusions: A Florist Alternative Exceeding Expectations

If you made it down here, thanks for sticking with my full-length Callia review! By this point I hope my transparency provides ample insights to decide if Callia meets your floral needs.

As both a devoted customer and industry professional evaluating countless online flower companies, I confidently award Callia top marks across the board.

From exquisite seasonal flower selections and ethical sourcing standards to luxe presentation quality and highly flexible gifting options, this passionate company fires on all cylinders.

Meanwhile Callia maintains fair everyday pricing significantly under custom or luxury florist rates. Ongoing promotions and loyalty perks only keep costs lower, while customer satisfaction remains sky high.

If beautifully crafted blooms sparking authentic joy sounds appealing, do yourself or a loved one a favor by choosing Callia flowers. After thousands of delighted customers including myself, Callia makes an easy call for your next floral splurge!

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