[Best Wall Clock] 10 Popular Wall Clock Designs

A good wall clock can bring any room together.

Wall clocks are one of the few pieces of home decor that look good in corridors, bathrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, and even outside.

When you are decorating your new home or redecorating a room that needs a little more love – you should be thinking about what kind of wall clock would best suit this room.

To help you find your new favorite wall clock, today, we are going to share with you the 10 most popular wall clocks right now.

#1 – Modern Cuckoo Clock 

Modern Cuckoo Clock 

For hundreds of years, in Europe, cuckoo wall clocks have been the must-have item. They typically look like a birdhouse sitting on the wall and at the hour a little bird pops out of one of the windows.

Modern cuckoo clocks look fairly simple and come in bright colors – they are very different from the ornate wall clocks of the past.

#2 – Clifford The Big, Red Dog Wall Clock 

Clifford the faithful Labrador has been winning over hearts for over 50 years now. He is loved by the older generations and by little children, so it is no surprise to us that Clifford is still extremely popular – especially after his latest film release last year.

Clifford the Big, Red Dog is a great option for a child's room, but it also brings a bit of fun to any other room. Who wouldn't want to see that little guy around the house?

#3 – Death Star Wall Clock 

Star Wars is having a moment right now. Well, it has been having a moment since 1977, but with Disney+ releasing 4 new Star Wars shows in 2022 on top of the 2 they released in 2021, there has never been more content for fans to enjoy.

One of the most iconic images from the franchise is the Death Star from the original trilogy. And because it was circular, it is very popular in the world of wall clocks.

#4 – Agate Wall Clocks 

Agate Wall Clocks 

While crystal homeware was most popular in 2012, it seems to be having a small renaissance in 2022.

We have seen clear agate wall clocks, rich purple agate wall clocks, and agate wall clocks in every color of the rainbow popping up on the market this year.

#5 – Driftwood Wall Clocks 

Driftwood decor first became popular in the 70s and it has not gone out of fashion since – it looks like it really is here to stay.

Many people like to make custom clocks out of driftwood they have found on the beach, but we have also seen these clocks being produced by mass-market brands as well.

#6 – Brass Pendulum Wall Clocks 

In the world of minimalist decor, brass is the metal of the moment. We have seen a lot of simple, brass wall clocks come up for sale.

We have also noticed a rise in these clocks including a swinging pendulum – it adds a little bit of interest to the clock without adding any visual clutter.

#7 – Baby Yoda Clock 

Baby Yoda Clock 

Star Wars strikes again.

The Death Star isn't the only Star Wars clock that is taking the world by storm right now. We are also seeing people show a lot of love for little, baby Yoda.

We completely understand the obsession – he's cute, he's funny, and his head is the perfect shape to make into a clock.

#8 – Minimalistic Flip Clocks 

The 80s and 90s nostalgia is at an all-time high – and even the world of wall clocks is being hit by this craze.

If you ever wanted a large flip wall clock that reminds you of Bill Muarry's clock in Groundhog Day – now is the best time to buy one.

You can get every type of flip clock, ranging from the most simple, to ones that will show you the date, the day, the time, and even the weather.

#9 – Just The Hands 

One of the most popular wall clocks out there right now is literally, just a set of clock hands on the wall.

These wall clocks are minimalist to the extreme, however, they look incredibly sophisticated and look good no matter what style the room is decorated in.

#10 – Omega and Snoopy Wall Clock 

Snoopy Wall Clock 

Snoopy wall clocks have been popular for decades now. But we are not sure if we have loved one as much as we adore this collaboration between Omega and Snoopy.

This clock perfectly matches both brands and manages to be simultaneously sophisticated, classy, and fun.

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