40 Stylish Window Seat Ideas For Home Decorating

Are you in need of something different but mostly functional at home? Do you like to spend more time watching the sunset? Well, stay with me because I will enlighten you with the most beautiful and stylish window seat ideas for your home.

I wondered what is so special about the window seats and why they are the most loved space in a home. Then, I looked at the photos online, and I was fascinated and speechless. They definitely pack a punch with their look and can be the most comfortable and cozy reading space.

A window seat is a functional solution to many aspects of home decoration. If you have enough space and crave some additional seating, don't overthink; just make it.

So, start scrolling down and enjoy my most beautiful picked ideas on how to make your own stylish window seats at home.

1. Approved by doggy

Approved by doggy

A beautiful idea to make yourself and your doggy a nice resting spot. I love how the doggy space is incorporated into this window seat, and on the sides, there is additional space for storage.

Simple and easy with a little bit of effort, and you'll have your own corner to enjoy whenever you want.

2. Baby, it's glowing inside

Baby, it's glowing inside

Window seat or window bed? Either way looks so stunning and elegant. The beautiful glowing light coming from underneath the seat gives a warm touch to this design.

I love how it has a built-in table so you can place your hot drink to cool down a bit before you enjoy that gorgeous view.

3. Moroccan luxury

Moroccan luxury

This Moroccan style gives the most overwhelming feeling and looks so rich and refined. The curtains are the most beautiful addition, both look-wise and practical.

For example, if you want a little bit of privacy and self-love to enjoy your free time by yourself, you can close the curtains and feel the freedom.

4. Seat by the ocean

Seat by the ocean

Seriously, if you have a beach house, please make a window seat with a sea view; you'll thank me later. Nothing really is needed here except for a nice and cozy cushion and pillow.

There is nothing better than enjoying the peace and quiet by the window and looking at the water. If you ask me, this will also be my nap place.

5. Elegance overload

Elegance overload

I love that there are two windows on both sides. That way, it looks a lot brighter and airier. The shelves are my favorite spot because they add an amazing style to the overall decoration, plus you can also add your most loved knick-knacks.

The star of this overall spot for me is the arched full-circle window; it perfectly brightens up the seat and gives amazing touch.

6. So cozy and gorgeous

So cozy and gorgeous

If you have a bay window like this, then you have to make space for a window seat; it's inevitable. I love how all of the colors are perfectly incorporated into this design.

The pillows and blanket give the warmest feeling, and the tiny table is just the right choice for this spot.

7. Lost in space

Lost in space

This design looks like it's from another planet with those recessed round windows. It definitely has a unique style and lovely cozy feeling.

Those window seats are perfect if you want to read your favorite book or just enjoy the beauty outside and maybe take a nap. I cheer for the last one.

8. Christmas themed window seat

Christmas themed window seat

With Christmas around the corner, this is the most magical and most beautiful window seat I've seen. If you have a bay window, this is the idea to make it more good-looking and practical.

The jolly holiday touch it's just the addition that makes it more perfect. The rustic wooden table in the middle is my most favorite thing in this look.

9. Comfy to infinity and beyond

Comfy to infinity and beyond

We can all agree that we need a spot like this. I mean, look at those comfy pillows and blankets. I would spend the whole winter on this window seat just like the bears hibernate.

The colors are so beautifully matched, and the green plants give a bit of vibrance to the overall design.

10. View to die for

View to die for

This is something a lot more different than what we have seen by now. That big glass window gives the most wonderful view from the outside.

The most interesting part is the seat and bookshelf, an incredible way to have your own reading space surrounded by that amazing greenery that's picking through the glass.

11. Simple but elegant

Simple but elegant

This simple window seat design is incredibly incorporated and gives a feeling of elegance and simplicity. Just add a few pillows, place some plants, and voila, you have a window seat in a jiff.

Also, I like how the tiny shelves on the left complement the overall design—the perfect spot for the perfect morning coffee.

12. Asymmetric window seat or bed?

Asymmetric window seat or bed

Can we just admire this magical design? I mean, this has been made with such creativity; it almost looks like you are one with the jungle.

And, the seat, or should I say the bed is big enough to enjoy even a nap under that green goodness. My favorite part is the warm colors; they go together like a charm.

13. Beautify, beautify me

Beautify, beautify me

Some people are all about simple designs, and this look screams simplicity. The wooden seat breaks the monotony in this look, and the green plants add a pop of color.

I love the knitted blanket; it gives this style a warm and comfy feeling. Perfect spot to calm your nerves and enjoy a cup of warm tea.

14. Reading by the pool

Reading by the pool

This is a gorgeous design of a window seat by the pool. That big spacious glass will make you feel like you are literally catching some tan while reading your favorite book.

It's incredible how a piece of glass and seat cushion can make the most amazing spot for relaxation.

15. Window seat or window temple?

Window seat or window temple

Let me briefly enjoy the moment while satisfying my eyes with this gorgeous photo. This is on another level, far different from what we've seen before.

It's a whole room with seat windows with comfy cushions that create harmony. And, I really like the drawers underneath the seat, a great way to store whatever you want.

16. Cute little window seat

Cute little window seat

Sometimes all you need is this tiny cozy spot to bring calming vibes into your home. Everything is on point, including the gorgeous pillow and blanket sheet and the perfectly incorporated shelves with books.

I love it a lot because it looks like a magical door to the world of fairytales.

17. Pop of colors

Pop of colors

Great idea to incorporate both window seats and a dining table, especially if you have a bay window like this. The colors, though, are vibrant and bold, making this spot look elegant and luxurious.

I love the rounded dining table; it goes well with the half-circle seat.

18. Bright me up

Bright me up

There are a lot of ideas on how to use your space wisely, both decorating and practical reasons. This style is so sophisticated and graceful with gentle colors.

The table, though, is my favorite part of this design, so unique and one-of-a-kind. A perfect spot for the ideal morning coffee on a comfy and cushiony window seat.

19. This window seat – music to my ears

This window seat – music to my ears

Some people want simplicity, so this is a great way to satisfy them. This is a simple window seat design with just one big wooden board, and voila, you have a place to sit on and create music.

What I love Is that this spacious window brings a lot of natural light, so vitamin D, you are welcomed.

20. Stylish resting space

Stylish resting space

Sometimes you can bring your living room to the window spot and marry them together. You will be amazed at what you will achieve.

Incredible taste and gorgeous pastel colors with the most comfortable cushions give this window seat the most amazing look ever. And did you notice the wall lamps? Perfect for night reading.

21. Window seat oh so neat

Window seat oh so neat

You're looking at a fantastic idea for an incredible window seat style with pastel blue and white color. That window is so gorgeous that it's inevitable to make something to sit on so you can admire that view.

Oh, and the pinecones in that basket are the star of this look. They add a bit of oomph to the overall design.

22. Stairway to wonderland

Stairway to wonderland

Wisely used space, and it looks incredibly stunning and stylish. I love how the colored pillows make the space more vibrant and colorful.

The bookshelves add a different dimension to this look, making this the perfect reading spot. With this kind of window seat, you will always make a break halfway through when going upstairs.

23. Vibrance overload

Vibrance overload

If you are the type of person who likes to play with the designs and mix of colors, this is the right idea.

It's amazing how this window seat looks so simple and clean, but somehow the burst of colors makes it look more attractive and richer. I love the natural light picking through the big windows.

24. Geometrical window seat

Geometrical window seat

This is a pretty bold move with the geometrical shape and rigorous detailing, and that is what I love the most.

It's a sophisticated and unusual design for a lot of sustainability and comfort. And, it is big enough not only for reading and drinking coffee but also for taking a long and resting nap.

25. Living your dream

Living your dream

Having a dreamy seat under your arched window is more than enough to bring more excitement to your home. Plus, if you can add multiple-colored pillows and cushions, it will be a match made in heaven.

And, you want your books at hand? Say no more; bookshelves will make your wish come true.

26. Bay seat with style

Bay seat with style

Bay windows always make the home more spacious and beautiful, but it doesn't look appealing if the space underneath is empty. This window seat perfectly fills that emptiness, and it adds a lot of sophistication and richness to the design.

And the functionality is on the highest level; you can easily read, relax or work on the most comfortable seat.

27. Curved window seat

Curved window seat

This magnificent seat is so unique with its curved shape. From a practical point of view, there is a lot of storage room in those drawers underneath.

From a decorative point of view, those pillows add a pop of colors, matching perfectly with this look. I love how the round table complements the shape of that curved seat.

28. Pillowy dream

Pillowy dream

Pillows with different patterns and colors make a huge difference on window seats. They somehow magically add a lot of vibrance, character, and sophistication to the design.

For example, if it weren't for these pillows in the picture, it would look dull and monotonic. My point is, pillows are the key to bringing colorfulness into the window seat.

29. Ahhhh-mazing


Here we have an Incredibly beautiful and simple seat with baskets for storage. The roller blind is a great addition if you want a little bit of privacy from time to time.

All of the colors go perfectly together with all other elements in this house. But those baskets are the most good-looking decoration in this design.

30. Let's take to the sky

Let's take to the sky

It really doesn't matter how small or big your space for a window seat is to make it look beautiful. Just use modern décor to elevate the room and keep it stylish.

The simple lines on the cushion and bench give a cleaner look. Always add some pillows for comfort; you don't want a stiff neck and back pain after reading your favorite book.

31. Built-in window seat

Built-in window seat

If you can built-in your window seat during renovation, it would be easier for you to be more specific about the details.

That includes the type of windows, bookshelves, and many additional decorations and practical pieces you can choose to add. A comfy cushion is a must if you plan on spending a lot of time on the seat.

32. Extremely gorgeous reading nook

Extremely gorgeous reading nook

There are many varieties of forms for a window seat. This form, for example, gives a luxurious and sophisticated feeling.

This is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking view and natural daylight. Because of the size, you can easily use it as a day bed and enjoy laying on those multiple pillows.

33. Bright, airy, spacious, and gorgeous

Bright, airy, spacious, and gorgeous

Most people make their window seats to create a relaxing, comfortable and reading nook.

To make your space even more stylish, you can always play by adding different types of decorations on the shelves, and that way, you can make your space even more stunning.

34. Bookshelves window seat

Bookshelves window seat

This one screams uniqueness when it comes to “out of the ordinary” decoration seats. I mean, I bow before the person that created this idea to make a two-in-one design – bookshelves, and seats together.

Not only it looks stylish and exquisite, but it is the most practical. Do you want to read some books? You don't even have to get up, just stretch your arm and start reading and relaxing.

35. Bay window seat with curtains

Bay window seat with curtains

I have already talked about the built-in window seats and their advantage. You can choose and be a lot more specific about the decorations and details you will add.

For example, a curtain gives this look another dimension and luxury. On the other hand, if you want a bit of privacy, just close them, and you are good to go.

36. Trapezoid window seat

Trapezoid window seat

The window seat doesn't have to be big to bring more beauty to your home. Often people make window seats built-in for one, but that doesn't mean that the functionality is gone.

You still have plenty of natural light, and if you are more into privacy, just add shutters on your windows. Also, I like that that the space underneath is used for storage.

37. Simple colors

Simple colors

When it comes to decoration, there are different people with different desires. Some of them like to add a pop of colors and vibrance, while others like to keep it simple.

This is the perfect idea for those who like to have two colors maximum. I am more on the colored side, but, hey, this also looks appealing and stylish.

38. Privacy on point

Privacy on point

Most of the window seats are placed in the living room, and they do look gorgeous. But when it comes to privacy, the staircase is the perfect choice for that.

This one looks so clean and spacious, bright from the natural light picking through the big windows. It's a perfect stop halfway through, whether if you're going up or down.

39. Kitchen window seat

Kitchen window seat

Perfect solution if you want to eat your breakfast or lunch with the brightest natural light and a great view. Yes, you can also make a window seat in the kitchen with a dining table.

It looks so good with the pillows in blue color and patterns. Coffee and croissants are the perfect choices to consume in the morning in this spot.

40. Navy blue to the rescue

Navy blue to the rescue

Another great idea is to match the window seat design with your living room design. Can you just admire those floral designs on the pillows, the lamp, how they complement the whole space without being kitsch?

And the brightness that comes from the windows along with the beautiful view? I mean, one big bravo for this masterpiece.

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