Best Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews

If you are having trouble with sleeplessness due to sweaty and sticky nights and about your mornings when you get up like a grumpy old man, then try a cooling mattress topper.

You might think I have a fan to cool me down then suddenly realize that even fan is not entirely useful here.

Your morning grumpiness won't leave you until you get a good night's sleep and that is not possible if you sleep hot. A topper will not only enable you to sleep relaxed and comfortable at night but will also save you electricity costs. Best cooling mattress pads add plushness to your beds, and they provide you with a cloud-like feeling on your old bed.

Let’s find one for you!

Compare Best cooling mattress pads

Products Highlight Materials Thickness Density Link
Utopia Bedding Maximum comfort and softness Polyester and Quilt Mattress with Fiberfill 2-inch 3 lbs.
ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad Hypoallergenic Polyester and Bamboo Mattress 2-inch 3 lbs.
ExceptionalSheets Pillowtop Mattress Pad Extra Plush Polyester and Fiber Clusters 2-inch 3 lbs.
Leisure Town High breathability and water resistance Polyester and 300TC Cotton 2-inch 3 lbs.
ViscoSoft Instant Pressure Relief Gel Infused Memory Foam 2-inch 3 lbs.
Natures Sleep Higher density Gel Infused Memory Foam 3-inch 3.25 lbs.
eLuxurySupply Best for back pain Gel Infused Memory Foam 2.5-inch 3 lbs.

What is a cooling mattress pad?

A cooling mattress pad is developed to regulate your body temperature by absorbing heat so that you can enjoy cool sleep throughout the night. In simple words, a cooling mattress will keep you relaxed at night, and you won't wake up sticky or sweaty in the morning. Primarily, there are two different types of cooling pads; ones with active cooling effects while others with passive cooling effects. They are briefly explained as follows.

  • Active Cooling Mattress Pads

Some kinds of cooling mattress pads come with active cooling systems or an accessory such as a fan that is attached to them. The attachment must be connected to the topper to work correctly. These pads come with a wide variety of temperature variation settings, and you can make adjustments to them according to your preferences. These pads can also provide you with warming effects in winter. These pads are expensive, but they are best for coolness. They also need constant flow for functioning, and it will increase your utility costs.

  • Passive Cooling Mattress Pads

Passive cooling pads slightly vary from their active counterparts. These pads are the typical gel-infused cooling pads made of patented materials. The gel infusion in the memory foam traps heat and transmits it to the external region. These mattress pads are highly ventilated to ensure proper transmission of heat to the external environment and ensure that you sleep comfortably and cold at night.

Why do you need a cooling mattress pad?

  • The layer of a cooling mattress pad will improve the level of comfort.
  • Your regular mattress can heat up your body when you are on it for long hours while a topper will eradicate overheating and will cool the sleeper down.
  • A cooling topper can keep your bed safe from crumbs, spills, and allergens.
  • The pad will contribute significantly to improve its longevity and durability by halting sagging which might result in lower back problems
  • A topper will keep your spine correctly aligned and keep it supported while reducing pain.
  • It can customize your bed as per your preferences and requirements associated with firmness levels.

Our Top Picks – Best Cooling Mattress Pad

1. Utopia Bedding– Overall best rated for maximum comfort

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

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You can stretch Utopia Bedding’s topper and spread it on the 16-inch thick mattress. The topper comes at an economical price. The soft quilt of this cooling pad has siliconized fiberfill and it stays intact with your bed as well.

The quilted mattress topper from Utopia Bedding is all about comfort and softness. Utopia ensures that all the toppers are made with high-loft siliconized polyester fiberfill that is extraordinarily cozy and guarantees you a good night's sleep. In addition to that, the top is made of brushed microfiber for extra comfort. The diamond stitching pattern of the quilting walls between the top and bottom layer while the polyester filling makes sure that it remains appropriately and evenly distributed.

Another benefit of this design is that it offers an excellent and smooth gripping system with the skirts that stretch. The soft grip system has elastic rows only at the base. It works like a fitting sheet that wraps around your mattress.


  • Allergenic barrier
  • Polyester
  • Super soft quilt with fiberfill
  • Durable and softcover
  • Highly breathable
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials

Allergenic Barrier

This trait is preferable for most people who have different types of skin allergies. You won’t have to bother about stuffy noses and runny eyes at night when you will use Utopia Bedding Mattress Pad. Most of the other options are filled with synthetic materials. However, Utopia is filled human-made fiber that is sanitized and processed for eradicating various impurities like dust, dirt or even oil. The topper doesn't contain any dyes or bleach.

However, please bear in mind that if you are looking for an extra-plush, then this topper might not suit you. It is easily one of the lowest-priced products that you will find on the market but if you prefer extra soft toppers for your mattress then look for something else. With the passage of time, the elastics tend to become weary due to washes.

  • It is exceptionally soft and has fiberfill loft as well as vinyl and elastic back
  • The pad topper is machine washable.
  • It is comprised of hypoallergenic constituents.
  • Different sizes are available in this topper.
  • Not among the expensive options that you hesitate to consider.
  • The topper is not plush
  • Its elastic wears out after frequent washes.

2. ExceptionalSheets– Best for Hypoallergenic

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

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The bamboo topper from ExceptionalSheets is available in different sizes, and its king size can stretch up to 18-inch in depth. This topper is certified and assured for high quality as per the standards set by CPSC (16 CFR part 1632).

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the bamboo mattress pad from ExceptionalSheets is a quality assured product as per 16 CFR part 1632. It means the manufacturer only uses high-quality materials in the construction. It is one of the safest toppers to use regarding health concerns.

In addition to the quality assurance, the topper is hypoallergenic as well which mean that it is made of exclusive fiber technology that gives you the look and feel of down but performs way better.


  • Certified 16 CFR part 1632
  • 30% Cotton and 70% Polyester
  • RevoLoft fiberfill pads
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • double-needle baffle box stitching plus, 160 thread count cover
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

RevoLoft Cluster Fiber Filling

The mattress cooling pad is generously stuffed with this fiber filling with the help of an additional engineering process for the creation of fiber balls that trap air to enable the pad keeping its shape for an extended period.

On the downside, the size of the pad is a bit of an issue because it doesn't come in actual mattress sizes. In addition to that, the skirt of the topper is also made of poor quality.

  • It comes with a money back guarantee.
  • It comprises hypoallergenic constituents to protect your skin from developing any allergies.
  • The pads have RevoLoft fiber filling
  • The topper comes in various sizes.
  • Certified product 16 CFR.
  • Stitching of this topper is slightly below par.
  • There is an issue of wear and tear after some washes.

You can find various sizes in this topper, and it functions well to eradicate any spinal issues that you might have developed over time sleeping on your bed.

3. ExceptionalSheets– Best Extra Plush Topper

ExceptionalSheets Pillowtop Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

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If you want extra plush in your mattress toppers, then you don't have to look any further. The Pillowtop pad from ExceptionalSheets comes with extra softness just like those toppers found in Marriott Hotel. However, this one doesn't cost you too much.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, this topper is certified under 16 CFR 1632 and is one of the safest of all. It means that you won't develop any allergies with this product. In addition to that, the topper is exceptionally comfortable to use due to its unique Polyester fiber clusters.

Each pad is filled with 25-ounces per square yard of RevoLoft fiberfill that gives you the authentic feel of goose and ducks down without the poking, allergies, and feathers. The product is 100% hypoallergenic and prevents the development of any allergies.


  • 160 thread count cover
  • Double-needle baffle box stitching
  • 16 CFR part 1632 certified
  • RevoLoft fiberfill pads
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • 30% Cotton and 70% Polyester
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

The Hotel Style Pillowtop

The extra plush Pillowtop cooling pad is made of 160 counts PolySoft cover which not only protects your mattress, but it also provides you with a smooth feeling with a cooling effect. Each of the pads is filled with hypoallergenic cluster down fiber.

It is one of the soft and plush toppers that you will find on the market, but the thickness level doesn't go well with the softness. It should have been thicker but you can use it on firm mattresses, and it will work exceptionally well.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Comes with a PolySoft cover that is extra soft and highly breathable
  • Each of the pad is filled with 25 ounces per square inch of RevoLoft fiberfill
  • It is 100% hypoallergenic so that you or your loved ones don’t develop any allergies while sleeping on it.
  • Certified 16 CFR 1632 by CPSC.
  • Its thickness level doesn’t go well with its softness level
  • Not good if you tend to wash your toppers frequently

4. Leisure Town– Best for breathability and water resistant

LEISURE TOWN Queen Overfilled Mattress

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The overfilled bed mattress cooling pad offered by Leisure Town comprises breathable and comfortable materials. The topper can keep mold and mildew away, and it also provides you back with proper support. The mattress topper gives you a cloud-like feeling that assures peaceful sleep for long hour.

Leisure Town topper is manufactured with different materials that are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It guarantees that you won’t develop any skin allergies or issues. 3000TC cotton is used in its construction rather than traditional diamond-shaped seam which is hugely comforting and soft.

The topper is developed with the help of HNN Cooling Technology which halts your sweating during sleep. This technology also makes this cooling pad among the most breathable toppers of this price tag.


  • Different sizes available
  • 300TC 100% cotton
  • Diamond quilting seam
  • 100% antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Water-resistant up to a certain level
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Water-resistance feature

Despite its cotton-made cover, the pad can soak a specific amount of water. It means that you can wipe any fluid if the topper hasn’t soaked more than 200ml. It extends the lifespan of your bed as well.

You can wash this cooling mattress pad in your machine and don’t need any special instructions to follow either. Furthermore, the money back guarantee will enable you to return it safely provided that you are unsatisfied with the topper’s performance.

  • The breathable and super soft fabric cover enables you to enjoy a restful sleep at night.
  • Various sizes are up for grabs.
  • Super easy to wash and dry.
  • The manufacturing of this topper includes hypoallergenic as well as antimicrobial materials.
  • The cooling mattress topper is covered under the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • It doesn’t stay cool for long hours
  • It wears out with frequent washes.
  • No edge support

You can buy this topper if you have plenty of issues with your spinal alignment and the edge support is not among your priorities.

5. ViscoSoft– Best for Instant pressure relief

ViscoSoft 3 Memory Foam Queen Mattress

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If you prefer instant pressure relief, then go for the gel-infused memory foam mattress topper from ViscoSoft. It offers you one of the best combinations of thickness and firmness levels. It has 3 lbs. density and two-inch thickness for a stable support loft.

Nevertheless, it is capable of making adjustments according to each movement, and it doesn't tend to fall flat with the passage of time too. It is manufactured to provide you with maximum airflow for excellent breathability.

The memory foam is infused with a gel that offers exceptional plush, and it also traps heat to make your body temperature-regulated throughout the night.


  • Instant pressure relief
  • Lofted durable support
  • Constructed for maximum airflow
  • Regulates body temperature
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

High-quality gel-infused memory foam

The gel-infused memory foam contours around your body and envelops it according to the different curves. It helps in relieving the pressure points and improves breathability as well as the responsiveness of the topper.

The overall effect on your body within the improved sleeping environment is very healthy. You won’t experience any sweats during your sleep and will wake up fresh the next morning. However, the mattress does tend to shift from its original place.

  • The gel-infused memory foam excellent for instant pressure relief.
  • It provides with strong lofting support even around the edges.
  • The gel-infused memory foam contributes a lot in improving the breathability of the topper.
  • Capable of enveloping your body but keeps the body temperature regulated.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • For some people, it might be slightly hot.
  • Due to gel infusion, the pad off-gasses for few hours in the beginning

If you are looking for instant pressure relief, then opt for this cooling mattress pad. It has the capability of enveloping your body and regulating your body temperature while relieving the pressure points for increased comfort.

6. Natures Sleep– Best value for money

Natures Sleep Thick AirCool

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If you want high numbers on density then this is the best option. The three-inch mattress topper comes with 3.25 lbs. dense gel-infused memory foam with Microfiber fitted cover. It comes with 18-inch thick skirt making it useful for maximum beds.

The gel-infused memory foam is equipped with AirCool IQ Gel technology that is patented, and it retains less amount of heat. In addition, it contours your body well and relieves pressure on the pressure points making things very comfortable for you.

The gel-infused memory foam enables you to sleep soothing at night. Its plush microfiber cover also contributes to giving you allergen-free sleep and makes your relaxing time as comfortable as possible.


  • 100% soft polyester microfiber cover
  • 3-inch thick and 3.25 lbs. dense
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US
  • Viscoelastic technology
  • Improved airflow
  • Minimizes pressure points

Visco Elastic Technology

The gel-infused memory foam is made with large pores for maximum airflow, and it also ensures improves the breathability of the topper. This technology also enables the top to contour according to the natural curves of your body.

Off-gassing is one of the issues of this gel-infused topper as you take it out from its packing. However, the off-gassing will last for a few hours only.

  • The toppers are excellent when it comes to breathability
  • It contours to your body and works well on the pressure points.
  • The cover is made of soft microfiber and keeps the body of the sleeper cool.
  • It is one of the dense foams if you prefer high density.
  • Some of you might experience sinking into it.
  • Slightly expansive and not designed for frequent usage.

If you are looking for high density in your topper, then go for ViscoSoft. It works well to contour your body and handle pressure points well.

7. eLuxurySupply– Best for back pain

eLuxurySupply Gel Memory Foam

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Rayon is a material that is extracted from bamboo. It is used in the construction of this two and a half inch Gel Memory Foam pad from eLuxurySupply. The topper has a fitted skirt, and the overall construction is done with the help of antimicrobial materials that prevent skin allergies.

The topper is exceptionally breathable and very soft which allows you to enjoy a good night's sleep with the help of the extra filling. All the pads have RevoLoft fiber filling which ensures authentic goose and duck feel.

This cooling pad is the ideal solution for your backache issues. At 2.5-inch thickness, it is traditionally thick to ensure the correct alignment of your spine.


  • The 2.5-inch thickness and 3 lbs. density
  • Open-cell technology gel-infused memory foam
  • High breathability
  • No CFCs, ozone depleters, PBDEs or VOCs
  • Meets flammability standard 16 CFR 1633
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Open Cell Technology

The open cell technology is used to create larger pores along with more substantial beads of the gel is infused in the memory foam to make it more breathable as well supportive. It also assists in increasing the responsiveness of the topper.

The topper is made of no harmful substances, or chemicals or any harmful technology and is certified by CertiPUR US. It provides support with a plush feel for any types of a sleeper.

  • Extra soft and thick materials are used in the constructions such as Rayon that is extracted from bamboo.
  • A variety of different sizes are there to choose from
  • The state-of-the-art fiberfill technology is used to keep you comfortable during your sleep.
  • All hypoallergenic and antimicrobial materials, as well as non-hazardous development methods, are used for manufacturing.
  • Inappropriate cutting
  • Doesn’t go well with memory foams

The topper is a best suited for side sleepers because with the memory foams it feels highly plush and handles pressure relief points very well.

Perks of owning a mattress pad to cool your bed

Mattress toppers come in different varieties, and they have plenty of benefits as well. They not only keep your back and spine adequately aligned but also maintain the cleanliness of your mattress and make it last longer. These toppers are very useful when it comes to preventing allergies and body pains. The essential benefit of a topper is that it keeps your body fresh throughout the night.

However, the list of benefits doesn't stop here. Some additional benefits of having a cooling mattress pad at home are,

  • Maximizing your comfort

The cooling mattress pad's most significant feature is to give your back firm support. It is capable of keeping your back and neck, adequately aligned throughout the night whether you sleep on your stomach or back or you are a side sleeper. Your topper will also regulate your body temperature by accumulating heat and transmitting it o the external area. When you sleep cool, you sleep comfortably.

  • Reducing your electricity costs

Mostly, people tend to turn to their fans because they feel hot when sleeping on their beds. Memory foams tend to warm up after a while, and the sleeper starts to feel hot. The cooling pads are made of such materials that trap heat from the body of the sleeper. Mostly, the pads are made of gel-infused memory foam which is excellent in trapping heat. The sleeper remains comfortable at night and doesn't need to turn fans on which significantly contributes to saving electricity costs.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Cooling Mattress Pads

Before you start looking for a mattress cooling pad, you must keep a few things in your mind. A topper won’t fix a bed that has already been sagged out beyond repair.

  • Materials

Manufacturers use different types of materials in developments of their cooling pads. Some pads offer high bounce while others don't. Similarly, they vary when it comes to cooling levels, support-levels and firmness feeling. Although gel-infused foams are synthetic but are more effective than other materials. But you want to fight against allergens then go for natural bamboo material.

  • Thickness/Size

When it comes to thickness levels and sizes, there is an array of options. Before choosing your best option, you must consider the height of your bed and mattress, your sleeping postures and your body weight. If your weight is over 220 lbs., then look to buy a thick mattress topper for additional comfort.

  • Durability

If you use mattress toppers frequently, then look to buy a durable product. Highly durable options will only cost you money if you are going to use them rarely, which will lower the value of your investment.

  • Density

The concept of density is mainly applicable to the cooling pads that are foam-made. People tend to confuse density of a topper with its firmness level. Density refers to the foam’s durability or a cooling pad as foams and toppers with higher density, last long as compared to the ones with low density. Dense toppers and foams are heavy, and they are difficult to maneuver as compared to less dense foams.

  • Covers

Look for covers made with 100% cotton otherwise, they will ruin your comfort. These pads will have specifically designed covers which limit any symptoms that are linked to your respiration.

  • Motion Isolation

Most of the cooling pads are produced using latex or wool and might trigger some allergic reactions for some people. Furthermore, you can also find motion transferability that is the most suitable feature for the couples. If you or your partner change positions a lot at night, then look for a topper that is equipped with low motion transfer to eradicate disruption at night.

  • Sleeping positions

Some people don’t like toppers because of the firmness levels. Therefore, choosing a firmness level, density and thickness are critical. Firm and medium-firm cooling pads are made for all types of sleepers.

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Best Cooling matters pads can serve you well as protective covers for your mattresses and extend their lifespan and durability by keeping them safe from any spills or stains. They also allow you to have a cool sleep throughout the night and can overcome some of the minor issues with your bed.

Toppers also ensure that your mattresses can last for a long time as it prevents them from regular wear and tears. Moreover, the mattress cooling pads improve the breathability of your bed which prevents your skin to develop any allergies too. In addition, these toppers can contribute towards saving electricity costs because you won’t sleep hot anymore.

We reviewed some of the best mattress cooling pads available on the market to assist you in making an easy buying decision while catering your needs and requirements.

Get in touch with us in case of any suggestions or comments.

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