Best Compass Watches

A great watch requires the right touch and the best features to make it better for you. A GPS compass watch is a must for anyone active or on the move. Being lost is not fun, so being able to find your direction while in nature, being active, or on the move is important.

GPS and direction based watches, phones, or devices are needed especially outdoors. Don’t get lost while having fun and without Wi-Fi. The potential of compass watches is accessibility, knowledge, and beneficial technology on your wrist anywhere anytime.

What is the best compass watch? Does Apple, Casio, Timex, or Garmin makes the best digital or analog watch. The top priority is reliability, sturdiness, and overall features that would make your compass functional and successful.

Top 10 Compass Watch Highlights

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Best Overall Compass Watch

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Suunto is a highly regarded military watch that is sturdy and durable for hiking, disasters, and more outfitted with features and versatility. The compass accessibility of the Suunto features a compass with adjustable declination. The Suunto watch is one of the highest regarded watches on the market today.

The Suunto Core features a variety of features as well as a compass capacity that is well known. Why? Firstly, the most important and viable features include the three alarms, stopwatch, and timer. In terms of the best of what is to offer a variety of great outdoor elements like waterproof buttons, for active water sport fans, and other activities like diving and more. In addition, there is an altimeter and barometer function that is pretty unique for a compass watch.

In terms of the compass, there is a declination that can be adjusted for customization. It is possible to set up for recording and follow certain things or routes. For example, you can set up a route guide for more advanced off trail excursions and reference points.

Overall, this watch by Suunto is the most precise altimeter for watches. This is a well regarded watch that has a long history and history of craftsmanship. This is a watch built for anyone looking for easy to use menus and a variety of features and customizations.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Outfitted with a variety of features
  • Rugged and durable watch for outdoor usage
  • Military style watch with a cool and stylish look
You need to pay attention to It:
  • One of the most expensive non-GPS watches.
  • No viable GPS system

Best for Everything Compass Watch

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Apple makes the most tech savvy and popular watch with innovative features and digital electronic tracking for various activities. The Apple Watch is incredibly popular and overall very popular because of the array of customizable and versatile options.

The Apple watch is able to do more than just keep time rather it is a high tech device offering a lot of things. Most importantly, the Compass function on the watch is an app only available only on Apple Watch Series 5; It works without Wi-Fi or with a cellular connection.You have a curved watch face that gives off a fascinating display that is always on for easy and convenient appearance and display. GPS interacts with Siri and you can even take hands free calls!

Other features include a heart rate monitor that is ideal for running and tracking in various settings and even reads your own ECG. The Apple Watch is a great deal for anyone looking for a high tech compass watch that can do almost as much as some smart phones. The Apple has a watch OS 6 system that makes it possible to use a variety of apps that can make this watch a lot more fun than most. The most unique aspect, the always on display, guarantees you will never have an issue with screen display issues for brightness.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the best all around watch that gives you more than you can believe. Expect everything from using wi-fi to use this compass watch as an extension to your iPhone.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Always on display and on or maximum
  • Efficient fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring
  • Watch OS6 makes it possible to use apps of many varieties
  • Even possible to make calls with iPhone accessibility
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Battery life could be longer considering the price point of the watch
  • More expensive than most other Compass Watches

Best for Men Compass Watch

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A wildly popular watch with a lot of features and critical acclaim. Timex makes a rugged outdoor watch that is built for the active and innovative guy on the move. Timex has built a watch that features more than most compass watches that are digital or analog.

One of the best things about this watch is that you are able to access a good deal of outdoor and functional options. First, for the avid swimmer, you have the feature to set your watch with lap and split times in the pool. Furthermore, you can set your watch to feature countdown timers of up to 100 hours on chronograph. Also, for visibility and functionality, you can utilize the backlight of this watch as it showcases an indigo backlight with night mode. Also, the watch is water resistant to 330 feet. The compass watch is a mini analog compass that is built within the band and is able to help giving general direction at any time.

All in all, Timex has made the best and most versatile watch for men on the market. This is a very high value compass watch for active outdoor types and more.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • 100 hour chronograph for timer countdown
  • Affordable price compared to most other compass watches
  • Perfect for outdoor and active enthusiasts
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Watch band can stain or wear down easily
  • Indigo backlight not as clear and easy to read in sunlight
  • No manual provided

Best Versatile Compass Watch

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Timex is a longstanding watch that has made a watch that features a wide variety of cool things. You can read the temperature, direction, tide, and of course use a compass watch. The watch showcases a metal face with illumination that is good for night time usage and is advertised as the “best” versatile watch.

The Timex makes a cool watch featuring a stainless steel case as well with a brown leather strap along with a variety of great features that can do a variety of things. The main thing, the watch features a compass watch that is electronically shown by a fourth hand mixing tech and adventure. This is an outdoor themed watch that looks modern yet rugged. It is a survival watch that is able to retrieve a variety of functions including a tide tracker, thermometer for air and water temperature, and water resistant to a depth of 330 feet. You can go snorkeling with this watch as well as swimming. In terms of appearance, you have a watch that is adjusted to a silicone strap and fits up to an 8 inch wrist and customized to your comfort and needs.

Timex is a well respected brand that has been manufacturing since 1864. It is a versatile watch because it can multiple functions from tide tracking, temperature sensor, and an electronic compass. Beware of challenges with reading time and steep price.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • A variety of options from temperature tracking to tide movement tracking
  • A modern and vintage watch at once with classic design and techy features
  • Timex is a greatly respected company dedicated to quality
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Expensive retail price compared to other watches on marketplace
  • Difficult to read time because of small fonts and appearance

Best Advanced Compass Watch

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Garmin makes the best advanced watch for anyone looking for a reliable and well regarded brand. The Garmin Foretrex GPS watch is waterproof and showcases a rock solid GPS and compass watch as well.

What makes this different from anything else on this list is that you can wear this watch or mount it for other purposes. It is a multipurpose watch that is ideal for anyone into skiing, camping, or the great outdoors. In terms of the compass watch, you have a digital compass and barometric altimeter. Furthermore, you can be able to hold the compass anywhere for precise navigation to not get lost. Some other features include things not common for a compass watch like a trip plan customizer, hunting and fishing information, and even your heart rate. Another neat feature is that you can follow your activity and progress along a navigational line on the compass screen. There is even the ability to transfer data via USB to the Garmin Foretrex and use it in dark because of bright backlighting.

Overall, this Garmin watch is ideal for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. The versatility of the watch compared to others on the marketplace is unmatched.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Highly versatile Watch with USB and advanced features
  • Easy to read with bright backlighting
  • Heart tracking available along with other specialized health trackers
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Short battery life of only 17 hours
  • Price is a little more costly compared to other compass watch brands
  • Difficult instruction for setting up watch

Best for Battery Compass Watch

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Casio makes a watch that can last a very long time on a full charge. The dimensions of this watch are varied and versatile. Overall, the Casio is an advanced watch with multiple functions; solar powered including everything barometer to a 6 month full charge battery life.

This watch has a large amount of praise for its varied features and customization specifications. Casio has made a watch that showcases everything from an altimeter, barometer, and of course a compass. The compass in question, for the Casio Pathfinder, gets good reviews and will help give you guidance as it should do off and online. The compass is utilized by magnetic azimuth on the device. It is a digital compass as well. Another advantage is a stainless steel case that makes it quite attractive. You can access functions for alarms and weather with digital accessing and multi functions unlike some other compass watches.

The long lasting battery of 6 months is the premiere achievement of this compass watch along with atomic timekeeping, solar power, and a calendar that is programmed through 2099.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Battery lasts 6 months on full charge
  • Stainless steel case and Solar powered
  • Water resistant to 330 feet
You need to pay attention to It:
  • The design of the watch may be too busy and complex  for some
  • Some issues with the digital features not being effective

Best Budget Compass Watch

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The most affordable compass watch on the market, which is waterproof and high quality. This is a very cheap watch that is priced well under most watches from other brands.

The military digital watch offers a lot of features like alarms, calendar options, stop watch, and more. If you want to save money then this is the best watch to get and not break the bank. Fanmis has made a shock resistant and waterproof watch that is able to do a lot more for the price point that exists in the marketplace. Some other options include LED display, backlight features, and of course provide time keeping and precision. The compass is not difficult and fairly easy to use and works well. In terms of design, it is a black and sleek design with Japanese quartz movement. Overall, this is a very attractive watch with black and stylish flourishes.

In conclusion, this is the best watch for any budget minded consumer. This is one of the better watches with great reviews all offered at a very affordable price.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Under $30 with shipping online from most vendors
  • Shock resistant and water resistant to 164 feet
  • Stylish watch with attractive design
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Limited features compared to other more expensive compass watches
  • Dim backlight so hard to read overall

Best for Runners Compass Watch

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Lad Weather makes the best suited for runners because of more versatile features and customizable dual time and weather modes. The alarm on this watch guarantees you will not skip any future training sessions and stay in shape and run on a schedule.

This is a unique watch showcasing German craftsmanship and an attractive overall design. The watch is able to be worn to show off your flair as well as being best for active runners with a schedule and drive to succeed. This is an ideal watch for climbers, hikers, and of course best for runners. Use this watch in conjunction with readings from zero to start to calculate climb times and height even! This is a compass watch that also records or documents a session for later viewing. In terms of the compass watch, the compass requires calibration to measure direction and general angling on the go.

Overall, the watch delivers a variety of features from weather alerts, running program trackers, and even climbing and height measurements. This is not a cheap watch, so make the best choice for your needs.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Built for runners and climbers with height and distance measurement
  • German crafted and attractive design
  • Dual time mode available for variable specifications
You need to pay attention to It:
  • More expensive than some of the more budget watches
  • Hard to read and manage instructions for operating

Best Solar Powered Compass Watch

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The Pro Trek released by Casio makes the best solar powered compass watch. A great outdoors watch but best known for its solar capacity compass functions.

This is a self-charging watch that works with Solar Power; and is low temperature resistant. Casio has released a watch with environmental sensors and plenty of active features for outdoor enthusiasts. What makes the Pro Trek so unique is that you have a triple sensor that makes it analog. The Pro Trek is best for anyone who does not want to spend as much money to get a Master of G watch. This watch is ideal for offering a simpler and more affordable option as you can do many things with one button access to the compass, weather readings, altitude tracking, and more. All in all, this watch offers a lot for more than many in the budget compass watch category.

This is the perfect compass watch for anyone looking for a reasonably priced watch with many features. The compass works with a bezel rotation method that is manual and analog in function.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Self-Charging Solar Power Watch
  • Affordable price compass watch with great features
  • Titanium bracelet design
  • Comparable to other more expensive like Master of G watch
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Compass watch has issues with bezel rotation
  • Lightweight and not durable design

Best for Functional Compass Watch

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The G-Shock watch is another solar powered option, but unlike many other watches it has a great deal of innovative features and options. This is the top of the line compass watch that includes everything from cool displays to outdoor trackers.

This watch offers red contrasts and multiple displays for a lot of wonderful top of the line features. There is a stainless steel design that is built within a mineral crystal dial window. In terms of the appearance, the G-Shock is sturdy and durable against corrosive resistance. Some extra options include a sunrise and sunset feature, barometer, thermometer, and many other versatile specifications. The compass included is digital; this is a solar powered watch that utilizes mineral crystal for functioning.

In essence, this G-Shock is a stylish and functional watch that is attractive in showing off analog and quartz movement. This watch is outfitted with features that are top of the line for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Solar power charged with wonderful design
  • Red contrasts and multiple displays.
  • Stainless steel construction and sturdy build
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Costly and expensive compared to other budget compass watches
  • Difficult calibration can be confusing

Different Types of Watch with compass

  • Digital

    A regular watch, which may be digital, is different for screen settings and visibility as is a digital compass watch. There is a lower margin of error when dealing with a digital watch, which is around 10 degrees. However, a digital watch does not necessarily come with a digital compass.

  • Analog

    A watch that is more centered around being a traditional watch, which may be less clearer to digital screen settings. The accuracy in traditional watches is more precise and the margin of error only 1-2 degrees at most.

  • Multifunction

    The most practical or reasonable watch with a compass, which is usually hands-free custom made especially for outdoors. A multifunction compass watch is outfitted with extra features as well as the compass. These types of watches feature other things like altitude, temperature, tracking program apps, and more. Be aware of your storage memory with these types of watches.

Compass Watch Features

Any number of advantages and disadvantages may be present on a compass watch. Here is the breakdown of what to look for in each compass watch below:

  • Accuracy

    Precision means having a margin of error so slim you can depend on it and not feel you will get lost. This is an important factor for the compass.

  • Lightweight & Comfort

    If you wear a watch it has to be comfortable and handy and fairly lightweight. Pick a model that is lightweight and can be worn with ease.

  • Durability

    A high quality watch needs to be able to take the elements and withstand many environments. Therefore, durability and sturdiness is key so watch exteriors need to be constructed with quality and craftsmanship.

  • Waterproof

    If you are swimming, caught in a rainstorm, or trekking outside in unpredictable environments then you need a compass watch that is waterproof.

  • Display and Appearance

    An always on display screen is helpful, like with the Apple Watch 5, so buying the best watch should require you use a watch that is easy to read. Some watches are not easy to read, so take this into account when buying

A compass watch guide with digital and analog brands like Apple, Casio, and Garmin.  The best compass watch that active outdoor nature types have to stay on track and not get lost in any direction.

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