Best Hoverboards

A Hoverboard is useful and fun for many reasons that may surprise you. How? Hoverboards are exciting and fun for sports and adventure fans, but also useful and practical for transportation and getting around.

When you ride a hoverboard it can feel like you are on a ride, but it can be dangerous. So, you need to know what the best and most trustworthy brand is in the marketplace. Selecting the best hoverboard for beginners, experienced riders, or some looking for the quintessential hoverboard.

Why get a Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a rising platform, which is similar to a skateboard minus the wheels. The hoverboard is used for transportation, recreation, and fun.

Hoverboards are used for recreation, entertainment, and even transportation. So,

if you are curious to buy a hoverboard then you want to consider what you need for agility, range, and handling.

A hoverboard is not just for entertainment, but first of all, it is a modern means of personal transportation allowing you to move on many terrains. Some boards are quite big and others a lot smaller, some boards have LED lights, some are safety certified, and even some still have Bluetooth connectivity.

Top 10 Highlights for Hoverboard & Self Balancing Scooters

  • Best Overall Hoverboard: Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 “The top option for quality, range, value, and overall power; the Swagtron offers a wide range of features and agility.”
  • Best Top Seller: EPCTEK Hoverboard “A long time top seller online, the EPCTEK is a low cost value with years of praise and craftsmanship.”
  • Best for Beginners: Hoverheart Two Wheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter “A hoverboard scooter for beginners and all levels; the showcasing sturdy design with many helpful features.”
  • Best for Advanced Riders: Segway miniPRO “The most advanced and high tech hoverboard on the market; this board aims to be the most app friendly and powerful in the marketplace.”
  • Best for Kids: Go-Bowen All Terrain Off-Road “Manufactured by a long time regarded hoverboard company and aimed primarily for kids and their riding experience.”
  • Best Extreme Hoverboard: Rapidcharge Onewheel Pint “The hoverboard for the adventurous spirit offers, this board can go off roading and is ideal for extreme sports.”
  • Best All-Around Board: Gyroor T581 Hoverboard “The best all purpose board for even rougher pavement and affordable and high value.”
  • Best for Bluetooth: TOMOLOO Hoverboard “If you want a colorful and Bluetooth accessible board then the Tomoloo is best.”
  • Best Safety Certified: OXA Hoverboard “A durable and agile board that is best for safety because it is a UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter.”
  • Best for Speed: SRazor Hovertrax 2.0 “Built with Razor’s exclusive EverBalance technology for an easier mount and extremely smooth ride.”

Types of Hoverboards

When you shop for a hoverboard you need to know what type of board is best for you and your specific needs. The marketplace has more hoverboards available than ever that offer a variety of features. What is the best hoverboard for you?

What type of hoverboard is best for you depends on what you prioritize and value. In the past, hoverboards were basic and pretty simple, but here are the size options below:

  1. 10-Inch Hoverboards: Bigger boards like this at 10 inches are better for versatility and better for more pronounced stability and maximum comfort. A large board has bigger tires and overall sturdiness.
  2. 8-Inch Hoverboards: The 8-inch board are just as good for versatility and comfort, but better than the bigger hoverboard for climbing steeper angles.This is the perfect balance or medium for riders seeking an average size board.
  3. 6-Inch Hoverboards: The smallest hoverboard varies between 6 to 6.5 inches is the most popular of all the different sized boards. These boards are lower priced, better for mobility, lightweight, and much more suitable for kids than the other boards.

Hoverboard Features and Options

Once you have determined what size hoverboard you buy then you need to decide what kind of features you want for your board.  The variety of features available for a hoverboard these days is dizzying in its scale compared to just 10 years ago.

  • LED Lights: A board with LED lights is attractive and striking for any rider; you have the option to have ambient lights to LED turning indicators to even LED motor displays.
  • Speakers: Boards outfitted with speakers, Bluetooth included, are common among newer model hoverboards. You can often get stereo speakers built within the board and some with connectivity to various smartphones for music and app accessibility.
  • UL 2272 Certificate: The certificate is a sure way to help prevent your hoverboard from explosion, fire hazards, and creating smoke.

Top 10 Hoverboards with Detailed Reviews

<Best Overall Hoverboard>

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272The top option for quality, range, value, and overall power; the Swagtron offers a wide range of features and agility. Often considered one of the best overall hoverboards in the marketplace. Swagtron is a top quality brand and well known hoverboard manufacturer known for safety, strong battery, powerful motor and overall value. In general, the Swagtron is a wonderfully design and fun board for the hoverboard enthusiast.

When you look at the specifics for the Swagtron, there are things that really make this board stand out. For one, the board has a good longer lasting battery. Why? It does not take as long to recharge the battery so you won’t waste time. You will recharge and be ready to go within 2 hours. The speed of the Swagtron is impressive because it can reach up to 12 miles per hour, so if you are looking for thrills then this is the best hoverboard for you. Also, when it comes to safety, the Swagtron is in a league of its own. Environmentally, the Swagtron is a good buy and eco-conscious if this is a concern for you.

All in all, the design and quality of this board make it the best option. How? In terms of safety, speed, durability, and reputation the Swagtron can not be beat. The only challenges that may be a problem for the Swagtron are that the board is not water resistant, and riding may feel rough to some riders.

Why We Like It:

  • Swagtron is a reputable and popular Hoverboard manufacturer
  • Very fast battery to recharge and use again quickly
  • Attractive design and style
  • High performing and powerful motor means you can go up to 12 miles per hour
  • One of the safest and most environmentally conscious boards on the market

Why We Hate It:

  • Riding on certain pavement and road conditions can be rough
  • The hoverboard is not water resistant, so you need to ride in certain weather conditions.

<Best Top Seller>

EPCTEK HoverboardA long time top seller online, the EPCTEK is a low cost value with years of praise and craftsmanship. This hoverboard has been manufacturing for years thus becoming respected and and still popular after many years.

The EPCTEK hoverboard has remained a top seller because it is priced quite reasonably. After all, the hoverboard is a great value overall. In terms of safety, the EPCTEK is UL2272 certified thus meaning that it is road tested and deemed reliable. As well, this hoverboard received rave reviews in regards to its battery life potential and easy and solid balance. Thus, this is a great board to get if you are even a beginner. However, the EPCTEK is a heavy piece that will keep you balanced and safe.

In general, this is one of the safest hoverboards, but do expect some issues. Like what? This is a hoverboard aimed at newbies and as well there are some speed limitations when it comes to this model. This is the ideal hoverboard for anyone looking for a popular and well respected company.

Why We Like It:

  • Highly regarded manufacturing standards
  • Stable and Durable Steering and Balance Control
  • Very fast to Charge and reload as a battery
  • Good for adults and kids alike
  • Affordable and good value for price

Why We Hate It:

  • Aimed more for beginners than experienced hoverboard riders
  • Slower than many hoverboards because of the weight and design
  • A shorter range than some others in the marketplace
  • Heavy weight of the board may be a turn off for some riders

<Best for Beginners>

Hoverheart Two Wheel Self-balancing Electric ScooterA hoverboard scooter for beginners and all levels; the showcasing sturdy design with many helpful features. This board is a prime buy for anyone who wants to ride a hoverboard and may feel scared or unsure about their level of experience. Why? Simply because you learn how to ride the Hoverheart fairly quickly.

The Hoverheart offers a model that is quite simple to operate and manage for first timer users. Hoverheart, an American and Chinese based company, is new to the market but very able sells their products at a very reasonable and affordable price. In terms of security, you will feel quite safe and guaranteed of the product safety. In addition, the batteries can last up to 3 hours, so you will be able to enjoy the board for a long time before recharging. However, recharging can take several hours. The Hoverheart board speed can reach up to 7 miles per hour, so don’t expect a fast machine because this board is intended for newbies and inexperienced riders.

Overall, you get a great deal for this board for a beginner and the Hoverheart even features Bluetooth speakers. You will feel very positive about such a well priced and fun board as a new hoverboard rider. The Hoverheart board supports up to 220 pounds.

Why We Like It:

  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Ideal for beginners because the board does not go too fast
  • Bluetooth is featured and automatically connects
  • Flame resistant and safe for new riders looking for a security.

Why We Hate It:

  • Primarily only for inexperienced hoverboard riders, so it is limiting
  • Slower than many hoverboards because of the design and scope
  • Takes a long time to recharge
  • The motor of the Hoverheart is quite weak in comparison to others

<CBest for Advanced Riders>

Segway miniPROThe most advanced and high tech hoverboard on the market; this board aims to be the most app friendly and powerful in the marketplace. Segway is a highly regarded company for advanced technology and the miniPRO is certainly a board for the advanced and adventure seeking rider.

This is a more expensive hoverboard that offers a more durable and powerful board. Why? The Segway miniPRO has bigger tires that are able to increase and maximize your range and performance. All in all, this is an advanced level board aimed at providing better capability to handle more street conditions and challenges. You will get a range of up to 13 miles with the potential of reaching a 15 degree angle. But, the negative aspect is that the top speed for this around 10 to 11 miles per hour. In general, what makes this board so technologically welcoming is the high level steering and ride performance. The top safety feature is a connected app security device that warns the user of potential thieves.

Therefore, the Segway miniPRO as a bigger and more advanced machine offers the best app experience for any hoverboard rider. Furthermore, you get an experience that gives the rider the ability to change colors, safety features, and even control your miniPRO remotely.

Why We Like It:

  • Most Advanced hoverboard on the market
  • Best App connectivity of any hoverboard in the marketplace
  • Great range distance that can go around 12 miles
  • Sophisticated anti-theft device with a mobile app

Why We Hate It:

  • Slower speed of the hoverboard compared to some of the marketplace
  • The board design and weight is a bit heavy for some riders
  • The price of the miniPRO is more expensive than most other hoverboards

<Best for Kids>

Go-Bowen All Terrain Off-RoadA hoverboard scooter mainly for kids and of course beginners. This hoverboard showcases a sturdy design with many helpful features. Go Bowen is an American company producing some of the best hoverboards in the market. This is ideal for kids of course because the hoverboards are lighter, but beginners can also enjoy this board.

The Go-Bowen hoverboard is a leader for kids because of their exclusive and primary hoverboards for that market. If you don’t go over the weight, outlined by the hoverboard direction, you can ride the Go Bowen board as well. The weight limit is around 180-200 pounds, which can be limiting. The board is lighter and weighs about 20 pounds and sells at a decent price compared to other boards. In terms of safety, the Go-Bowen is certified so preventing any fires or mishaps because the board material is anti-flammable. The charging mechanism is efficient and has great safety features. Moreover, the Go-Bowen is waterproof and outfitted with a lithium Ion battery.

Overall, this is a perfect hoverboard for the younger market because of the variety of wonderful features. Furthermore, there is a high potential battery that charges in up to 2 hours, so this board is a reliable and strong model. The only challenges of this board come with the weight limit because it is for kids or smaller riders.

Why We Like It:

  • Primarily made for Children and designed for their needs
  • Safety certified and made of a non-flammable material
  • Fast charging battery for quick charges
  • Highly respected company

Why We Hate It:

  • Weight limit of only up to 180-200 pounds
  • Suited mainly for children more than adults
  • Light hoverboard weight compared to others in the marketplace

<Best Extreme Hoverboard>

Rapidcharge Onewheel PintThis is the hoverboard for the adventurous spirit offers, this board can go off roading and is ideal for extreme sports. Rapidcharge makes a hoverboard that is expensive but unique in its power and extreme sport versatility.

As a board, this is quite the board because it is powerful, but a bit on the expensive end. Is it worth it? Essentially, this hoverboard is incredible for what it offers in terms of the ride quality and fun factor. The Onewheel Pint can manage quite well riding in rougher roads and pavement textures. This hoverboard handles rough and more challenging conditions better than any other board on the market. Expect great steering over bumps, obstacles on the road even at times, and even cracks where other hoverboards fail. Be aware as well that recharging is slower than many other boards in the marketplace.

In conclusion, this hoverboard is ideal for the daring rider and the one who can afford the big price tag as well. You are sure to enjoy every hill with this outstanding and sturdy board.

Why We Like It:

  • Best for hills, obstacles, and rougher pavement
  • Ideal for active and extreme sport fans
  • Powerful steering and accessibility overall

Why We Hate It:

  • A heavy board that may be a turn off       for some newer riders
  • Battery is a little slow to recharge
  • Ideal for more experienced riders more than beginners

<Best All-Around Board>

Best All-Around BoardThe best all purpose board for even rougher pavement and affordable and high value. This is a board that will impress and still give a good value overall. Ideal for kids and adults alike to experience and adventure around different environments.

Gyroor produces a board that has power, speed, and even possible for off-roading. If you are looking for a board that manages to be powerful and affordable then this is the best option. You also have the benefit of getting LED wheels, which are not so common The board carries up to 220 pounds and can be used for kids and adults.

In general, the Gyroor is a board ideal for off roading hoverboard riding at a good price. Expect standard battery life and recharge, durability, and LED high-fi features.

Why We Like It:

  • Great value for the amount of features and overall speed
  • Good comfortability for riding different surfaces
  • Fairly good speed considering price

Why We Hate It:

  • Limited Bluetooth accessibility
  • Small Board may not be ideal for some riders
  • Limited Range compared to other hoverboards

<Best for Bluetooth>

TOMOLOO HoverboardIf you want a colorful and Bluetooth accessible board then the Tomoloo is best. The size of this Tomoloo board is medium to large at 8.5 inches.

All in all, this board is wonderful for all terrain types and perhaps best for LED and Bluetooth indicators and features. You have some really cool flashing lights that will dazzle most anybody especially kids. The Bluetooth feature is best because it is quite strong and in-built within the board itself. You even have a Bluetooth app for music and different settings. Moreover, you can listen to songs as you ride to make this rider experience unique for music lovers.

In the end, this board is the best choice for high tech and Bluetooth fans. There are some issues with any apps not using iOS so beware of technical requirements.

Why We Like It:

  • Best Bluetooth capacity for power and connectivity
  • The best LED light indicators
  • Manages many terrains at its price level

Why We Hate It:

  • Lower speed capability so don’t expect to go too fast
  • There are some browser limitations so only able to use iOS

<Best Safety Certified>

OXA HoverboardA durable and agile board that is best for safety because it is a UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter. The OXA board is great for a long battery charge and durable safety design. This is safe and reliable board that is ideal for safety and comfort.

Overall, the OXA is able to do quite a bit of things like the upper end of boards. Expect that the OXA board can go no more than 7 miles per hour, so it is for riders concerned about safety. The best feature is that you have a board that can get a full charge for a long time after 3 hours. You will be able to get around 17 miles on one charge, so this is a unique and sturdy machine for board riders. This is a safe option that is UL2272 Certified because it can carry up to 300 pounds, which makes it safe and powerful.

All in all, this board is best for safety, big weight loads, and long term distance potential. You will get a hoverboard that is able to last a long time on a single charge and be secure and stable.

Why We Like It:

  • Big weight load of up to 300 pounds
  • Long lasting battery life of up to 17 miles
  • Safety guarantee because of big size and power

Why We Hate It:

  • Slower speed compared to other hoverboards
  • Battery life takes 3 hours compared and not so fast
  • Big and bulky board design for some riders

<Best for Speed>

Razor Hovertrax 2.0One of the fastest and most powerful boards on the market. The Razor Hovertrax is a great machine that offers safety, power, speed, and versatility This is a safety certified machine with the UL 2272 certification

The Razor hoverboard is a respected manufacturer that is able to provide a lot of consistency and power. You also get a stylish and innovative design which provides the rider to show off a striking and eye catching appeal compared to other boards. The top speed you can expect from this hoverboard reaches around 13 miles per hour, so speed is what separates this board from the rest. Along with speed you get a durable and sturdy build and design. Expect a high quality crash resistant and safety assured board to be able to take on all types of terrains. Balancing on this board is easier than most other boards, so this is what makes this board popular and fun. You get a powerful motor that is silent and innovative compared to the rest of the marketplace.

A powerful sophisticated buy for lovers of speed and power. The Razor hoverboard is a great buy for anyone looking for a big and strong motor on a board along with cool design and usability.

Why We Like It:

  • Fastest board on market going up to 13 miles per hour
  • Powerful motor that is silent and innovative
  • Best balance and range capability compared to other boards.

Why We Hate It:

  • Lower weight limit compared to other boards
  • Some issues with uphill speed and steering
  • Limited road potential compared to the bigger boards for higher weight