1337X Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps

Are you looking for a trustworthy source to download quality entertainment content? 1337X is a renowned torrent site that was launched back in 2007. Here, users can access series, comics, movies, videos, music, games, documentaries, and more. It has an interface that’s easy to use and navigate.

If you are searching for older torrents, you will find 1337X quite suitable. But when it comes to its torrent database, the 1337X search engine falls short. Expect numerous adverts to keep popping up before you can access the information you want.

Wondering what other better options exist? Here is a list of 10 1337X alternatives and similar websites and apps:

The Pirate Bay

Ranking top among the largest torrent sites, The Pirate Bay is a great place to find the material you are looking for. First unveiled in 2003, the brain behind this website is Piratbyran, a Swedish organization. Piratbyran group dedicates efforts to avail free distribution of intellectual property, information, and culture.

Every few days, 10,000 new files are added to this platform. Users can download various types of digital content including videos, documentaries, games, and more without paying a single coin. While English is the primary language used on this site, there’s a provision that allows users to choose one out of 35 languages.

Note that in some countries, you may be unable to access this site. With the help of VPNs however, you can find an alternative route to gaining entry.

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Whether you are looking for older movies or recent ones, you can bank on this site to have exactly what you are looking for. Commanding a significantly large user base, YTS.AM is your home for all types of digital content.

For those users who have internet data caps, you can rest easy because the torrent files here don’t demand higher bandwidth. Perfect for newbie users, YTS.AM has a friendly layout. Movies are categorized completely with titles. This site is limited only to films/movies.



Don’t want to have to deal with fake torrents or risk clicking on malware files? If yes, Torlock is a site made just for you. Should you stumble or find fake torrents during your search for material, you are encouraged to report them to their support. In return, you get a $1 award for each fake torrent you report.

Torlock has a rich database of 6 million authentic torrents. This includes an infinite number of anime, music, movies, games, software, and more.

No doubt, the best thing about the Torlock site is that all files are up to date. Are you curious about a TV show, movie, or series that has just been released in theatres? Torlock will have the data uploaded barely hours from the time the movie is shown.

Torrent Downloads


When looking for the top quality torrents, Torrent Downloads are your best bet. This site has a unique interface that many find easy to navigate and maneuver. Users can rate and leave comments and reviews about a particular torrent on the site. This makes it far easier to single out and avoid fake torrent files.

Torrent Downloads was founded in 2007. There are tons of high-quality movies, music, and TV shows Uploaded for anyone to view. All the data is categorized into several groups. Still can’t find what you want? Conduct an advanced search.

There’s a setting that allows you to type the status, provider, or category. This comes in handy, especially when the user wants to find something specific or is not sure about the title of the movie series, for example.



Another popular torrent site, LimeTorrents is one of the highest-functioning sites you can find. Despite being a trusted source, LimeTorrents suffers constant closure in many countries. This means that it is going to be hard for you to access this site directly through your browser.

However, when you use VPN software, LimeTorrents proves itself as an unsurpassed place to find entertainment data. Easily identify credible torrents by first reading user comments and ratings.

Are you skeptical about the listed torrents still? A good trick you can use to tell apart legitimate torrents from questionable ones is by looking closer. Find out the date when the torrent was added, the size, lechers, and seeder details. Click on each downloads information page to read more about the file.



RARBG is one of those sites whose database is full of entertainment content to suit users across the board. The only problem is that this site doesn’t have a secure enough connection. So how can you avoid exposing your computer? You should always use a VPN when trying to gain entry into RARBG.

To help you out, RARBG’s maintenance includes tracker updates to verify and declare specific files safe. Each file has a peer list also known as a seed list. A file that has more seeds, for example, is more credible than one with very few seeds.

Users should be vigilant when downloading data from this site. Once you get past the security issue, you’ll quickly get to see why this is one of the most popular torrent sites available.

Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents ranks top as the most trusted site. It may have fewer users compared to any other site or app on this list but you have little to zero chance of finding malicious files, links, or software.

Legit Torrents is a popular site in Italy. As time advances it continues to gain an audience slowly making its way to the rest of the world. Each user here is encouraged to play their part by moderating and flagging any questionable files. This way safety is guaranteed.



Out of the 1.9 billion existing websites in the world, Zoogle is ranked 2,830th in the US. It is easy to access and has a wealthy database full of all types of entertainment content. Users drawn from all over the world can enjoy enhanced safety online as they explore to see what Zoogle has to offer.

Formally known as Bitsnoop, Zoogle was first launched in 2008 as a torrenting site. The high number of verified torrents present on the site is why many users keep coming back to this site. Zoogle is an indexing website where you can find anything from applications, audiobooks, games, software, TV shows, and games to download.



Torrentz2 is a website that enjoys increased popularity in India and other eastern parts of the globe. Originally known as Torrentz, this site was shut down by the US government due to legal reasons. Later relaunched in 2018 as Torrentz2.

For users looking for material available in different formats, every listed file is available in HD or smaller sizes. You’ll find this quite helpful if you have little space on your computer. You can conveniently find smaller-sized variations of the song or movie you’re looking for.

If you want to watch high-definition movies, on the other hand, you can download HD movies. Remember to check and see if there’s adequate space available on your computer. These types of content can be bulky.



Extratorrent boasts the top position among the most efficient torrent search engines globally. On offer, you will find e-books, software, applications, music, movies, and series among other downloadable files. They all exist in different formats. These formats make any file compatible with different electronic devices.

Can’t find your favorite games on another site? Extratorrent is one place where you are guaranteed to find anything, from older content to the most recent entertainment.

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Helpful Tips for New Torrent Website and App Users

The fact that you can use torrenting technology to access your favorite entertainment material is like hitting the Jackpot. Everybody wants to download as much material as they can which makes it a risky venture. This may attract the wrong crowd, seeing as there’s a sharp rise in the number of illegitimate internet bandits looking to exploit users like you.

Downloading questionable files could easily allow hackers to access your personal information. Information that they can later use to commit a crime or gain access to your email accounts or even bank accounts. What’s more, it could infect your computer with a virus.

You may be one among millions of people who’ve just discovered that you can, indeed, get movies for free! Before you scamper away and try different sites, it is important to exercise precaution.

Here are some tips to help keep you and our computer on the safe side;

  • Conduct thorough research to learn what torrent files and torrent sites are. The more you know about torrent sites, the better equipped you are to notice red flags
  • Learn the steps to follow to download the data you want. Different sites come with different download procedures
  • Read the rules and regulations about file sharing. This keeps you from infringing on copyright when uploading material
  • Increase your online safety. Do this by exploring options on how you can protect yourself
  • Watch out for fake torrents. Unscrupulous malware may come disguised as ordinary files
  • In addition to your preferred security applications, consider using a VPN to increase online security and privacy

How to Avoid Legal Redress

Most if not all the materials present in any torrent site is copyrighted material. Downloading content for your use is legal. However, when the user uploads the same material on another site they risk facing a civil lawsuit.

Who should be concerned? Users living in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America. Living out of these areas doesn’t absolve you from facing consequences. It is prudent to exercise vigilance by not sharing the content you download and to stick to the conditions of use.

Copyright Protection groups and other investigative authorities have enough powers to ask your internet provider to release private data. This includes your download and uploads information which can serve as proof in a court of law.

If you are charged with copyright infringement, you could end up paying a hefty amount of money to the plaintiff.  Avoid suffering immense emotional turmoil and financial loss by honoring the rules and regulations detailed in each torrent website.

The higher the number of times you download and upload copyrighted material, the higher the chance that you may get sued. A viable way to avoid lawsuits is by using a VPN service to hide your real address.

Final Verdict

Torrent sites suffer tainted public reputations. Blame it on the legal suits piling up in court. While there exists a good number of verified torrent sites, their presence is continuously threatened by an increased number of hackers.

The bottom line, no user can turn down free entertainment. Yet, no user is willing to compromise the safety of his or her computer systems either. People all over the world will choose that torrent site that has a wide variety of files and proves reliable and safe.

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