Sites to Watch Series Online for Free

Have you spent countless hours searching and searching for your favorite TV series but end up with no luck? The TV may be the greatest invention ever made but it doesn’t stock up on all your TV shows. That’s where the invention of the Internet comes into focus.

There are countless sites to watch free online websites to watch TV series and full episodes. Are you worried that you may have to pay to watch a TV show you have been searching endlessly for? Ask no further questions! Search through this list of Online free streaming sites to watch your favorite series.



Watch all your favorite TV series on! Not only will the site let you watch a TV series for free but you can also track and read reviews. There are endless lists of top-rated TV shows to get hooked on. Share your ratings with other viewers. Spend that Friday night watching your favorite TV series for free!

​​Youtube tv Image


Youtube is one of the best online streaming websites across the whole Internet. Youtube has everything from movies, TV shows, to all sorts of funny clips uploaded daily. You’ll be able to find TV series that no longer exist on regular TV.


Shall we talk about the downside of Youtube? Sometimes, not all movies are free and unfortunately are taken down due to rights. Don’t let that default your time on Youtube! It’s a great streaming site.



Hulu is one of the the most popular streaming websites in the Internet world! Hulu is an outstanding streaming site with some of the best features you don’t see from other sites. Hulu is a safe site to stream all the latest movies, TV shows and other TV spots. If you are living outside the U.S, sadly you cannot use Hulu.

Popcorn Time

​​​Popcorn Time

​Popcorn Time is a multi-platform streaming website for all users who cannot stand paid movie streaming sites. Popcorn Time is home to all sorts of movies and Tv shows from different genres. It’s a very easy site to maneuver and catch up on all the latest shows.

Vudo tv Image


​ has an unlimited supply of all the TV shows you want to binge-watch. With no interruptions from any annoying ads, Vudo also offers the option to buy or rent from premium titles. Just browse through every layer of its libraries to find what you are looking for. Want to join a subscription. They’re cheap!



Hotstar is an Indian entertainment network that holds media files and legal content of all sorts. You have access to an entire network of free high quality movies.

​Here is the downside. While Hotstar is available to all users around the world, it is only free for the Indian community. You must pay to access Hotstar in order to download all sorts of Indian movies

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an online TV show streaming site that lets you watch episodes without having to sign up. Ut, maybe you should think about signing up because Tubi gives you the opportunity to create a watch list of favorite TV shows and then resume playback across different devices. Stream good quality TV Dramas, TV Comedies, Reality TV and Crime TV for an amazing viewing experience.



Looking to binge-watch Seinfeld? Crackle lets their users stream all the TV shows you want for free! Owned by Sony, Crackle has some of the best quality videos and well categorized and you can rely on it for a great streaming experience. Watch any TV series at any time on any device. shows


​ is one of the best TV series streaming websites there is to give you all the updates. Informing you when a series aired and how many episodes there are, also has access to your episodes, letting you watch for hours on end.

Yahoo View

​Yahoo View

Yahoo View is here for an excellent free streaming TV show service! Filled with endless content of TV shows, including comedy, drama, and documentaries. It’s a great site for those who enjoy anime. Sit back and enjoy your favorite TV series for free.



Popcornflix has all the latest romance, action, and comedy movies that you’re looking for! Aside from being popular, Popcornflix has a rich collection of latest movies and the quality of its movies is spotless! It can’t get any better than that!



Retrovision has all the free movies you’re looking for in alphabetical lists. Comedy, drama, adventure you name it, Retrovision has your request! This free movie streaming site has old classic films nobody has seen in a while. Find that film your grandparents loved as a kid.

The one downfall about using Retrovision is that there is no mobile app and new movies are not updated to the list. If you’re looking for movies of high quality, Retrovision only provides low-quality pictures. Also, you cannot watch your film all in one sitting as the stories are split up into different parts.



Unlike the movie streaming sites that actually hold movies, Yidio is a different site which tells you where you can go to watch free movies. Yidio rates the movie in question based on Rotton Tomato scores before you download a free movie or television series from a movie streaming site.


If you only came to find free movies, Yidio is more of a referral site to find free movies. Be aware that not every movie on Yideo is free or has good quality. Be careful what you click on as some sources contain unhealthy viruses.



​Have you heard of CW Network? CW Network lets users stream a collection of free content with some of the best movie quality! From supernatural drama and other series, CW TV has one fallback. You can only stream a limited amount of free content that tends to be removed.

CW Seed

​CW Seed

​Meet CW Seed. It’s combined with CW TV. Despite the name, CW Seed contrasts from CW TV. CW Sees gives you access to stream all the free TV shows you want at any given time of the day and even has original web series and DC animated series. You should get on these sites and watch them now.

​Pluto TV

​Pluto TV

However, if you want to watch a film a second time, Pluto TV won’t let you watch a second viewing. Aside from that factor, give Pluto TV a chance. Find a series you have not seen in a long time, sit down and watch it as you eat some popcorn.Snagfilms


​Snagfilms may not have all the movies you are looking for, but it’s still a free movie streaming site with high-quality resolution films. Snagfilms are not placed by genres but by similarities of the plot and actors. Go to Snaffilms and share movies with different users.


​ is easy to download TV shows on the Internet and can watch TV series for free. The quality is amazing and you can surf through all sorts of endless channels to find what you are looking for. You can catch up on the latest TV shows and web series all in one click on any device, whether mobile or laptop.

ABC tv


ABC is known as a commercial broadcasting American Broadcasting Company. Similar to FOX and CBS, ABC features endless amounts of TV shows to watch. It’s very easy. Set up in columns, just click on a thumbnail and enjoy the free streaming experience! It’s a great site to catch up on your favorite shows, start a new one, or Livestream.


​ carries all the latest TV shows and episodes. You can also find out different news on the latest shows coming to your network. Subscribe for free now and you can hear about emailed updates on all TV shows that you can start binge-watching immediately. You don’t have to register but it makes your search easier.

share tv

​Share TV

​Share TV is an online TV streaming community where users can watch any TV series they want for free. The site helps you keep track of when your favorite show has aired and updates episodes. Watch any action, comedy, drama, anime, or reality show at ShareTV. Enjoy your free streaming experience from any device.

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