Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart In 2023? Techtronic Industries (Uncovered…)

If you’ve been browsing the tool aisles at your local Walmart lately, you may have noticed a new brand called Hart popping up.

With its bright green accents, the Hart logo stands out from the other tool brands on the shelves. But where did this new Walmart-exclusive tool line come from?

The short answer is that Hart tools are designed by Techtronic Industries (TTI), a major power tool company that owns Milwaukee, Ryobi, and other leading brands. While you can only buy Hart at Walmart, it‘s backed by a reputable tool manufacturer.

As an avid DIYer and home improvement enthusiast yourself, you likely have some questions about these affordable Hart tools. Who exactly is TTI? Where are Hart tools made? And most importantly, how does the quality stack up to premium brands?

I’ve done some digging to get the scoop on Hart tools so you can decide if they deserve a spot in your toolbox. In this detailed guide, we’ll take a close look at:

  • How Hart Tools Are Made and Where They Are Manufactured
  • Hart‘s Product Lineup For DIYers
  • Hands-On Reviews and Tool Tests
  • How Hart Compares to Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita
  • The Best Deals on Hart Tools at Walmart
  • Warranty, Repairs and Hart Customer Service

Let’s start by looking at who makes Hart tools and how the brand fits into TTI’s tool lineup…

Who Is Techtronic Industries (TTI)?

Hart tools are owned and manufactured exclusively by Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., a Chinese company headquartered in Hong Kong.

You may not recognize the TTI name, but they are a major player in power tools and floorcare products. In addition to Hart, TTI owns several popular tool brands including:

  • Milwaukee
  • Ryobi
  • AEG
  • Rigid
  • Hoover
  • Dirt Devil
  • Oreck

So while Hart is a newcomer created just for Walmart, TTI has decades of tool manufacturing experience with proven brands like Milwaukee and Ryobi.

TTI acquired the Hart brand in 2007 when they purchased Erico’s Hart Consumer Products subsidiary. This gave them the rights to use the retro Hart name and expand it into a full tool lineup.

Where Are Hart Tools Manufactured?

When Hart tools first launched, many DIYers assumed they were made in the USA. After all, the Hart brand was originally founded in California in the early 1980s.

However, current Hart tools are manufactured in TTI‘s production facilities located primarily in China. The "Born in the USA" logos refer to the tool designs, not their actual production.

Shifting manufacturing to China has allowed TTI to create an affordable product line for Walmart under the Hart name. Labor costs are much lower in China compared to the US.

Of course, lower prices often mean lower quality. But TTI has decades of experience building tools in China for brands like Ryobi. They use many of the same factories and production lines for Hart tools.

While Made in USA tools would be nice, Chinese production is the reality for affordable brands today. Even DeWalt, Makita and other top pro brands make some tools in China now.

With proper quality control and oversight, TTI is able to deliver decent quality with Hart, even if they aren’t high-end pro tools.

Overview of Hart‘s Product Lineup

From its roots as a hammer company, Hart has grown into a full range DIY and homeowner tool lineup, including:

Power Tools

  • Drills, hammer drills, drivers
  • Circular saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws
  • Oscillating tools, rotary tools, sanders, planers
  • Cordless and corded varieties

Lawn & Garden Equipment

  • Push and self-propelled gas mowers
  • Cordless electric mowers
  • String trimmers, blowers, chainsaws

Hand Tools

  • Hammers, mallets, pry bars
  • Hex keys, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches
  • Tool boxes, sets, accessory packs

Automotive Tools

  • Floor jacks, stands, creepers, ramps
  • Brake tools, wrenches, sockets
  • Basic mechanic’s tool sets

Air Compressors & Nailers

  • Pancake compressors, hot dog compressors
  • 18 & 21 gauge brad nailers
  • 23 & 16 gauge finish nailers
  • Framing & siding nailers

Tool Storage

  • Tool carts, utility carts
  • Chests, cases, tool bags
  • Shelving units, workbenches

That’s an impressive range spanning both gas-powered outdoor equipment and cordless indoor tools. More than enough for tackling most DIY projects around the house and yard.

Power tools make up a major chunk of Hart’s lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind those…

Hart Power Tool Technology

Hart‘s core technology is their 20V and 40V lithium-ion battery packs. These slide onto the base of cordless tools to provide mobile power.

Most competitors like DeWalt, Ryobi and Craftsman have similar battery-powered tools. But Hart‘s packs have a unique "Pac-Man" shape.

Here are some key specs on current Hart batteries and chargers:

  • 20V Max Battery – 2Ah, 4Ah, 6Ah options. Enough for lighter DIY use.

  • 40V Max Battery – 4Ah. Has the power for outdoor equipment.

  • Chargers – 1 hour for 20V, 1.5 hours for 40V. Decent recharge times.

  • USB Ports – Batteries have built-in USB for charging phones/tablets. Handy convenience feature.

  • Pricing – 20V batteries $20-$60. 40V batteries around $75. Very budget friendly.

While pro brands offer higher capacity Lithium packs, Hart batteries deliver adequate power for most home DIY jobs. And the USB charging ports provide useful everyday utility.

Now let’s dig into hands-on reviews to see how Hart‘s tools actually perform for real users…

Hands-On Hart Tool Tests and Reviews

Instead of making vague claims about innovation or performance, Hart seems focused on delivering functional tools with decent quality at ultra-low prices.

But how do the tools actually hold up in the hands of real DIYers? Here is a summary of hands-on reviews from experienced tool users:

Hart 20V Cordless Drill (Model HDBD200)

  • Power – Good low-speed torque for driving screws. Lags a bit on high speed drilling.

  • Clutch Settings – 22 torque settings plus drill mode. Provides decent control.

  • Chuck – Keyless 13mm chuck allows for quick bit changes.

  • Battery – 4Ah battery provides adequate runtime. Charges in under an hour.

  • Handling – Compact and lightweight. LED light is handy for visibility.

  • Price – Extremely budget friendly at just $50 for the kit.

Verdict: Performance is comparable to other brands in this ultra-low price range. A great value for DIYers.

Hart 20V Cordless Circular Saw (Model HCCS200)

  • Cutting Power – 6-1/2 inch blade can handle 2x lumber easily. Thin metal cutting is decent.

  • Accuracy – Blade stays square to the foot for straight cuts. Solid adjustments.

  • Depth Control – Easily adjustable depth and bevel. Good for angled cuts.

  • Dust Control – Built-in blower helps keep cut line visible.

  • Price – Under $60 is very affordable for a DIY circular saw.

Verdict: Provides good cutting functionality for home DIYers given the wallet-friendly price point.

Hart 40V Self Propelled Mower

  • Power – 40V 4Ah battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime. Enough for small yards.

  • Cut Quality – 21” steel blade gives a clean cut in most conditions. Mulching and rear bag.

  • Handling – Lightweight and easy maneuverability. Self propel works smoothly.

  • Noise – Much quieter than gas mowers at just 60 dB. Won’t disturb the neighbors.

  • Price – At $250, very affordable for a cordless self-propelled model.

Verdict: For mowing smaller yards, it‘s hard to beat the quiet convenience of this electric model at this price.

Hart Mechanic‘s Tool Set (150 Pieces)

  • Contents – Good selection of 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch drive tools. Has both SAE and metric sizes.

  • Storage Case – Durable blow-molded case with customizable foam inserts.

  • Quality – Decent construction for home DIY use. Not for professionals.

  • Value – At around $100, extremely budget-friendly for 150 quality pieces.

Verdict: An ideal starter set for a beginning DIYer or anyone looking to save money.

Overall, Hart tools may lack therefinements and performance of pro brands, but they deliver practical reliability for the price. For any DIYer focused on value, Hart is definitely worth a look.

Now let‘s see exactly how Hart tools compare to leading brands…

How Hart Tool Prices & Quality Compare to Top Brands

It’s no secret that you pay a premium for pro brands like Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita. But those top tool names deliver exceptional power, precision and durability.

So where does the ultra-affordable Hart brand fit in terms of price and performance? Here is how Hart tools stack up against competitors:

Tool Comparison Hart Dewalt Milwaukee Makita
12V 3/8” Drill Driver Kit $39 $99 $119 $129
Oscillating Multi-Tool $54 $98 $99 $119
Cordless Circular Saw $59 $129 $149 $199
Cordless Reciprocating Saw $69 $169 $149 $149
Cordless Jigsaw $59 $129 $149 $159
Cordless Impact Wrench $89 $169 $248 $199
Cordless Angle Grinder $54 $98 $99 $119
Cordless 1/2” Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit $199 $298 $349 $399
Cordless Rotary Tool Kit $59 $99 $99 $119
150 Piece Mechanics Tool Set $99 $299 $229 $249
Power Tool Combo Kit (drill, impact, light, circ saw, recip saw, bag) $299 $499 $499 $649
Self-Propelled Electric Mower $248 $399 $399 $489

Average Price Difference Compared to Hart

  • Dewalt – 46% more expensive
  • Milwaukee – 52% more expensive
  • Makita – 60% more expensive

As you can see, Hart delivers exceptional value in every category. The prices run 40-60% less than the major pro brands on average.

If you’re on a tight home DIY budget, those savings can really add up. But naturally, performance and durability take a hit compared to those premium tools.

Pro brand tools are built with higher grade materials, tighter tolerances, and more powerful components. They run smoother, last longer, and have more ability to tackle heavy duty jobs.

So Hart isn’t the right choice for professionals who use their tools every day. But for occasional home projects, the price and quality ratio is hard to beat.

Where To Find the Best Hart Tool Deals At Walmart

Because Hart tools are exclusive to Walmart, that’s the only place you can buy them. Both in-store and online at Walmart.com.

The everyday prices are already very affordable. But you can often save extra on Hart tools with these money-saving tips:

  • Check for Rollbacks – Walmart frequently drops prices further with Rollbacks in store. Check the orange and yellow Rollback signs.

  • Hunt for Hidden Clearance – Look for unmarked clearance prices on the racks. The yellow clearance stickers are sometimes hard to spot.

  • Shop Holiday Sales – Big savings events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Father’s Day will include Hart deals.

  • Sign Up for Emails – Opt-in for Walmart promo emails. They often include exclusive Hart coupon offers.

  • Use In-Store Pickup – Order online and pickup in-store to dodge shipping fees. Also easy to return locally.

  • Consider Refurbished – Walmart Restored offers discounted refurbished items with a 90 day warranty.

With the everyday low prices already so affordable, any additional discounts or markdowns make Hart tools an incredible value for shoppers on a budget.

What Is Hart‘s Warranty, Repairs and Customer Service Like?

The warranty and support policies from a brand provide peace of mind that your tools will be covered if issues come up. Here are the key details on Hart‘s policies:

  • Warranty – Most Hart tools come with a 1 to 3 year limited warranty. Hand tools around 1 year, power tools up to 3 years.

  • Service – For warranty issues, you can contact Hart support online and submit a claim. May require sending the tool in. Allow 2-4 weeks.

  • Spare Parts – Replacement parts can be hard to source for Hart tools. Try contacting support but no guarantees.

  • Manuals – PDF versions of instruction manuals are available on the Hart website.

  • Returns – Unused Hart tools can be returned to Walmart within 90 days of purchase. Require original packaging.

  • Refurbishing – Hart doesn’t offer factory refurbishing, but you can find some reconditioned models sold by Walmart Restored.

The limited warranty is on par with other value-priced brands in the 1-3 year range. But service, parts, and documentation could be better.

For pro-level support, top brands like DeWalt offer 3+ year warranties, authorized repair centers, and extensive parts inventories. But you pay for that peace of mind.


In the world of tools, you typically get what you pay for. While Hart tools are very affordably priced for DIYers on a budget, some compromises are made on power, precision and durability compared to pro brands.

But for light homeowner use, Hart delivers surprisingly good performance and reliability. Much better quality than discount store brands.

Backed by Techtronic Industries, decades of manufacturing expertise go into Hart’s designs. And the exclusive availability at Walmart lets them offer unmatched prices.

So if you’re looking for quality home DIY tools at unbeatable prices, Hart proves you don’t have to sacrifice performance to save money. Just set your expectations appropriately and these wallet-friendly tools will handle most tasks on your DIY to-do list.

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