Who is the Highest Paid Offensive Coordinator in the NFL? The Ultimate Salary Guide

The highest paid offensive coordinator in the NFL for the 2023 season is Eric Bieniemy of the Kansas City Chiefs. Bieniemy is currently in the midst of a 3-year deal worth approximately $1.8 million per season that he signed with the Chiefs in 2018 and runs through 2020. This contract makes him the highest earning offensive coordinator in the league.

Typical Salaries for NFL Offensive Coordinators

The average annual salary for an NFL offensive coordinator generally falls between $1 million to $2 million. However, coordinator salaries can vary quite a bit based on factors like experience, demand, and past success leading top offenses.

Some offensive coordinators earn as little as $400,000, while top coordinators can make $5 million or more per season.

For example, Kyle Shanahan earned around $3 million per year as the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator, the highest ever for an NFL OC. Teams will sometimes offer signing bonuses or incentives to lure the best coordinators. When the 49ers hired Mike LaFleur in 2017, they gave him a $1.25 million signing bonus.

How OC Salaries Compare to NFL Head Coaches

To provide some context, even the top paid offensive coordinators make significantly less than NFL head coaches. The league‘s highest paid coach, Bill Belichick of the Patriots, makes around $12.5 million per year. Most other head coaches earn between $4-10 million annually.

So while offensive coordinators are very well compensated, their salaries pale in comparison to head coaches who can makedouble or triple top coordinators.

Position Average Salary
Offensive Coordinator $1-2 million
Head Coach $4-12 million

NFL Waterboy Salaries

While not making nearly as much as players or coaches, NFL waterboys still earn respectable salaries. Estimates peg the average annual salary for waterboys between $53,000 to $65,000.

On a per game basis, waterboys can expect to make around $500 to $600 per game depending on the team and city. Their pay accounts for both gameday and practice duties throughout the season.

Here‘s a look at the range of reported annual salaries for waterboys across different NFL teams:

  • Dallas Cowboys: $53,000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: $55,000
  • Miami Dolphins: $65,000
  • Green Bay Packers: $60,000
  • Los Angeles Rams: $58,000

While these salaries aren‘t huge, waterboy positions let fans get hands-on experience working for an NFL club.

Lowest Paid NFL Positions

The lowest earning position in the NFL is on the practice squad. Practice squad players make a weekly salary of $8,000, up to $122,400 for the 17-week season.

However, practice squad players do not receive the same benefits or job security as other players. For example, they aren‘t covered by the NFLPA collective bargaining agreement. Teams can cut them at any point without owing compensation.

In fact, according to league data, only 29% of practice squad players go on to sign contracts the following season. So most are released before their second season, illustrating the instability of the practice squad role.

Becoming an NFL Position Coach

For those looking to become an NFL position coach, there are several key steps:

  • Earn a degree in physical education, kinesiology or related field
  • Gain extensive coaching experience at lower levels like high school or college
  • Develop strong connections within the NFL coaching community
  • Attend coaching clinics and conferences to network and showcase abilities

In addition, position coach candidates need excellent leadership qualities:

  • Possess strong motivation and communication skills
  • Ability to teach complex schemes and techniques
  • Adjust game plans effectively around team strengths
  • Collaborate smoothly with staff across the organization

Some examples of current NFL position coaches include:

  • Wes Welker (Wide Receivers Coach, Miami Dolphins) – Played 12 seasons as a WR before moving into coaching
  • Brentson Buckner (Defensive Line Coach, Arizona Cardinals) – Previously coached college football for over a decade
  • Stephen Belichick (Safeties Coach, New England Patriots) – Joined Patriots staff as a coaching assistant in 2012

These coaches worked their way up through lower coaching ranks and leveraged connections to reach the NFL level.

Waterboy Pay Scale and Perks

While salaries aren‘t enormous, waterboys can earn between $20,000 to $53,000 depending on the team. They also can receive team gear, travel opportunities, and game tickets.

However, some teams do not provide these additional perks. Waterboys work long hours at practices, games, and events to support the team‘s hydration needs. It‘s a great way to get a foot in the door with an NFL club and gain experience in a professional sports environment.

Salaries for Other NFL Support Staff

In addition to waterboys, NFL teams employ various other support staff roles. Their salaries also pale in comparison to players and coaches. Here‘s a look at average salaries for other key support staff:

  • Equipment Managers: $55,000
  • Video Production Assistants: $32,000
  • Analytics Assistants: $59,000
  • Athletic Trainers: $72,000
  • Strength Coaches: $63,000

These staffers handle critical behind-the-scenes work to help NFL franchises succeed. For college students or those looking to enter the sports industry, they can provide great on-the-job experience.

Mike Tomlin‘s Salary and Coaching Record

Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has an estimated annual salary around $8 million. Some reports indicate his total compensation could be as high as $10 million per season.

Tomlin initially joined the Steelers in 2007. Since then, he has:

  • Led the team to 2 Super Bowl appearances, winning 1 championship (Super Bowl XLIII)
  • Compiled a 147-82-1 regular season record
  • Delivered 9 playoff berth seasons for the Steelers

With 147 wins under his belt, he is one of the franchise‘s most successful head coaches. His strong resume and leadership has earned him one of the highest salaries among current NFL head coaches.

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