Who is Texas Volleyball‘s Head Coach?

The head coach leading the University of Texas women‘s volleyball team is Jerritt Elliott. Since taking over the program in 2001, he has transformed the Longhorns into one of the premier teams in the nation. As an engaged fan, you’re probably curious about Coach Elliott‘s background, his responsibilities, and how he built Texas into a volleyball powerhouse.

Coach Jerritt Elliott‘s Remarkable Tenure

Coach Elliott’s record during his 21 seasons with the Longhorns is an astounding 513-97. This gives him an .839 career winning percentage, the highest in Texas volleyball history. He has accomplished feats that place him among elite college volleyball coaches:

  • 4 Final Four appearances (2001, 2002, 2003, 2008)
  • 2012 NCAA National Championship Title
  • 8 Big 12 Conference Championships (including 2018, 2019)
  • Named 2017 AVCA National Coach of the Year
  • 500th career win with Texas in 2017

In addition to these highlights, let‘s look at some key stats that showcase Elliott‘s consistency:

Seasons Wins Winning % Conference Titles NCAA Tournaments
2001-2010 296 .860 5 10
2011-2021 217 .813 3 10
Total 513 .839 8 20

As these metrics demonstrate, Coach Elliott produces championship-caliber teams year in and year out. He continues upholding incredibly high standards that the Texas program sets for itself. This sustained success is what makes Elliott one of the best coaches in volleyball.

Salary and Contract Details

With his credentials, Elliott earns a salary fitting of a head coach leading a marquee college program like Texas.

According to 2020 public records, his annual compensation is:

  • Base Salary: $310,000
  • Supplemental Pay: $75,000
  • Total Salary: $385,000

This places Elliott among the highest paid volleyball coaches in the nation. For comparison, the average salary for head volleyball coaches at top Division 1 schools is around $300,000.

However, Elliott‘s pay still pales in comparison to salaries for coaches in high-revenue sports like football and men‘s basketball. In 2020, Texas football coach Tom Herman earned over $5 million — dwarfing Elliott‘s $385,000 figure. This disparity highlights how larger college sports continue overshadowing other deserving programs.

As a fan, you likely agree that Elliott and the tremendous Longhorns volleyball team merit more resources and attention!

Roles and Responsibilities as Head Coach

As head coach, Elliott oversees all aspects of leading the Texas volleyball program, including:

  • Recruiting – Elliott consistently lands classes of elite high school and transfer players, which replenishes Texas as graduating seniors depart.

  • Player Development – Elliott directs training, practices, and drills to continually improve players‘ skills and volleyball IQ.

  • Game Strategy – Elliott determines offensive and defensive schemes, lineups, and in-game adjustments to out-maneuver opponents.

  • Team Culture – Elliott sets expectations for hard work, tenacity, and excellence. He motivates players and builds team chemistry on and off the court.

  • Academic Achievement – Elliott stresses academic accountability given players‘ student responsibilities. The team traditionally delivers strong grades and graduation rates.

  • Media/Promotion – Elliott represents the program as its public face, including press conferences, interviews, and alumni/fan functions.

Elliott‘s multifaceted role keeps the Longhorns regularly in National Championship contention. His commitment to developing well-rounded student-athletes, not just volleyball players, epitomizes the ideals of college sports at their best.

The Libero – A Key Defensive Position

The libero is a specialized defensive position in volleyball. Liberos wear a different color uniform than the rest of their teammates.

The libero is responsible for:

  • Receiving serves
  • Digging spikes and hard-driven balls
  • Keeping rallies alive with their ball handling
  • Facilitating setting up the offense

Skilled liberos like those at Texas demonstrate nimble footwork, quick reaction time, smart reading of plays, and excellent passing technique.

While liberos cannot attack or block at the net, they energize the rest of the team through their defensive finesse. Longhorns liberos have been vital to the team‘s success under Coach Elliott.

For instance, his daughter Brionne Butler earned AVCA All-America First Team honors as a libero from 2012-2015. And more recently, freshmen Emma Halter has stepped up as starting libero for the 2021 team that reached the Final Four.

Transfers and Former Longhorns

Volleyball, like most college sports, sees a fair amount of transfers as players sometimes opt for new opportunities.

For example, Skylar Fields recently transferred away from Texas to the University of Houston. Reports suggest he moved closer to family and sought internships in Houston‘s technology sector.

Transfers can impact team chemistry but Coach Elliott works to minimize disruption. His leadership and the program‘s consistency helps Texas volleyball overcome such changes.

Former Longhorn Jhenna Gabriel offers a different case. She stepped away from volleyball entirely a few years ago to focus on mental health. This courageously prioritized personal well-being over sports.

As a fan and supporter, you likely agree we should applaud Gabrielle for putting her needs first despite external pressures. And you surely welcome new Longhorns like Emma Halter for embracing the challenges of being a student-athlete playing volleyball at the highest level.

The Longhorns Continue Ascending

Thanks to Coach Elliott‘s remarkable tenure, Texas volleyball shows no signs of slowing down. If you ever get the chance to watch them live, you‘ll surely be impressed by the Longhorns skills and spirit.

Coach Elliott has built a true legacy, establishing Texas as force on the national stage. He has upheld the program‘s championship aspirations through his dedication to developing all-around student-athletes. Here‘s to continued success for Coach Elliott and the outstanding Longhorns volleyball team!

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