What Time Does Wild Hearts Release on PS5? The Complete Launch Guide

Eager to dive into Wild Hearts and start mastering its monstrous challenges? Here‘s a comprehensive guide on exactly when the hotly anticipated hunting action game unlocks on PlayStation 5, its eye-catching features, and key tips for new hunters ready to take on towering Kemono!

Mark Your Calendars – Midnight Local Time February 17

Let‘s start with the big question – what time can you start playing Wild Hearts on your PS5? The official global launch date is February 17, 2023. For the PlayStation 5 edition specifically, Wild Hearts unlocks at 12AM midnight in your local timezone on launch day.

So whether you‘re based in Los Angeles, London or Tokyo, you‘ll gain access right at midnight as the 17th dawns in your region. Just keep an eye on the countdown timer if you pre-ordered digitally!

Physical disc copies will also work from midnight onwards once installed. Simply hop into the action the moment the clock strikes 12 for your earliest monster hunting fix! Xbox Series X/S follows the same rollout.

Monster Hunting Done Wild – What is Wild Hearts?

But what exactly is this exciting new IP? Wild Hearts is a hunting action adventure developed by Omega Force and published under EA Originals. Omega Force are masters of the hunting genre, having worked on series like Toukiden, Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes.

Wild Hearts represents a bold new frontier for them though, introducing innovative concepts like Karakuri crafting to put a fresh spin on battling behemoth-sized creatures dubbed Kemono. This mystical Eastern-inspired fantasy world is primed to capture your imagination.

Weapon Type Speed Damage Reach Upgrade Materials
Sword Fast Moderate Short Dragonbloom Steel
Dual Blades Very Fast Low Shortest Ghost Carapace
Staff Medium Low Long Petalstone
Hammer Very Slow High Medium Rockshell Plate
Bow Medium High Longest Warped Wood

Arm Yourself – Weapons & Playstyles

You‘ll begin your Kemono hunting journey in Wild Hearts by choosing one of five distinct starting weapon types, each with unique combat capabilities and upgrade paths. Whether you prefer getting up close or attacking from range, there‘s an option to suit your preferred playstyle.

Swords offer speedy slashing. Dual blades attack almost non-stop in a whirl of steel. Hammers pack a devastating wallop. Bows keep their distance and snipe accurately from safety. Staffs balance offense and defense with tricky techniques.

As you quest, weapons can be upgraded by finding materials and will gain new combo potential, buffs and gem slots for augmentation. Master one type or mix it up – the choice is yours!

Craft Your Advantage – Introducing Karakuri

What really makes Wild Hearts stand out is the Karakuri system. This allows you to craft and implement a wide range of hunting installations, weapons and support structures using materials gathered on your journey.

Karakuri are categorized as:

Fortresses – Defensive structures like barricades, traps and automated ballistas to damage or impair Kemono.

Bridges – Useful for traversing environments and reaching new areas through elevation.

Gliders – Attach these to quickly descend from high places or ride air gusts.

Weapons – Special Karakuri armaments like giant hammers or fiery blades.

Getting creative with Karakuri is key to overcoming challenges. Analyze your surroundings, available materials, and the Kemono‘s abilities, then craft and execute a winning strategy. The system allows for many solutions – how will you master it?

Study Your Prey – the Ferocious Kemono

[Kemono Table]
Kemono Element Weakness Recommended Karakuri
Deathstalker Lightning Earth Mud traps
Flamepeak Fire Water Cooling towers
Jadebloom Nature Fire Flamethrowers
Frostclaw Ice Fire Burning barriers

Of course, the star attractions of any hunting game are the colossal beasts you‘ll be facing off against. Wild Hearts features an exciting menagerie of fantastical creatures called Kemono await discovery.

From plant-infused Jadebloom to the chilling Frostclaw, each Kemono has unique attack patterns, elemental affinities and weaknesses to uncover. Preparation and strategy will be required to topple these towering titans!

I‘ve compiled info on some revealed Kemono above. Study their strengths and vulnerabilities carefully to gain an advantage in confrontations! Expect plenty more epic encounters as you progress further.

Solo or Co-op – Play How You Want

Wild Hearts supports both single player offline and up to 3 player online co-op. Tackle the entire campaign solo if you wish, or invite friends to join you on the hunt for an enjoyable group monster slaying experience!

Having allies provides benefits like resurrection, shared buffs and team combo attacks. However, playing solo means your Palico-like Kemono companions can draw aggro and provide support. Their assistance enriches the single player experience.

Once you complete Wild Hearts, there are also challenging endgame Investigations to test your skills, featuring powerful Apex variants of familiar Kemono cranked up to intense new threat levels!

No MTX, Free Post-Launch Updates

In an age where many AAA titles push season passes and microtransactions, Wild Hearts stands out by including all content with no extra purchases required post-launch. All new Kemono, events, and updates will be free for all players.

The developers plan to support Wild Hearts for the long haul, with regular content additions to keep you engaged. That means plenty of reasons to keep honing your hunting skills after you‘ve toppled the final boss!

Character Build Tips – Start Strong!

For new hunters prepping for their first forays into the wilds, here are some tips to start off on the right foot:

  • Prioritize upgrading armor first for increased defense – this helps survivability dramatically.

  • Work on one or two weapon types early rather than spreading across all options. Aim for essential DPS skills first.

  • Craft health and stamina boosting food items for every hunt. Their buffs can save your skin.

  • Install gathering and part breaking Karakuri on hunts to farm essential upgrade materials efficiently.

  • Target elemental weaknesses whenever possible for faster Kemono takedowns. Check your hunter‘s notes.

Follow those guidelines and you‘ll be well-equipped to confront the fierce Kemono that await! Advanced players can experiment more.

Ready Yourself Ritually

Before each hunt, be sure to eat a Power Meal using Wild Heart‘s canteen-like food system. This provides significant buffs to health, stamina, elemental attack etc. Stockpile ingredients through quests and gathering.

You can also equip Talismans before hunting for buffs like raising critical hit rate or reducing stamina depletion. Craft these with materials from challenging Kemono like Ivory Aurortusks.

Using food and talismans pre-hunt will amplify your capabilities and can often tip close battles in your favor!

Claim Your Rewards

Completing bounties and requests will earn you enhanced rewards and materials for advancing your capabilities. Requests appear mid-hunt with bonus objectives like "Sever Kemono‘s tail".

Bounties are pre-selected goals to complete on your quests. Combining both systems smartly can greatly accelerate your progress and access to upgrades.

Amiibo Unlockables

If you have any Monster Hunter series amiibo figures, you can scan them daily for small in-game rewards. You may also unlock special layered armor for character customization, poses and sticker sets.

Visual Showcase – PS5 Graphics Options

Wild Hearts leverages the PS5‘s power with immersive, lush environments and Kemono bristling with details up close. You can tailor the visual experience using two graphics modes:

Resolution – Targets 4K resolution at a smooth 30FPS. Enhanced visual fidelity.

Performance – Boosts the framerate up to 60FPS for smoother, lower latency combat.

Try each mode to see which you prefer based on visual quality versus combat responsiveness. HDR is supported and ray tracing will come later post-launch.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

When playing co-op, effective teamwork is crucial to successfully confronting Kemono as a squad. Here are some tips:

  • Use voice chat to call out situations, coordinate abilities, request healing etc. Communication is vital.

  • Divide roles like main tank, DPS and support for efficiency. Work together to create openings.

  • Ping using your scoutfly camera and map markers to indicate locations, parts to target and dangers.

  • Manage aggro by having some players draw Kemono attention so others can go ham from a flank.

  • Share consumables like health/stamina items and temporary buffs. Support each other.

Follow those pointers and your team will operate like a well-oiled machine attuned to the rhythms of the hunt! Solo players can still use pings to direct AI partners.

Customize Your Look

As you progress, you‘ll unlock various ways to customize your hunter‘s appearance:

  • Layered Armor – Apply cosmetic skins over your current armor.

  • Poses – Choose a cool stance for your guild card.

  • Face Paint – Unlock colorful options to paint your hunter‘s face.

  • Hairstyles – Get stylish new hairdos and colors.

  • Stickers – Apply decorative stickers and decals to weapons and armor.

  • Emotes – Learn gestures and poses to communicate without a mic.

So combine your skills with unique flair! Just don‘t get too distracted accessorizing in the middle of a raging Kemono battle.

Ready For The Hunt!

Wild Hearts‘ creative take on monster hunting with its deeply customizable Karakuri crafting system, fascinating mythological creatures and gorgeous living world has tremendous potential. Exclusive to PS5, this is a true current-gen experience built to showcase what Sony‘s hardware can do.

PC and Xbox Series X/S versions are also coming, but PlayStation fans can dive in from midnight February 17th local time. I hope this guide gives you a head start by highlighting key features and tips for beginners. Now grab your weapons, craft your tools, and get ready to topple some titans! The wilds of Azuma await. Happy hunting!

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