What Time Does Amazon Deliver Packages in 2024?

Hey there! As a fellow online shopper, I‘m sure you‘ve wondered exactly when to expect your Amazon orders to arrive.

With their massive selection and super-fast shipping, it‘s no wonder Amazon has become my go-to for everything from home goods to high-tech gadgets. But I used to be in the dark about their delivery times throughout the week.

After doing some digging, I‘ve got all the details on when your Amazon packages will likely show up in 2024!

In this detailed guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Typical Amazon delivery hours each day
  • How to choose your preferred delivery window
  • What impacts your exact delivery time
  • How to track packages in real-time
  • How Amazon delivery compares to other big retailers

Let‘s dive in so you know exactly what to expect when you order from Amazon!

When Does Amazon Usually Deliver Packages?

On a basic level, most Amazon deliveries happen between these core hours:

  • Weekdays: 8AM to 8PM
  • Saturdays: 8AM to 8PM
  • Sundays: 9AM to 8PM (where available)

But Amazon offers a wider delivery window than you might realize – from 6AM to 10PM daily!

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon delivers 2.5 billion packages per year in the US alone.

With that huge volume, deliveries are happening around the clock. But the majority take place during the key 8AM to 8PM weekday period when most people are home.

Now let‘s look at the delivery times you can expect each day of the week.

Weekday Amazon Delivery Times

If you order Monday through Friday, your Amazon packages will likely arrive sometime between 8AM and 8PM.

Of course, a few factors affect your specific delivery window:

  • Shipping speed – Prime and same-day orders come sooner
  • Package contents – Heavy items often arrive later
  • Driver workload – More stops means later deliveries

According to a survey by Safefast, the most common delivery window reported by Amazon customers is:

  • 34% said they receive packages between 12PM and 3PM on weekdays
  • 24% reported deliveries typically arriving from 9AM to 12PM
  • 15% said their orders tend to land between 3PM and 6PM

So if you‘ve got an Amazon order on the way, there‘s a good chance it‘ll reach you around lunchtime or mid-afternoon on a weekday.

But Amazon offers so much flexibility with delivery times. As a busy parent who works outside the home, I love that I can get packages as early as 6AM if I have an urgent need or will be out later. It really caters to different lifestyles!

Amazon Saturday Delivery Times

Ordering late in the week? Amazon has you covered on Saturdays too!

Saturday deliveries follow basically the same timeframe as weekdays:

  • Most packages delivered between 8AM and 8PM
  • Early morning or later night deliveries possible but less common

A 2021 survey found that Saturday is the #1 day Americans hope to receive their online orders each week.

So Amazon meets that demand – nearly 90% of customers reported getting weekend deliveries from them according to a Forbes analysis. No more waiting until Monday!

Knowing I can place an order on Thursday or Friday and still get it by Saturday is a lifesaver when I‘m prepping for a busy weekend. You can really shop at the last minute.

What About Sunday Amazon Deliveries?

Sundays used to be a package-free day. But not anymore!

Amazon now provides delivery seven days a week across most major U.S. metro areas.

For Sunday deliveries, packages typically arrive between 9AM and 8PM in regions where it‘s offered. Early morning and late-night deliveries are less common.

Based on Amazon‘s data, they can reach 72% more customers by expanding Sunday delivery. So they‘ve gone all in on weekend orders!

Having that extra day allows me to place Friday night orders without worrying. Even if something gets delayed, or I‘m busy on Saturdays, I know it‘ll come on Sunday instead!

How to Choose Your Delivery Window

Rather than leaving package arrival to chance, you may be wondering:

Can I choose my preferred delivery time when ordering from Amazon?

The answer is yes! Here are your options:

For Prime Members:

  • When checking out, you can select your desired delivery date.

  • Preferred arrival timeframes will be shown if available.

  • Choose between morning, afternoon or evening time slots.

  • This perk applies to over 100 million Prime eligible items.

For All Customers:

  • Once your order ships, visit Track Package on Amazon.

  • See if the Change Delivery Window option appears.

  • Pick a new date/time if shown – options may be limited.

Amazon Day Delivery:

  • Select a weekly delivery day like Thursdays.

  • All eligible orders come on your chosen Amazon Day.

Choosing delivery windows helps busy folks like new parents who need to plan their days around packages. And even pickier shoppers can feel confident knowing exactly when orders are coming.

Amazon aims to provide flexibility – so take advantage if you need that extra control!

What Impacts Your Amazon Delivery Time?

While Amazon delivers quickly, a few key factors can shift your exact delivery window earlier or later:

  • Driver workload – More neighborhood stops push delivery times later
  • Weather issues – Delays packages during storms or extreme cold/heat
  • Holiday peaks – Orders take 1-2 days longer during Black Friday and Christmas
  • Heavy items – Large or bulky packages often arrive later in the day
  • Rural location – Less frequent deliveries to remote country areas

But their sophisticated logistics operation helps Amazon provide better estimated delivery times than competitors.

They use predictive analytics to forecast delays days in advance and get ahead of problems before they impact you. Pretty amazing!

How Does Amazon Delivery Compare?

Curious how Amazon shipping stacks up against major retailers? Here‘s a glance:


  • Delivers 7 days a week – including Sundays
  • Weekday delivery from 6AM to 10PM
  • 2-day shipping free for Prime members
  • Lets you choose delivery date/window


  • Delivers 6 days a week
  • Typical delivery window 11AM – 4PM
  • 2-day shipping costs extra
  • Limited ability to select time


  • Delivers Monday to Friday only
  • Same-day unavailable in many regions
  • 2-day shipping requires Target membership
  • Minimal delivery window selection

Home Depot

  • Local stores offer limited curbside pickup
  • 2-day shipping costs extra
  • No Sunday or late-night delivery

Across the board, Amazon stands out by getting people their orders earlier, faster, and at convenient times competitors can‘t match.

Tracking Your Amazon Packages

Rather than guessing on delivery times, you can track your Amazon orders every step of the way using:

  • Amazon app – Follow your real-time delivery status
  • Order details – Check delivery updates page
  • Text alerts – Receive shipping notifications
  • Delivery Map – Watch the driver travel to your address

Once I started tracking my packages closely, no more wondering "Where‘s my stuff?" Amazon makes it easy.

Knowing your order‘s up-to-the-minute status helps you plan your day around that eagerly awaited delivery.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Amazon has become my go-to for online shopping because they‘ve mastered fast, flexible delivery options.

Now that you know to expect your Amazon orders:

  • Weekdays: Between 8AM and 8PM
  • Saturdays: From 8AM to 8PM
  • Sundays: Within a 9AM to 8PM window where eligible

And you can further control when your packages arrive by selecting preferred delivery dates or times at checkout or in transit.

So next time you‘re planning an Amazon order, you can do so with confidence about exactly when it will reach your doorstep!

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