What is The Torque for a 12mm Bolt?

With this article, you will get to know more things about torque. I.e.which torque one can use for a 12mm bolt. And what are the further advantages of this torque? Let's see all the things in detail.

What is torque?

What is torque

The term torque refers to the equivalent of force. Mainly, torque is a force that one can exert from a short distance with an object's axis. Similarly, the force helps it to move in a linear way to which the torque is applied.

Various torques are available for the different bolts. I.e., torque for 6 mm bolts, 12 mm bolts, etc. Let's discuss the torque which is available for the 12 mm bolt.

Torque for 12 mm bolt

Torque for 12 mm bolt

One of the torque is a low-profile hydraulic torque wrench which is available for a 12 mm bolt. These types of torques are made in ultra-slim and compact structures so that they can easily fit into tight spaces. Let's discuss the related points of torque in detail:

  • The torque has a good and rigid steel design, which ensures the tools' reliability, safety, and durability.
  • A constant torque gives the output with the accuracy to three percent.
  • This torque is a multi-direction with a high flow swivel manifold.
  • It has a good axis, I.e., 360° x-axis, and 180° y-axis.
  • This is a torque that is light in weight, high stream design, fine-tooth ratchet, and fast operation cycle.
  • It has a hexagon range that lies from 29.6mm to 117.6 mm.
  • The nose radius of this torque is 19-115 mm.
  • 700 bar is the maximum operating pressure of this low-profile hydraulic torque wrench.

Some of the basic points related to the torque are for a 12 mm bolt. If you want and use it in your workings, just go and tap on the buy button. You will enjoy this torque. And we are dealing in quality products which will never give you the option for the complaint.

What are the characteristics of the low-profile hydraulic torque wrench?

characteristics of the low-profile hydraulic torque wrench

We all know that there are many torques which are available for things. Now see some of the features which are related to the low profile hydraulic torque wrenches. The points are as follows:

  • You can easily get the ordered design from here.
  • These torques have the good strength of chromium-molybdenum steel.
  • Before ordering the item must ensure that you are indicating the diameter of the bolt, bolt level, and nut on edge.

These are some points that can define the low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches.

Things related to the torque wrenches

torque wrenches

Before getting and buying a torque wrench, you must know all the related things about it. Look at the below points, which assure you of some of the good things about the low-profile hydraulic torque wrench.

  • The torque is a tool that is very light in weight. And it is one of the precise tightening tools which can never use for loosening the bolts.
  • It is a must that you always put the tool in the storage box.
  • After the usage of the tool, you must have to put and reset the tool to its lowest value. This ensures the release of the string pressure.
  • There is always a mark on the torque wrench, which shows in which direction you have to apply the force. You must have to use your hand continuously and fluently.
  • Keep away from the extension of the tool. Because this will imply the impairment of the set value.
  • The tool also ensures the correct tightening of things. This means that when it reaches the required limit of tightening, it gets stopped.
  • And if you listen, the sound means that you have over-tightened the tool.
  • You must first do practice with it. First, close the bolt, then tighten it with the adapted tool, and finish it with the torque wrench to get the safe and correct torque.
  • For the good working of the tool, you must maintain the tool with good keeping—further, which means that you have to keep the tool at a good frequency.

Above are some of the basic points which are related to the torque wrenches. These are such things which you have to do at a good level. Because these things which will make the doing of things at the best level possible. Just go and buy your desired torque wrenches.


From the above, you can conclude that many torque wrenches are available at the best prices. But some specific torque wrenches are for the bolts. I.e., for 6mm bolts, 8mm bolts, and 12mm bolts. The torque wrenches used here are of event types. And before buying it, there are many things which you have to look at. You can easily buy these low-profile hydraulic torque wrenches from here. We provide you the quality hydraulic pumps.

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