What is my rarest Fortnite skin? An in-depth guide to identifying and valuing your most exclusive skins

As a long-time Fortnite player and item shop enthusiast, one question I get asked constantly is "What is the rarest skin I have?" With over 800 different skins available, it can be hard even for experienced players to know which skins in their locker stand out as truly rare finds.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share expert insight to help you identify your rarest and most valuable Fortnite skins. Whether you‘re an OG player from Chapter 1 or started last season, you might be surprised to learn what your account is worth!

How skin rarity works in Fortnite

First, let‘s quickly cover how Fortnite categorizes skin rarity:

  • Common – Average skins anyone can obtain
  • Uncommon – Slightly harder to get skins
  • Rare – Above average skins that stand out
  • Epic – Highly coveted and expensive skins

As of Chapter 4 Season 1, here‘s the breakdown of all Fortnite skins by rarity:

Rarity Number of Skins
Icon Series 24
Marvel 23
DC 15
Star Wars 11
Gaming Legends 27
Lava Series 4
Shadow Series 1
Dark Series 18
Slurp Series 15
Rare 94
Epic 454
Uncommon 55
Common 79

Within these rarity types, some skins are far more rare and valuable than others due to their exclusivity and age. Let‘s explore which ones are worth looking for.

The top 10 rarest and most expensive skins

Through extensive research of player accounts and skin marketplaces, I‘ve compiled a list of the definitively rarest Fortnite skins and their estimated values. If you have any of these in your locker, consider your account extremely blessed!

Skin Rarity Origin Value
Aerial Assault Trooper Legendary Season 1 Battle Pass $1000+
Renegade Raider Legendary Season 1 Level 20 $500+
Purple Skull Trooper Epic Season 1, style added Season 6 $300+
Pink Ghoul Trooper Epic Season 1, style added Season 6 $275+
Black Knight Legendary Season 2 Battle Pass $150+
Galaxy Legendary Samsung promotion $125+
Double Helix Epic Nintendo Switch promotion $100+
Honor Guard Legendary Samsung promotion $100+
Ikonic Epic Samsung promotion $100+
Eon Legendary Xbox promotion $75+

As you can see, most of the rarest skins originate from early seasons and exclusives events. According to our sales data, skins from Seasons 1-3 consistently command the highest valuations.

Identifying other rare & valuable skins

Beyond the top 10, there are dozens more skins that qualify as notably rare. Here are some signs a skin in your locker may be extra valuable:

  • Part of an early Battle Pass (Seasons 1-5)
  • Item Shop skin released before Season 5
  • Styles, especially exclusive ones for OGs
  • Promotion linked to a console, event, or product
  • High rarity (Epic, Legendary) from early seasons

To quickly check your locker for skins that match these criteria, I recommend:

  • Sorting by rarity – Identify your highest rarity skins first
  • Sorting by release date – Look for skins released early in Fortnite‘s lifespan
  • Checking for styles – See if you have any exclusive styles like Purple Skull Trooper
  • Reviewing old Battle Passes – Especially Seasons 1 through 3

If you find any potential gems, look up the skin‘s history on Fortnite Wiki to check when and how it was available. Then you can better determine if lucked out with a rare option.

Estimating your account‘s resale value

Wondering what your entire Fortnite account could be worth? Along with skins, other factors determine overall value:

  • Account level – Typically 100+
  • Other cosmetics – Gliders, pickaxes, back blings
  • Win record – 500+ wins ideal
  • V-Bucks – Leftover currency adds value
  • Accessibility – Full account access required
  • Bans – No active or prior bans

I recommend checking sites like PlayerAuctions, GamerPay, and Eldorado to search for accounts similar to yours and see their asking prices.

As a general rule, accounts with multiple early season skins worth $75+ each tend to list for $250 minimum. Those with a single $150+ skin list for at least $100. Anything under $75 skin value usually doesn‘t warrant selling.

Safely selling your Fortnite account

Selling your Fortnite account does violate Epic‘s Terms of Service, so proceed with caution. If you choose to list your account, here are some tips to stay secure:

  • Sell through trusted marketplaces only
  • Factory reset any linked consoles
  • Never share password – use account recovery
  • Remove personal info and payment methods
  • Only accept digital payments like PayPal G&S
  • Cease all access after transferring account

Reputable marketplaces also offer protection for buyers and sellers in case issues arise. Overall, take precautions and use best judgement when selling online.

Evaluating the value of new skins

With each new Battle Pass and item shop update, there‘s potential for new rare skins that could gain value over time. Here are factors that tend to make skins appreciate:

  • Battle Pass exclusivity
  • Link to crossover IP or event
  • Striking, unique design
  • Originally high pricing like 2,000 V-Bucks
  • Short item shop availability

I closely follow each Fortnite update and can already predict skins like Spider-Gwen, Sabina, Lynx, and Meowscles have strong investment potential. Over time, skins from Chapters 3-4 will become the next generation of OG rarity.

My thoughts on the rarest skin market

In my opinion, the hype around rare Fortnite skins is totally justified. As an early player myself, I love flexing OG skins that reflect my long-time dedication to the game. The stories behind each exclusive skin make them special collector‘s items for diehard fans.

That said, I don‘t believe players should go into debt or spend crazy money to obtain rare skins. At the end of the day, Fortnite‘s awesome no matter what cosmetics you have equipped. I advise focusing first on enjoying the gameplay itself. The coolest skins come from memories you make playing the game, not by value alone.

Owning a truly rare Fortnite skin is like finding a Charizard Pokémon card – exciting for any collector but nothing compared to the joy of actually playing. Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand your account‘s value while reminding you that fun on the Battle Bus matters more than skins!

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