What is DMZ mode mw2?

DMZ is a new free-to-play extraction mode introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It provides a high stakes battle royale-style experience where players only have one life per match to explore the map of Al Mazrah, complete missions, find valuable loot, take down AI enemies and bosses, and successfully extract by helicopter to keep their rewards.

Overview of DMZ Gameplay

DMZ matches support squad sizes of 1-3 players. During a match you will encounter hostile AI combatants as well as other players who are seeking their own objectives. The goal is to survive, explore the map, complete faction missions, take down bosses, and acquire rare loot and weapon blueprints before calling in a helicopter to safely extract.

If you die during a DMZ match, you lose all weapons and items you were carrying except for any guns in your insured loadout slots. Money earned can be used at Buy Stations to reduce the wait time for insured weapons. Successfully extracting allows you to keep all rewards to use in future DMZ matches or even unlock weapons for use in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes.

DMZ Loadout and Progression

Your loadout can be customized with primary and secondary weapons, lethal and tactical equipment, perks, and more. Weapon blueprints and contraband weapons found in DMZ can only be used there until extracted and unlocked.

Cash and valuable contraband items found in raids can be sold for money to purchase weapons, upgrade loadout gear, and reduce insured weapon wait times when extracted. The more cash extracted, the lower the timer.

Operator, weapon, and battle pass progression is shared between DMZ and MW2 multiplayer. Complete missions and challenges in DMZ to earn XP.

Missions, Factions and Key Locations

There are mission types like Secure Intel or Eliminate HVTs. Complete faction missions for rewards. Factions include Legion, White Lotus, and more. Visit key sites like the Airfield, Observatory, Chemical Lab, and Prison.

Rare weapon blueprint and item spawns are marked by orange smoke. Use the tac map to locate points of interest and monitor the collapse. Buy Stations allow you to rearm and purchase killstreaks.

Loot Rarities and Valuable Finds

Loot rarities go from white Common to purple Legendary. The rarest item found is the Golden Skull of Al Bagra Minor worth a small fortune! Other rare weapon blueprints include the M13B assault rifle.

Hidden locked rooms and caches require keys, smoke, or completing puzzles to open. Explore thoroughly for rare loot not visible on your tac map.

DMZ Bosses

Boss enemies include the Chemist, Armored Convoy, Missile Battery, and more. Taking them down rewards exclusive items but requires teamwork. The Juggernaut can soak up damage and wields a lethal minigun.

Extracting and Exfils

Call in a helicopter at one of several Exfil points marked on your tac map to safely extract your rewards. Exfilling with more players nets a time bonus. AI and players will attempt to intercept your extraction.

Insured weapon slots allow you to permanently keep certain guns between DMZ matches. All other weapons and loot not extracted will be permanently lost.

Building 21 – A New DMZ Map

Building 21 provides an entirely new map separate from Al Mazrah to conquer. This clandestine research lab holds unknown biohazards and riches for those brave enough to infiltrate its locked down grounds. Expect new missions, loot, and dangers.

DMZ provides a unique mix of PvPvE gameplay for Modern Warfare 2 players wanting a more tactical and hardcore experience. With high risk comes high reward if you can successfully extract with rare loot. Squad up and be prepared for intense firefights against lethal AI and determined rival Operators vying for the spoils.

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