Everything You Need to Know About the Walmart CAP 2 Position

So you‘re interested in learning more about becoming a Walmart CAP 2 associate? As someone who loves finding deals and always wants store shelves to be fully stocked, I totally get the appeal! This in-depth guide will tell you everything you need to know about the CAP 2 position at Walmart, including job duties, hours, pay, and more.

Let‘s start with the basics: what is CAP 2 at Walmart anyway?

Here‘s a Quick Overview of the Walmart CAP 2 Job:

CAP stands for "Customer Availability Process." CAP teams at Walmart make sure products are always in stock and ready for customers to buy.

CAP 2 associates specifically work in the afternoon and evenings, generally from around 1-2 pm to 10-11 pm. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Unloading trucks
  • Organizing inventory
  • Stocking shelves
  • Managing warehouse systems

In other words, CAP 2 keeps shelves full and helps run the behind-the-scenes supply chain operations.

Now, as someone who dislikes seeing "out of stock" signs, I want to dig deeper into what these job duties really involve…

Key Responsibilities of a Walmart CAP 2 Associate

If you‘re someone who likes active, hands-on work, the CAP 2 role may appeal to you. Here are some of the day-to-day duties:

Unloading Trucks

When big Walmart trucks roll in filled with inventory, it‘s the CAP 2 crew who jumps into action to get it unloaded. This involves things like:

  • Safely operating pallet jacks, lifts, and other equipment to unload trucks
  • Removing pallets, breakpacks, and boxes from the truck by hand or using gear
  • Following proper protocols to check in inventory and log truck contents

Unloading has to happen quickly and efficiently so inventory can get onto shelves ASAP.

Sorting and Organizing Inventory

Once truck cargo gets unloaded, the mad scramble to sort everything begins! CAP 2 associates divide all the merchandise into groups or bins based on which store department it belongs – for example, clothing, frozen food, electronics, home, etc.

Proper sorting and organization is crucial so that stocking the shelves goes smoothly. No one wants to dig through a pile of randomly mixed inventory!

Stocking Shelves

This is the fun part where CAP 2 gets to wheel out carts full of merchandise to hit the sales floor. Key duties here include:

  • Using planograms to stock items in their designated spots
  • Neatly arranging products on shelves and filling holes
  • Building appealing, full-looking displays
  • Rotating older inventory behind newer stock
  • Adjusting inventory counts in the system as items go out

Stocking shelves has to happen quickly to get products out for customers. But you also have to be detail-oriented to ensure accuracy.

Managing Inventory Systems

CAP 2 associates have to maintain the integrity of Walmart‘s inventory databases too. This involves:

  • Scanning and entering new inventory into the system
  • Conducting daily bin audits to confirm stock levels and locations
  • Researching and fixing any inventory count discrepancies
  • Providing data to help plan future inventory needs

Solid digital inventory skills helps optimize Walmart‘s massive supply chain.

Maintaining Cleanliness and Order

Amidst all the controlled chaos of moving inventory, CAP 2 still needs to maintain store appearance. Cleaning tasks include:

  • Straightening shelves
  • Wiping down carts, ladders, and equipment
  • Gathering trash and debris
  • Sweeping and mopping as needed

These housekeeping duties ensure everything remains organized behind the scenes too.

Now that you know the key job responsibilities, let‘s look at what kind of hours you can expect…

Typical Work Hours for Walmart CAP 2 Associates

To keep shelves stocked for shoppers all day, CAP 2 works afternoon and evening hours – not the most fun for night owls!

Here are the typical CAP 2 shifts:

  • Shifts: 10 to 13 hours long
  • Start times: Between 1 pm – 2 pm normally
  • End times: 10 pm – midnight, varies by location
  • Days required: Usually 5 days a week including weekends & holidays

So in a nutshell, shifts are mostly in the afternoon to late evening time frame when customer traffic increases in stores.

Working until 10 or 11pm comes standard with the job, so late nights are practically guaranteed. The hours suit people with morning-aversion! You get used to the evening schedule over time though.

Pro tip: Ask about 4 pm – 1 am shifts if you really don‘t want early mornings!

Now, what‘s the difference between CAP 2 and CAP 1 shifts? Good question…

How CAP 2 Shifts Compare to CAP 1 Shifts

CAP 1 and CAP 2 play equally vital inventory roles, just at different times:

Shift Times 4 am – 1 pm 1 pm – 11 pm
Main Duties Stocking dairy, frozen foods, groceries Unloading trucks, stocking general merchandise
Products Stocked Perishable grocery Electronics, apparel, home, etc

As you can see, CAP 1 does more food and grocery, while CAP 2 handles general retail merchandise off the trucks.

Both shifts aim to provide full stock shelves all day, just dividing up duties. CAP 1 is early morning, CAP 2 is afternoons through evenings.

Now, I know another question on your mind is probably…how much does CAP 2 at Walmart pay?

Here‘s the Typical Pay for Walmart CAP 2 Associates:

If you‘re going to be working till 11pm routinely, the pay better make it worthwhile! Here are the details:

  • Average Hourly Wage: $11 – $15 per hour
  • Starting Pay: Typically $11 – $12 per hour
  • Pay Range: $10 – $18 per hour
  • Experience: 2+ years can earn around $14 – $18 per hour

The main factors affecting pay are location, prior experience, and tenure at Walmart. Bigger cities and competitive markets usually pay more.

Based on what I‘ve seen, $13 per hour seems typical for most starting CAP 2 associates. With a few years under your belt, $15+ per hour is realistic.

Insider tip: Check Glassdoor for pay ranges at stores near you.

Now let‘s look at supervisor roles…

CAP 2 Team Leads Earn Around $16 – $20 Per Hour

Supervisors have added responsibilities, so they get paid more than the base rate. Here are the numbers:

  • Average Pay: $16 per hour
  • Salary Range: $14 – $20 per hour

Supervisory experience can help you reach the higher end of that range. Bonuses are sometimes offered too for meeting sales goals.

Okay, so the hourly pay is decent – especially for retail. But what other perks come with the job?

Benefits and Perks for Walmart CAP 2 Associates

Beyond hourly wages, Walmart offers some nice benefits like:

  • Store discount: 10% off regular purchases, plus special deals

  • Healthcare: Medical plans with low premiums available

  • 401(k) plan: Company match for retirement saving

  • Stock purchase plan: Buy Walmart stock at a discount

  • Paid time off: Earn PTO based on hours worked

  • Education help: College credits and training programs offered

Having access to medical insurance and retirement plans is great. And who can argue with store discounts?

Take advantage of all the employee benefits Walmart provides. They add up!

Alright, we‘ve covered the job overview, roles, hours, and pay. Now you‘re probably wondering: is being a Walmart CAP 2 associate worth it in the end?

The Pros and Cons of Working as a Walmart CAP 2

I always weigh the good and the bad before committing to anything. Here are some pros and cons to consider if you‘re thinking about applying for a CAP 2 position:


  • Great starting pay with room for growth through raises
  • Active, engaging job that goes by quickly
  • Get exercise and stay on your feet
  • Employee perks like discounts are nice
  • Full-time schedules provide stability
  • Opportunity to move up over time
  • Can develop useful retail operations skills


  • Evening hours aren‘t ideal for everyone
  • Work can be physically draining
  • Lots of bending, crouching, lifting required
  • Requires working weekends and holidays
  • Fast-paced environment with minimal breaks
  • Truck unloading is challenging if understaffed
  • Repetitive stocking motions can be tiring

Overall the pros seem to outweigh the cons in my opinion, but make sure the cons are something you can live with. The schedule and physicality of the work take commitment.

Now that you know the details, here is my advice if you‘re interested in landing a CAP 2 role:

Tips for Getting Hired as a Walmart CAP 2 Associate

If stocking shelves all evening sounds like your ideal job, here are some tips to get hired:

  • Highlight physical stamina – Make sure your application emphasizes your strength, endurance, and lifting capability. This is vital for the role.

  • Talk up retail experience – Any past jobs in retail stocking, merchandising, or inventory management will help a ton. Play these up in your application and interview.

  • Show availability for evening shifts – Since the CAP 2 shift is in the afternoon to late night, confirm you have wide open availability during those hours. State that you are fine working until store close.

  • Express interest in inventory – Share that you enjoy detailed inventory work like auditing, counting, and researching discrepancies. This is a key part of the CAP 2 job.

  • Ask about quick advancement – Inquire about opportunities to move up to team lead positions if you demonstrate strong performance. Growth potential is motivating!

Basically, show you have the skills, experience, schedule availability, and genuine interest in the role. With some preparation, you can ace the hiring process!

Alright, we‘ve covered so much about the Walmart CAP 2 job. Let‘s recap everything real quick:

Walmart CAP 2 Job Summary

  • Responsibilities: Unloading trucks, organizing inventory, stocking shelves, supply chain tasks
  • Hours: Early afternoon to late evening shifts, around 1 pm – 11 pm
  • Pay Rate: $11 – $15 per hour for associates, $16 – $20 per hour for leads
  • Benefits: Store discounts, health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off
  • Perks: Active job, retail skills development, advancement opportunities
  • Considerations: Physically demanding, evening hours, weekends required

Whew, that‘s a lot of info! I hope this guide provided a helpful insider‘s look into everything you need to know about the Walmart CAP 2 job.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always ready to share my retail experiences and advice.

Whether you‘re just starting out or looking for a career change, the CAP 2 position can be rewarding for someone who enjoys supply chain processes and thrives in a fast-paced environment. It offers great options to develop your skills with a major retail corporation like Walmart.

Thanks for reading! Now you‘re fully prepared to crush the application and interview process. I wish you the best of luck landing your dream CAP 2 job!

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