My Extensive W3ll People Review: Inside a Passionate Clean Beauty User‘s Experience

As a skincare ingredient scrutinizer and self-proclaimed clean beauty fanatic, I‘ve tested my share of natural makeup brands. In my 10+ years experience sampling non-toxic cosmetics, W3ll People stands out for affordable but legit plant-based formulas that mostly deliver.

Let me walk you through my thorough brand review as an enthusiastic user. I‘ll compare over 10 products to popular competitors so you can see if W3ll People is worth it.

Why I Ditched Mainstream Makeup for "Clean Beauty"

Watching my mom battle breast cancer opened my eyes to harsh chemicals used casually in everyday products. I became passionate about seeking out non-toxic alternatives for my skincare and cosmetics.

Brands boasting plant oils and mineral pigments instead of mystery synthesized ingredients aligned with my values. But I soon learned not all "natural beauty" lives up to the hype…

My 6-Month W3ll People Brand Test

Eager to find my ride-or-die clean cosmetics line, I pitted W3ll People against my familiar faves over 6 months.

  • Tried over 10 different makeup and skincare items
  • Compared to similar Ilia, RMS Beauty, Vapour products
  • Judged on application, wear, ingredients, value

Here‘s what I discovered first-hand about the brand…

W3ll People Highlights

✅ Smoother textures than most natural makeup

✅ Impressive color payoff and coverage

✅ Ethical effort for ingredients + packaging

✅ Very reasonably priced

❌ Not 100% plant-derived formulas

❌ Falls short on sustainability initiatives

Ingredient Dives: How W3ll People Compares

Let‘s get into the nitty gritty of what sets apart clean beauty formulas…

Titanium Dioxide Concerns

Lots of natural brands tout titanium dioxide as a safer alternative for UV protection and pigment. But loose mineral powders may have risks:

[table] | Brand | Titanium Dioxide Form |
| W3ll People | Encapsulated |
| Ilia | Loose |
| Vapour | Zinc Oxide |

Given inhalation exposure concerns with loose titanium dioxide, I prefer W3ll People encapsulating theirs. Vapour goes further using non-nano zinc oxide instead.

Silicone and Beeswax Controversies

Silicones and beeswax remain contentiously incorporated into some clean beauty products too:

[table] | Brand | Contains Silicones | Contains Beeswax | Vegan Formulas |
| W3ll People | Yes | Yes | Some |
| Ilia | No | Yes | No |
| Milk Makeup | No | No | Yes |

W3ll People allows both additives, alienating strict vegans but satisfying ingredient minimalists less. Compared to Milk Makeup though, others take a harder line on restricting additional ingredients.

The Clean Beauty Spectrum

We need to acknowledge "clean" exists on a spectrum. Brands make different calls on navigating safety plus function:

[table] | Brand | Clean Beauty Approach | Price Range |
| W3ll People | Mid-ground cleaner | $$ Mid |
| Ilia | Leans into botanicals | $$$ Premium |
| Vapour | Ingredient purist | $$$$ Luxury |


W3ll People doesn‘t go to Vapour‘s extremes of radically pure formulas. But they manage greater affordability and accessibility for still-thoughtful ingredients.

Comparing W3ll People Product Performance

How do their cosmetics actually fare for application and wear compared to the competition?

Spotlight On: Concealer

W3ll People Bio Correct – $23

  • Creamy formula provides great coverage
  • Dabbed easily over acne spots and dark circles without dragging
  • Lasted perfectly without settling into fine lines for 10 hours

Ilia – True Skin Serum Concealer $30

  • Sheer and unexpectedly dewy finish
  • Beautifully smooth and blendable texture
  • Creased slightly under eyes after 8 hours

Winner: W3ll People for fuller coverage and creaseless wear at a lower price point.

Spotlight On: Lipstick

W3ll People Expressionist Nourishing Plant-Based Lipstick – $19

  • Rich, vibrant color payoff
  • Signature mango butter scent
  • Faded unevenly, requiring touch-ups

RMS Lip2Cheek – $36

  • Sheer, buildable tint
  • Feels ultra-moisturizing and comfortable
  • Color stayed put evenly for hours

Winner: RMS for unbeatable natural look and longevity

Spotlight On: Mascara

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara – $19

  • Lengthened and separated nicely
  • Lightly hydrating formula maintained curl
  • Flaked under eyes after 10 hours of wear

Vapour Mesmerize Lengthening Mascara $30

  • Lengthened and volumized impressively
  • Withstood smudges incredibly over 12 hours
  • Dried out quickly needing replacement

Winner: A tie as neither fully delivers—investing in luxury extensions brands like Musee Beauty may win out

Is W3ll People Actually "Clean" and Ethical?

We‘ve analyzed ingredients thoroughly already. What about living up to ethical brand promises?

Sustainability Efforts

W3ll People utilizes FSC paper packaging and recyclable tubes which is better than nothing.

But Vapour goes further with sustainably farmed palm & sunflower for packing. Ilia supports tree planting initiatives and recyclable plastic takeback programs too.

Verdict: Falls a bit short on sustainability compared to competitors

Ethical Sourcing Practices

The brand claims ethical ingredient sourcing through women-owned farms and fair trade botanicals.

Their additional membership with Leaping Bunny and PETA fur-free programs is also legit.

Verdict: On par with the ethical sourcing of Ilia and Vapour

Price-Value Ratio

At mid-range price points, W3ll People hardly charges premium natural markup. In fact, things like their $19 mascara compete with conventional drugstore prices.

Up against $30+ mascaras from green brands, they offer better value spending in my book. But are slightly more affordable than industry giants like Ilia or RMS.

Verdict: Exceptional value compared to the natural beauty space

My Final Verdict: Should You Buy W3ll People?

If you‘ve made it this far into my exhaustive brand review—congrats! Let‘s wrap up with pros vs cons and my personal rating.


  • Cleaner formulas than conventional makeup

  • Smooth textures rival luxury natural brands

  • Impressive pigment payoff

  • Mid-range pricing but punches above value

  • Legit effort for ethical trade ingredients


  • Not 100% vegan or botanical-derived

  • Room to improve on sustainability impact

  • Color cosmetics less reliable than complexion products

Overall rating: 4/5

I award W3ll People 4 out of 5 stars. What they lack in radical green perfection, they compensate for in legitimately clean formulas at fair prices.

For an accessible entry point into non-toxic makeup, you can trust their products to outperform most conventional brands. While I prefer RMS and Vapour for 100% plant-powered indulgence, not everyone can afford $40 concealers.

If you‘re beauty-loving eco-warrior on a budget, I wholeheartedly recommend giving W3ll People a shot. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other favorite clean cosmetics brands I should try next!

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