Top Airbnb Ranking Factors

How does the Airbnb rating algorithm work? What factors affect this?

No one has comprehensive information on this issue. But there are still ways to improve your Airbnb host rating. In this article, we'll talk about how to optimize your ads for maximum results.

Airbnb experts declare more than 100 SEO factors that influence the formation of ratings and even announced the main ones. The most important of them are:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Guest reviews
  • Text content
  • High-quality photos
  • Facilities and additional services
  • Conversion rates
  • Communication with clients
  • Possibility of instant booking.

To increase the Airbnb rating, you can use the services of professionals with the help of special services (like There you can use, for example, professional cleaning services, legal support, etc.

So, let's talk about Airbnb Ranking Factors in more detail.

Competitive price

competitive price

To attract more customers, you need to analyze the pricing policy of direct competitors and offer guests the most profitable option.

Also, don't forget to update your rental housing prices regularly: flexible price regulation will help you earn a high income.


If your home is located near tourist hotspots, a historical part of a city, or a natural attraction, you will attract more customers.

And if you add the guide to your account, you can share your personal experience and impressions about exciting places nearby. Please note that the guide can only be added to an account, not a property.

Guest reviews

Feedback from your guests is the face of your business, the basis of its reputation. Customer rating directly affects your Airbnb host rating, so be sure to ask guests to leave a review about the trip, and don't forget to leave a review in return.

You can automate this feature: Many Airbnb management automation services offer an auto-review feature that saves time and makes your customers happy.

Text content

Make your listings attractive. It is important to include beautiful, high-quality photos and provide an accurate, comprehensive description of your property.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • The title, description, and ad text should be written in a simple, natural way.
  • Break the text into small blocks, indicating all the advantages of your property.
  • Add the keywords you need to your ads. It will make it easier for customers to find you.

High-quality photos

High-quality photos

High-quality, professional photos are essential to give potential clients a complete picture of your property. A professional photographer will help you photograph the apartment, so it looks cozy and attractive.

Please pay attention to the lighting: it should be bright, warm, and pleasing to the eye. Good angles, accents, and interesting details are also important – all of this will add sophistication to your ad.

Facilities and additional services

Airbnb strives to provide maximum comfort to guests and places high demands on the cleanliness and conditions of the apartments. But if your hotel or home has more than a clean room and a comfortable bed, this will be an advantage.

For example, it can be an authentic breakfast, car rental, swimming pool, or sauna. Do not forget to include all available services in your ad. It will raise your rating and attract more customers.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates show how attractive your ad is to users. Yes, it's a vicious circle: the conversion rate affects the host's rank, and the rank affects the conversion rate. It includes not only the number of property bookings but also:

  • Search to View. It shows the display of your ad when the user performs a search.
  • View to book. This ratio determines the number of views of your ad to the number of bookings.
  • Booking Acceptance Rate. It is essential not only to get a lot of bookings but also to accept them quickly. The less time it takes from booking by the guest to confirmation by the host, the higher the rating.
  • The amount of time a user spent on your ad page.

Airbnb management automation software will help you significantly increase your conversion rates. It will reduce the time it takes to complete tasks for accepting requests from users.

Communication with clients

Your position in the ranking depends on how quickly and effectively you interact with users. The response time to messages should be kept to a minimum, and communications should be correct and polite. To optimize customer communications, many Airbnb hosts use AutoMessages.

It allows you to answer common guest questions quickly. But in some cases, your personal response may be needed, so even if you have enabled AutoMessages, do not forget to check your Inbox.

Possibility of instant booking

Possibility of instant booking

Instant booking is very convenient because guests often choose those properties where this feature is available. So instant booking is a must for you if you want to be in the TOP hosts.

What factors also affect Airbnb rating

In addition to the main Airbnb ranking factors, there are other ways to make your listing more attractive to guests.


  • A space adapted for people with disabilities. Available parking, the presence of ramps, and special equipment for household needs will be a massive plus for you.
  • Pet-friendly policy. Many tourists come to rest with pets, so a pet-friendly hotel is a godsend.
  • Apartment for families with children. If your room is equipped for a safe stay with children, this will positively affect your rating.

If there are many business centers in your location, you should equip rooms for guests traveling on business: they will need the Internet and a comfortable workplace.


Many factors affect Airbnb's rating. The system calculates more than a hundred criteria. Still, the main ones are the text and photo of your ad, the availability of additional amenities, price policy, and speed of response to requests. You must also strictly adhere to the Airbnb Community Guidelines.

Before starting a home rental business, you need to build a detailed strategy that considers the features of your real estate, competitors, and potential audience needs. Then your business will develop and bring a stable income.

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