The Handy Review: A "Hands-On" Evaluation of the Ultimate Male Sex Toy

Introducing The Handy: A New Era of Male Masturbators

The world of sex toys and masturbatory aids has come a long way. From rudimentary and even dangerous early designs to the high-tech creations of today, humanity’s quest for sexual pleasure through solo play now has more options than ever.

Still, most male sex toys follow a familiar formula – a tube-like sleeve mimicking anatomy powered by vibrating motors inside. Pleasant, yes, but far from an authentic sensual experience.

Enter The Handy by Norwegian tech start-up Sweet Tech – dubbed “the Rolls Royce of male masturbators” by enthusiasts. I decided to get my own hands on The Handy to see if the hype holds up.

How The Handy Is Revolutionizing Male Masturbation

While the inner sleeves may look typical, the exterior mechanism sets The Handy apart. A narrow band lined with a soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grip gently holds the penis. This band moves up and down a track by a powerful brushless motor, simulating the stroking motion of a hand job.

With stroke speeds up to 10 per second, precision stroke length control, and grip tightness adjustments through a mobile app, Handy promises a sensually superior self-pleasuring experience compared to traditional vibrator-based toys.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, VR/video syncing, and even compatibility with 3rd party content offer connectivity for solo or partner play. The Handy checks all the high-tech boxes, but can the mechanics deliver on the promise of "better than the real thing?”

Unboxing and First Impressions of The Handy

My Handy arrived discreetly packaged in a compact black box with no mentions of its stimulating contents. Inside, neatly packed components included:

  • The Handy masturbating unit
  • A TrueGrip textured TPE sleeve
  • Adjustable fastening band for the sleeve
  • AC charging cable and adapter
  • Quick setup guide

Constructed of durable glossy black plastic with integrated controls and an LED panel, the Handy device itself looks sleek and elegant – far from the visual aesthetic of most male sex toys. The modular design allows for easy attachment of sleeves, adjustment of grip tightness, and storage.

The Handy’s premium construction and aesthetics impressed me upon unboxing. But functionality matters most here – so it was time for some hands-on testing.

Putting The Handy Through Its Paces: My Experience

Charging to full battery with the included cable took under 2 hours – much faster than expected. Connecting via Bluetooth to The Handy app (available for iOS and Android) took seconds.

The app immediately found and paired with the device. An intuitive interface let me dial in personalized stroke length, speed, grip tightness and more. I started slow with a gentle grip and mild 2 second strokes.

Even at low intensity, The Handy delivered an uncannily life-like stroking sensation unlike any toy I’d tried. The motor fluctuated speed just like a person finding a rhythm, the TPE sleeve stayed supple and comfortable thanks to built-in temperature regulation, and the fully-enclosing adjustable grip prevent any penis slippage.

Ramping up stroke speed to 6 per second with a tighter squeeze took things to another level – faster than humanly possible delivery of up and down motion. I lasted only minutes on the highest 10 strokes per second setting before an intensely satisfying hands-free climax.

The Handy definitely lives up to claims of being the ultimate male masturbation device. Stamina-building “endurance training” mode promises even more thrilling sessions.

Comparing The Handy to Popular Male Sex Toys

The Handy enters a competitive field of high-end male masturbators like the Lovense Max and Kiiroo Onyx+. How does Handy stack up?

Lovense Max: This vibrator-style male toy offers touch-sensitive exterior controls and unlimited vibration patterns. However, the vibration motor technology still doesn’t mimic lifelike stroking. Max lacks Hands-free operation and external control capabilities.

Kiiroo Onyx+: Using inner contracting rings instead of vibration, Onyx+ comes closer to The Handy’s stroking effect. But the exterior doesn’t adjust grip tightness, the sensations eventually feel repetitive, and the experience isn’t as close to receiving actual oral or manual stimulation.

For natural feel and exterior stroking mechanics, The Handy outperforms even top competitors. External control options also give The Handy an advantage for solo and partner intimacy.

The Handy Review: Pros and Cons

The Handy Pros

  • Unmatched lifelike stroking sensation
  • Fully adjustable grip tightness, stroke speed and length
  • Hands-free automated operation
  • Connects to videos, VR content, and partners’ toys
  • Whisper-quiet, fast-charging operation

The Handy Cons

  • Expensive at $249, but competitive for category
  • App connectivity requires some setup
  • Unclear how durable over long term use

Considering the total experience delivered, The Handy still comes out ahead of competitors on overall value. For those seeking the latest and greatest in mimicking human touch, The Handy is absolutely worth the premium price.

Scientific Research Supports Masturbation Aids Like The Handy

Beyond just high-tech entertainment, research suggests tools like The Handy offer real sexual health and wellness benefits:

  • Frequent ejaculation may lower prostate cancer risk
  • Masturbation releases pleasure hormones and reduces stress
  • Aids facilitate safer solitary sex vs. potentially risky partner encounters

Rising availability of male sex toys corresponds with falling rates of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies – suggesting substitution effects.

Destigmatizing masturbation and offering innovations in male pleasure products like The Handy promote better sexual understanding, relationships, and public health.

Spotlight: Developer Sweet Tech’s Mission

I spoke with Alexander Bjørkmann, co-founder of The Handy’s creator Sweet Tech, about their inspiration:

“We started Sweet Tech to fuse technology with intimate experiences – leveraging things like mechanical automation, conenctivity tools, and user interface design for sensual purposes. The Handy letting us develop and refine novel stimulation methods you simply can‘t get from human hands alone. We want to open discussion around masturbation and self-pleasure as completely normal, healthy activities.”

The passion coming from Sweet Tech’s young Norwegian developers mirrors the increasing mainstream acceptance of sex tech and male sex toys like The Handy.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Handy?

Beyond my own glowing test run, The Handy boasts rave reviews across sex toy review sites and forums:

"This is absolutely the most incredible sex toy ever created for anyone with a penis, hands down." – Men‘s Health Magazine

"Far better than any sex I‘ve had with another human being!" – Customer review

"Worth every penny… no more boring old hand jobs for this guy!” – Reddit poster

Response indicates that The Handy delivers supreme sensual satisfaction – especially for those seeking to experience sexual stimulation beyond human physical limitations.

Where To Buy The Handy (And What‘s The Return Policy)

Currently The Handy is only available through Sweet Tech’s official website, retailing for $249. Regional sites like Kondomeriet and Orion wholesale The Handy in certain European markets.

The Handy can ship for free globally, including to Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America. Discreet shipping avoids any mentions of sex toys on labels. DHL, USPS and TNT delivery maintains quick fulfilment.

All Handy sales come with a 14 day return policy if the customer finds themselves unsatisfied with the product. A full refund gets issued back to the original payment method if the unused Handy gets returned in new condition within 2 weeks. Any duties or shipping remain the customer‘s responsibility.

Top Alternatives If The Handy Is Out Of Reach

While The Handy stands atop the masturbator landscape in my opinion, more affordable options exist:

  • Fleshlights: These popular male inserts offer molded tunnels and often vibrating motors at lower prices from $80.
  • Cobra Libre: Uses vibration waves targeting just the tip rather than full stroking, but starts under $100.
  • Lovense Max: High-tech interior contractions paired with vibration create enjoyable sensation in the $150 range.

Beginners may want to try lower-commitment options before investing in The Handy’s $250 luxury stroking experiences. But for sexually seasoned gentlemen, Handy stands clearly above competitors.

The Last Word: Who Should Buy The Handy?

In the end, I believe The Handy deserves attention from:

  • Anyone bored by basic vibration-based male masturbators
  • Those seeking sensation beyond human physical limits
  • Anyone wanting to incorporate interactivity or connectivity in solo/partner play
  • Consumers who value premium quality manufacturing and materials

As male sex toys shake stigma, innovative engineering and design makes The Handy a compelling offering and intimates investment. For $249, you may never view self-pleasure the same way again thanks to The Handy’s intimate illusion of touch.

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