6 Best Tech Gadgets: Every Home Needs of 2023

Tech gadgets have become essentials of every household and have brought significant changes in the lifestyle. They make the daily work easy while eliminating the need for maids and other household workers.

They are easy to use and designed to reduce human effort. These intelligent gadgets consume very low spaces and do the activities with the touch of just one button.

In digitalization and technology, these stylish gadgets come at very affordable prices and consume low energy. In this article, we will discuss such tech gadgets that every home needs.

1. Dreame L10 pro

Dreams L10 pro

Dreame L10 pro is a must-have product by that can be easily managed anywhere through the home app. This vacuum cleaner needs to be charged, and it automatically cleans the house by overcoming all the obstacles through AI. It provides good battery life with 2.5 hours of runtime by handling approx 2,700 square feet per charge.

Once the charge gets over, it automatically returns to the base to get itself charged and resume from where it left. It is easy to maintain and noise-free. You can also create no-go zones or separate cleaning zones via the app. The mop is adequate and contains enough water storage for it, and automatically gets the dustbin empty.

2. Clocky robotic alarm

Clocky robotic alarm

An intelligent alarm is a must for you to wake you instantaneously. It would make you run around the room before you can turn it off. The other smart feature of the clock is, it runs and hides away while beeping until you wake up from your bed and turn it off.

You won't get any option to snooze and return to your bed. This clock ensures that you won't oversleep again. So if you leave alone or have an early flight to catch, it will work as a savior for you, and you can take a nap without worrying about waking up late.

3. Wireless LED light bulbs

Wireless LED light bulbs

The Philips LED lighting system with its intelligent features is the most convenient thing to have. You can say goodbye to the old conventional switch while replacing them with these new-age intelligent lights.

They can be easily controlled through smartphones by downloading an app to make the lights on or off remotely. You also get an option to schedule them, and the lights are absolute for energy saving in home and office environments.

4. Mediator


This product provides room heating enlaced with intelligent technology to step into an ideal room temperature in the winter seasons. They are perfect for energy efficiency and can make you save a lot on your electric bills.

The stylish radiators can also turn into a bed with the push of one button a sit flips on the floor. The LED placed in it provides information on the current date and room temperature.

5. Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers

Whether you are a music lover or not, these speakers have much more to do than listening to songs. One can connect it through their wi-fi and smartphones and any streaming devices or news.

You can play music through an app, and the intelligent features enable you to read your voice while following commands remotely. The classy looks add a fabulous look to your home decor. The wireless speakers provide clear and high frequency and can be charged when drained out of the battery. It can also be connected through Bluetooth.

6. Eco Dish Cleaner

Eco Dish Cleaner

The Eco Dish cleaner cleans the utensils by using ultrasonic waves while ionizing the food particles. It also converts the food waste into reusable compost for plants.

The eco-friendly soil is healthy for your pants. It is portable, compact, and stands firmly through all the requirements of a modern family. The battery can be charged through solar technology and are a must for an urban lifestyle.


These are some must-have intelligent technologies to make your work easier, but the list is long. Other innovative products include book lights, window sensors for security reasons, thermal leak detector to fix, the insulation of the home, shower meter to conserve resources, and intelligent body analyzer for tracking health scale. Make your smart with these appliances!

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