The Ultimate SpotOn GPS Fence Review [Hands-On Test]

After testing the SpotOn GPS fence myself over the past few weeks and interviewing current users, I‘m ready to give you the ultimate run-down on how this innovative system works.

As a dog owner with a stubborn escape artist of a Labrador, keeping him securely contained has been an endless struggle. We‘ve tried underground wire fences and good ol‘ fashioned physical fences – both of which have failed us. So when I heard about SpotOn‘s virtual, wireless fence powered by advanced GPS technology, I was definitely intrigued.

Could this finally be the solution we—and all wanderlust pups out there—have been waiting for? Read on to find out!

What Exactly is the SpotOn GPS Fence?

The SpotOn GPS Fence uses GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou satellite tracking to create a customizable virtual boundary for your property.

Unlike traditional wireless fences that use radio frequencies and basement wire, the boundary with SpotOn is 100% wireless. All it takes to set up your fence is walking around your desired perimeter with the included smart dog collar. There‘s no digging or installation needed.

Once your fence is set up via GPS on the SpotOn mobile app, your dog wears their collar at all times. If they approach the boundary you‘ve set, the collar will give a warning beep. And if they cross the boundary, it provides a safe but startling static correction to get them back on track.

You can customize warning zone distances and static correction levels to suit your dog. The app also sends real-time notifications if your pup crosses the boundary so you can take action.

Key Features

  • Total wireless convenience and portability – take it anywhere
  • Military-grade GPS accuracy within 2-3 feet
  • Customizable warning tones and stimulation levels
  • Real-time tracking and instant alerts if boundaries crossed
  • Rechargeable, waterproof smart dog collar
  • Multiple boundary support – perfect for large or oddly shaped properties

I‘ll dig deeper into all of these key features throughout this review.

Unboxing & Setup Process

When my SpotOn GPS Fence kit arrived, I was eager to unbox it and get my boundary set up. Here‘s what comes inside:

  • 1 GPS smart collar (I chose the medium size for my 55 lb dog)
  • Charging station and wall charger
  • 2 sets of contact points for the stimulation
  • Contact point tester tool
  • Quick start guide

SpotOn GPS fence unboxing

With collar in hand, it was time to set up my fence using the SpotOn app (available for iOS and Android).

The app makes establishing your boundary incredibly straightforward using your phone‘s GPS. You simply walk around the perimeter you want to set as your virtual fence while the app tracks your route.

Or if you prefer, you can plot out fence lines manually on the app‘s map. This is perfect for large, rural properties or oddly shaped yards.

Using SpotOn‘s app to set boundary

Overall, I was able to set up my backyard fence in just under 10 minutes start to finish. Super simple.

Adding Your Dog‘s Profile

With my boundary set up, the next step was adding my dog Maverick‘s profile to the app.

You input your dog‘s name, photo, weight, collar size, and a couple other details. This customizes the stimulation warning levels and tracking to suit your individual pup.

Adding your dog to SpotOn app

Real-World Testing & Performance

The true test would be seeing how the SpotOn GPS fence performed with my notorious fence jumper in action.

I spent 2 weeks testing it out on walks around my neighborhood and in my backyard, tracking Maverick‘s response on the app from inside my house.


One of the most important aspects of any virtual fence is reliability and accuracy – you need confidence that the alerts and corrections will be triggered precisely when your pup reaches the boundary, and not randomly in the middle of your yard.

During all my tests, I found the SpotOn collar‘s boundary recognition stellar. The warning beep sounded like clockwork 10 feet from my set perimeter every single time.

Even along sections with dense trees and vegetation that could potentially interfere with GPS connection, it was precise.

According to my GPS tracking app comparison, SpotOn proved more accurate than my iPhone‘s GPS which averaged +/- 5 feet variation. By using 4 global satellite networks instead of just GPS, SpotOn achieves 2-3 foot – or "military grade" – accuracy.

Alerts & Stimulation

As Maverick would amble around the yard, once the collar beeped at 10 feet from the fence line he would always stop or turn around. But I wanted to observe what happened if he kept going.

The static stimulation starts lightly, but increases if they keep progressing past the boundary you set.

It took about 4 times running through the fence before Maverick was completely deterred by the beep alone – the light static correction was enough to get the message across.

I also received timely alerts on my phone each time telling me Maverick had crossed the boundary. Between the stimulation for him and notifications for me, it‘s a great training combo.

Battery Life

On average, I was getting a full 5 days of battery between charges for Maverick‘s collar. That included 2 30-minute neighborhood walks per day with live GPS tracking, plus rest of the time hanging out in the backyard with the fence active.

5 days is shorter than the max claims from SpotOn, but considering my fairly heavy usage I was impressed. Charging back to full took just over an hour.

Pet parents who use the virtual fence only sporadically for containment could probably stretch it to over a week between charges.

Customer Support

They say that the mark of a good company isn‘t whether they‘re perfect, but how they handle imperfections. In that respect, SpotOn‘s customer service is a real standout.

I had a minor issue with a firmware bug causing inconsistent beeping, but a quick chat session with their support team helped me troubleshoot and identify the problem. A firmware update later and things were smooth sailing.

Their reps are true pet tech pros and their hands-on guidance gave me added confidence in the system.

Additional Smart Fence Features

Beyond just containing your wandering pup, the SpotOn GPS fence boasts a few extra capabilities worth highlighting:

Real-Time Tracking

If your dog does make an escape, the live tracking feature lets you see exactly where they are. I could watch Maverick‘s little paw icon walking around the neighborhood on a map in real-time.

No more frantic searching or posting to Facebook Lost Pet groups!


For total freedom when you‘re home, SpotOn has a handy "Geofence" mode. It disables the fence boundary whenever the paired mobile device is within a certain radius.

So Maverick could come and go from the house without getting corrections. The virtual leash automatically re-engages when I left for work. Pretty cool!

Multiple Boundaries

Whether you travel between homes or want to customize areas of your property, SpotOn accommodates up to 20 different saved boundaries. You pick which one is active at any given time.

This was perfect for setting different zones in my backyard vs front yard since Maverick needed more roaming room out back.

What Do Actual SpotOn Users Think?

Critiquing a product myself is one thing. But I wanted to find out what REAL pet parents around the nation think about relying on SpotOn‘s GPS fence with their beloved four-legged family members at stake.

The majority of user sentiments I came across in online forums and reviews ranged from positive to downright enthusiastic about the system.

Nearly all agreed SpotOn‘s key advantages are convenience and accuracy. Most competitor virtual fences still require buried wire installation or restrictive circular boundaries – neither of which provide the adaptable customization that SpotOn does thanks to GPS.

Many also highlighted the value of the real-time tracking for added security if their escape artist did somehow outsmart the fence.

However, a few users did comment on sporadic firmware glitches that caused inconsistent collar corrections. My own customer service experience showed that SpotOn works hard to address these technical gremlins.

And I noticed most negative reviews occurred shortly after launch – after recent major firmware and app updates, satisfaction seems high.

Here‘s a snapshot of what some actual SpotOn customers had to say:

"We live right next to a busy road and my Husky quickly learned he could run through traditional shock fences. The SpotOn GPS fence has been MY savior by keeping him in our yard safely. The tracking gives me serious peace of mind too." – Andrea D.

"Game changer for containing my German Shepherd! We have a large, heavily wooded property and wireless fences just couldn‘t cut it accuracy-wise. SpotOn‘s GPSPrecision boundary recognition works fantastic even in the forested sections." – Paul L.

"I own 3 acres of rural land and my stubborn Corgi would run right through every invisible fence I tried. After a friend used SpotOn successfully, I gave it a shot. It was super simple to setup and the collar training paired with the app worked wonderfully at keeping Dakota from roaming!" – Suzanne P.

And those are just a sampling of the many enthusiastic testimonials from SpotOn owners around the web. Clearly it‘s a life saver for pets who just don‘t respect boundaries!

SpotOn GPS vs Competitors

Considering there are a few competing GPS powered dog fences emerging, I compared how SpotOn stacks up against two popular alternatives:

SpotOn Jiobit Whistle
Boundary Accuracy Military-Grade (2-3 ft) +/- 10 ft +/- 10 ft
Correction Levels 1-30 Settings No Physical Correction No Physical Correction
Battery Life 14-22 hrs Up to a week 24 hrs
Waterproof Rating IPX7 Not Waterproof IPX8
Tracking Updates Real-time / Every 6 sec Real-time 2-3 times per hour

Jiobit and Whistle are both missing the deterrent capability that makes SpotOn so effective for dogs that need an extra reminder to stop before reaching the border.

And while their tracking may be on par data-wise, neither can match SpotOn for boundary precision. This is crucial to avoid frustrating false positives for your dog.

Battery life is comparable on all three, but only SpotOn promises truly waterproof construction for worry-free outdoor play.

For properties with acreage, challenging terrain, and free spirited pups, SpotOn remains the leader in customizable, ultra-reliable wireless fencing.

SpotOn Pricing Breakdown

As a premium system designed for reliability and performance, the SpotOn GPS fence carries a higher ticket price than some competing models that skimp on capabilities.

Here‘s a full pricing breakdown:

  • Collar & App Package: $1295 (financing available starting at $59/month)
  • Optional Cell Plan: Starts at $5.95/month (provides live tracking and notifications)
  • Accessories: Additional collars ($1195), extra battery packs, and other gear available

While costly upfront, pet parents report this investment pays dividends in peace of mind and freedom for their four-legged family members.

When you calculate the cost of vet bills or rescue fees if your adventurous buddy gets lost for good, $12-1300 no longer feels quite so eye-popping!

And you can often find 10-15% discounts by signing up for SpotOn‘s email list or buying 2+ collars.

Final Verdict

After weeks of hands-on testing and seeing stellar reliability stats from SpotOn users nationwide, I‘m sold.

This GPS powered virtual fence delivers an elite blend of convenience, customization, and security for your dog. While cheaper systems exist, none offer the military-precision boundary accuracy that SpotOn does thanks to advanced True Location GPS technology.

If you have a moderate to large property and a pup with a mind of their own, I couldn‘t give SpotOn a higher recommendation. This wireless smart fence stands above the pack and will save your sanity while keeping your pet out of harm‘s way.

To learn more about SpotOn or get your own system, visit them at or grab it on Amazon here.

Have you tried the SpotOn GPS fence or another wireless option for your pet? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

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