SpoiledChild Review: AI-Powered Personalized Skincare

About SpoiledChild

Tired of generic beauty products that don‘t meet your unique needs? SpoiledChild combines personalized AI technology with top-performing skincare ingredients for a customized anti-aging experience.

Launched in 2022, the US-based brand is owned by parent company Oddity – which also operates popular sister label Il Makiage. SpoiledChild aims to transport customers into a playful future where capsules and supplements cater to all ages with intriguing formulas for skin, hair and beyond.

Unlike the stale drugstore staples, the brand promises adventurous products housed in colorful pill-shaped containers. Their differentiating factor? An AI-powered skin analysis quiz that matches each customer to ideal regimens based on their lifestyle, concerns and goals.

SpoiledChild Highlights:

  • Personalized anti-aging formulas for diverse needs
  • AI-matching technology analyzes your skin
  • High-quality ingredients backed by science
  • Refillable product dispensers supporting sustainability
  • Generous trial periods and subscription discounts
  • Free shipping and returns in the US

With nearly 20 skin, haircare and supplement offerings currently available online, SpoiledChild provides anti-aging solutions spanning needs like acne reduction, skin brightening, hair growth support and beyond.

Keep reading for my in-depth analysis of top-rated products, a breakdown of the AI personalization process, verified customer reviews and final verdict.

SpoiledChild Products & Key Ingredients

Before diving into AI technology and repeat subscriptions, let‘s peek inside those colorful capsules! SpoiledChild products feature well-researched ingredients like:

Vitamin C: Accelerates collagen production for youthful radiance and glow while protecting against UV damage
Hyaluronic Acid: Intensely hydrates skin and enhances absorption of other beneficial ingredients
Retinol: Reduces appearance of fine lines/wrinkles by increasing skin cell turnover
Peptides: Stimulate collagen and support firm, supple skin
Resveratrol: Derived from red wine with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support

Based on these hero ingredients, here are 4 top-rated SpoiledChild anti-aging solutions:

1. V24 Advanced Renewal Hair Scalp Serum

Formulated with hair-boosting Resveratrol, Melatonin and Propylene Glycol, this leave-in serum aims to stimulate growth, thickness and shine from root to tip. Over 90% of trial users saw improved volume and strength after consistent use.

2. F38 Anti Aging Retin Night Rewind Serum

This Retinol-powered night serum smooths wrinkles and brightens dull skin overnight thanks to wrinkle-fighting Bakuchiol, nourishing Squalane and two types of Hyaluronic Acid. Wake up to more radiant, youthful-looking skin.

3. E27 Extra Strength Liquid Collagen

With Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and verified bovine collagen, this mango-flavored elixir supports healthy weight management, gut health, joint mobility and youthful skin in liquid form.

4. S25 Extra Strength Collagen Peptides

Provide your body essential building blocks for supple skin, strong nails, healthy bones/joints and thick hair with this unflavored, fast-absorbing collagen peptide supplement. Scoop contains 9g of protein.

How Does SpoiledChild‘s AI Personalization Work?

Wondering what questions SpoiledChild‘s AI asks to deliver those custom matches?

The brand‘s proprietary Find Your Capsule skin analysis quiz first collects basic information like age, gender identity and location. Next, a smart algorithm tailors follow-up questions around:

  • Specific skin/hair concerns: Acne, discoloration, oiliness, hair loss etc.
  • Product preferences: Fragrance-free, clean formulas, budget-friendly etc.
  • Ingredient avoidances: Vegan, nut-free, sensitive to retinol etc.
  • Lifestyle factors: Stress levels, diet, sleep patterns and more

Finally, SpoiledChild‘s technology cross-analyzes your responses against lab-tested product formulations to deliver matches with compatible ingredients, textures and frequency options.

Compared to conventional quizzes, the brand reports 95% skin satisfaction across over 1 million users thanks to this more nuanced, multi-layered approach. Matches also evolve over time as the algorithm learns your preferences.

Who Is SpoiledChild For?

Despite the playful name, SpoiledChild anti-aging solutions cater to all genders and life stages – not only mature complexions!

In fact, over 50% of customers report being under age 40. While the colorful branding skews feminine, anyone seeking science-backed ingredients for concerns like acne reduction, skin texture/tone improvement and hair growth support can benefit.

SpoiledChild Reviews: What Do Customers Really Think?

Across nearly 10,000 verified ratings, SpoiledChild products average an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. 90% of reviewers report visibly improved skin, hair, nails and joints within months alongside high satisfaction with cost, effectiveness and ease of use.

Fans praise the personalization process and well-researched active ingredients. Negative feedback primarily complains of lengthy delivery estimates on trial orders or unintuitive product return procedures.

Here‘s a sampling of enthusiastic testimonials:

"My sensitive skin tolerated this serum so well! Reduced my dark spots and feels very hydrating."

"I‘ve tried countless hair supplements before but this serum made the biggest difference for growth and thickness."

"The Collagen Peptides don‘t dissolve fully but my nails and skin improved noticeably within 6 weeks."

While a small handful of buyers report underwhelming results, most agree SpoiledChild lives up to its claims thanks to transparent formulas and nuanced personalization.

Is SpoiledChild Worth It?

Based on my extensive research into products, technology and reviews – SpoiledChild receives my overall recommendation. While time will tell if the brand becomes an anti-aging leader, the current catalog impresses with multiple ingredient heroes clinically shown to support skin elasticity, texture improvement, youthful radiance and beyond.

I especially appreciate the AI personalization matching customers to ideal routines for their unique needs and goals. Paired with helpful subscription discounts, thoughtful sustainability initiatives and largely positive feedback, SpoiledChild checks all the boxes for an emerging skincare label.

Those seeking dramatic overnight change will need to practice realistic patience. But consumers invested in well-formulated, personalized anti-aging support should strongly consider SpoiledChild.


  • Personalized skin analysis technology
  • Generous trial periods on first order
  • Subscription discounts available
  • Appealing ingredients backed by science
  • Mostly positive customer reviews
  • Refunds and free returns policy


  • Lengthy first order delivery estimates
  • Can take months to see anti-aging results
  • Unintuitive subscription cancellation process
  • Spotty customer support complaints

Cost Breakdown

While individual products like the V24 Hair Serum and S25 Collagen Peptides ring in under $50 each, investing in multiple solutions tailored to your concerns adds up quickly. Bundled subscriptions offer the best value at 10-20% off:

One-Time Order: $40-$70 per product
Subscribe & Save: $34-$60 per product

Besides discounted rates, the subscription option gifts free items like lip treatments and triggers automatic reorders so you never run out. While tricky to initially cancel online, the flexibility to pause shipments at any time provides peace of mind.

Where To Buy SpoiledChild

SpoiledChild products are currently only available through the brand‘s website spoiledchild.com with online-exclusive deals. No brick-and-mortar stores or third party retailers sell this emerging catalog as of my review.

Besides the United States, SpoiledChild ships orders internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Browse the full selection directly through the brand to start – especially to access unique personalized bundles after taking the skin analysis quiz.

The Final Takeaway

At the intersection of science and AI, SpoiledChild shakes up the anti-aging space with high-quality ingredients, personalized matching and largely positive customer feedback.

While new to market, this brand shows early promise catering to diverse skin needs like acne reduction and skin tone improvement alongside hair and nail support. I recommend SpoiledChild to consumers seeking custom-tailored routines willing to practice consistent use and realistic patience as formulas take effect.

To enjoy the best value while determining ideal products for your skin, start by taking SpoiledChild’s quick Find Your Capsule quiz today.

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