Social Technology Creating Games of the Future

One of the world’s biggest research firms, Deloitte, published a study about the world’s current state of social gaming in late 2021. The study looked to highlight the future of gaming trends, along with social media and streaming video-on-demand services.

The study found that digital media trends are looking to emphasize social features. In other words, gamers of all stripes are looking to make their (often at-home) online entertainment habits a bit more communal by connecting with friends or other users. And developers are listening.

There are several factors behind the boom in social interest, ranging from the rise of free-to-play gaming models to an increased amount of time spent at home. There’s also the ongoing domination and diversification of social media options, from the Metaverse to TikTok.

So, which types of games are seeing an overhaul in terms of social features? And what do these social features actually deliver on?

Social Casinos

As one of the most popular gaming industries worldwide, online casino gaming stays at the forefront of technology. One of the latest rollouts includes social aspects, which allow users to game using a sweepstakes model. To date, one of the US’s most successful social casinos, Chumba Casino, has over 80 games offered on its platform.

This allows gamers who play online casino titles to enjoy a new style of iGaming, which puts excitement and leisure at the forefront of their platform. More specifically, operators like Chumba Casino create their own casino games, which means they can’t be found anywhere else.

In the case of social casinos, there’s not just an emphasis on playing for fun. Some gamers have even set up streaming accounts, letting others interact with their channel as they play live. Going forward, social casinos are likely to continue diversifying their sweepstakes tournaments, along with the range and variation of the titles offered—for gamers and for their subscribers.

Multiplayer Strategy Games

Much like social casinos are creating more distinction from iGaming predecessors, 2018’s Among Us ushered in a new era for global gaming. Currently, global eSports leagues and teams are at the forefront of video game culture—but multiplayer strategy games are bringing social aspects to the forefront.

The game is a multiplayer online social deduction game, which combines elements of popular games like Mafia, along with sci-fi and horror themes. The game, created by studio Innersloth, requires players to identify and vote out ‘Imposters’, who are hiding amongst the ‘Crewmates’.

Unlike other popular titles, from League of Legends to Call of Duty, Among Us relies on themes of teamwork—but in a decidedly social sense. In other words, no matter of technical skill will help someone spot an Imposter.

Multiplayer Strategy Games

E-Commerce Gaming

Free-to-play models in gaming have become incredibly popular in recent years. Though users can access a game for free, they’re later prompted to pay microtransactions to continue or improve gameplay. The popular model is diversifying greatly—and many e-commerce businesses have taken note.

Lazada, a successful e-commerce group based in Singapore, has leveraged gaming to help spread the word of its unique platform. The company released a series of mobile games for its mobile app, which can be played in order to accrue points. These points can then be exchanged for vouchers, which can be used to make purchases on the Lazada website.

Here, the emphasis isn’t on adding social features to the LazGame app (where Lazada consumers can game to earn vouchers). Instead, the idea is to create social buzz through gaming. The idea is to increase user engagement by creating a unique and unforgettable gaming experience, which encourages word-of-mouth press.

Here, LazGame isn’t capitalizing on the popularity of social gaming features, but leveraging just how popular gaming is today. Users are encouraged to share their scores in games like FunFarm and LazCity, as well as show off how many coins they won.

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