My Quest to Find the Perfect Travel Jacket – A Scottevest Review Saga

As someone who‘s logged over 2 million air miles crisscrossing the globe for business and pleasure these past 10 years, I know a thing or two about fine-tuning travel gear. And finding the perfect travel jacket has in many ways mirrored my own journey – an ongoing quest to maximize utility without sacrificing personality.

Through trials and errors encumbered by too many devices, chargers, adapters and "essential accessories", I‘ve finally struck gold with Scottevest after discovering them on Shark Tank. Now before diving into this in-depth review compiling my experiences across several of their top jacket models, let‘s step back and understand exactly what we‘re dealing with here.

Who is Scottevest?

Founded in 2000 by Scott Jordan, Scottevest arose from his frustration lugging electronic gear as an overworked corporate lawyer. When his pleas for his wife to help carry items led to an airport tantrum and luggage explosion, Scott reached his breaking point.

Determined to create clothing engineered specifically for easy gadget access and storage, he taught himself to sew and created the first Scottevest Travel Vest prototype. Soon he had refined multiple garment designs packed with a signature feature – the Personal Area Network, a system of thoughtfully designed and placed internal pockets and routing paths for headphone wires.

This gear-minded approach resonated deeply with me as a self-proclaimed gadget nerd. And I soon discovered I was far from alone in my affinity. Today Scottevest offers a complete clothing line with functional features fine-tuned over decades specially for people like us – bloggers, photographers, field reporters and busy folks with digital dependency woven into everyday life.

Now let‘s examine the offerings and experiential highlights I‘ve gathered first-hand across 1000‘s of miles traveling with Scottevest.

A Closer Look at 5 Top Scottevest Jacket Models

Since their early vest days, Scottevest has expanded across hoodies, fleeces, rain jackets, trenches coats and more All unified by the signature Personal Area Network system and nearly magical appearance of storing far bulkier items than seeming possible.

While preferences vary, jacket styles offer the best blending of climate protection, versatility and storage flexibility. Over a decade as a loyal customer, I‘ve field tested over 5 standout models including:

Scottevest Tropiformer Jacket

My first dip into the Scottevest premium jacket line remains a favorite years later. The Tropiformer is constructed from lightweight Tropiformer water resistant fabric with mesh body lining making it breathable across a wide 20°F to 70°F temperature range.

The 2-layer external shell also proving moderately durable repelling rain and snow well within reason during my testing. But this isn‘t intended as rugged wilderness gear.

Where the Tropiformer truly shines is gadget carrying capacity with 16 pockets flush mounted to avoid any sagging. From zippered compartments sized perfectly for cell phones, padded sleeves for sunglasses and slim memory card pockets to a discreet internal Clear Touch Fabric panel for scrolling through screens, this jacket has it all.

During a 3 week excursion one winter through Europe, I comfortably carried phone, mini-tablet, point and shoot camera, backup battery and cables with room to spare. Miles ahead of my old photographer vest nightmares!

For gadget lovers seeking a solid blend of weather protection and optimized features in a sub $200 price point, the $175 Tropiformer Jacket delivers excellent value.

Women‘s Kate Jacket

My wife Sarah is always cold but equally as device dependent, so upon first wearing my Tropiformer jacket, she immediately asked where she could find something similar styled for women. And while Scottevest used to lean male, their Kate Jacket model proves they finally acknowledge lady techies too!

Made from from a premium Italian wool blend fabric for easy temperature regulation across seasons, the tailored women‘s cut nicely balances a slimming profile with 18 intelligently placed internal pockets sized perfectly for phones, jewelry and other daily essentials without compromising style. The overall aesthetic skews much more modern chic than the dad tech vest era!

The 2-way separating front zipper is a versatile touch allowing airflow regulation, and the high collar comfortably blocks wind. One note we learned the hard way – while the Teflon coating repels light moisture well, the Kate isn‘t waterproof. But paired with an umbrella, Sarah stays happily equipped hiking city sidewalks and museums for hours without a bulky purse in sight!

For feminine function meets fashion at $245, the Scottevest Kate has Sarah‘s stamp of approval as her gadget-friendly frock of choice during our excursions near and far.

Men‘s Classic Lightweight Vest

While I adore all things Scottevest now, their roots began with utilitarian vests. And for summer hikes, music festivals or other warmer weather activities where sleeves would only burden, their Classic Lightweight Vest keeps things flexible.

This layering piece features a crisp, tailored silhouette with enough pockets (7) to carry phone, battery pack, earbuds or other modest daily carry while keeping things ventilated. Side seam zippers grant easy in/out access. And at under 9 oz, extra bulk never impedes movement. During summer jaunts camping and amusement parks, it perfectly carries necessities without weighing me down.

For fair weather adventurers or minimalist looking for core airflow with light storage capacity, you can‘t beat the versatility of the Classic Lightweight Vest at just $99.

Women‘s Margaux Jacket

Sarah always prefers jackets for additional arm coverage and warmth. And her newest Scottevest darling is their slim fitting Margaux jacket blending storage savvy with feminine style.

Tailored from an Italian wool blend fabric with 4-way stretch side panels for ease of movement, the hip length design with faux leather accents keeps things sleek while 18 internal pockets discreetly hold phones, earbuds, lipstick – virtually anything in the average purse.

As Sarah battles chronic migraines, the ability to block light by popping eye masks in quick access breast pockets is clutch. And the lightweight fabric breathes well to keep her temperature regulated year round sans bulky layers.

For the price, $245 is certainly not cheap. But Sarah considers it a worthwhile wardrobe investment that keeps daily essentials organized and accessible without compromising appearance. Especially since she can easily downsize her purse!

Men‘s Travel Hoodie

My latest Scottevest mercury rising fast towards favorite status is their Travel Hoodie – aptly named because it has become my indispensable companion. When basics like passport, phone, eye mask and tablet are tucked safely into 10 thoughtfully sized and placed pockets, this merino wool/polyester blend hoodie facilitates stress-free spontaneity.

The appeal stems from blending comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Generously cut for layering over tees, button-ups or base layers and equally perfect worn alone, it adapts well across temperatures, climates and situations. Full zip closure, jersey cuffs and scuba hood regulate airflow while dual entry side seam pockets grant quick interior/exterior access.

I‘ve worn my Travel Hoodie aboard planes, in museums, hiking trails and 4 star restaurants. And it never disappoints. For globetrotters and digital dependents alike, this clever hoodie feels like an extension enabling your best adventure ready self while keeping daily essentials secure, organized and accessible. Worth every penny of its $155 price in my book.

Cost Analysis: Should You Buy A Scottevest Jacket?

I‘ll be the first to acknowledge Scottevest jackets carry premium price tags typically ranging from $100 to upwards of $300. So reasonable folks may ask – are they worth that kind of money?

The answer is…it depends on your needs and priorities. For those who require basic warmth and storage, far cheaper options exist. But Scottevest products don‘t aim to be mainstream fast fashion. They fill specialty niche catering specifically to device dependent lifestyles.

As gadget carrying capacity bordering on magic thanks to hyper functional design carries tremendous value for the right customer. If you‘re constantly hauling phones, batteries, cameras, readers and accessories trying to avoid device overload, Scottevest jackets provide purpose-built utility beyond any mere coat or hoodie.

Considering most customers easily consolidate several hundred dollars of existing bags, packs and sleeves into a single stripped-down hyper functional garment, the exponential savings in hassle and accessories cost makes Scottevest jackets a smart buy if increased device organization proves important for work and/or recreation.

What Fellow Customers Are Saying

With a cult like following since early Kickstarter days, Scottevest enjoys a passionate customer community. Overall sentiment skews quite positive. But it‘s important to parse who exactly benefits most from their obsessively engineered wares.

For road warrior business travelers, photographers, drone pilots, field journalists, bird watchers and other gadget-wearing explorers, Scottevest delivers impressively well designed utility:

"This jacket is amazing! I can carry all my gear for a shoot yet still move freely while staying warm. Total game changer as an adventure photographer!"

Alternatively, reviews from non-target users seeking basic fashion functionality reveal underwhelmed reactions:

"Too many pockets and bulky fabric for my taste. If I wanted a portable office I‘d just bring my laptop bag. This thing looks like an oddly cut vest."

My advice – avoid applying mainstream design sensibilities when evaluating Scottevest. Lean instead into just how fantastically enabling their jackets become when your lifestyle centers around devices!

Available Discounts and Promotions

While Scottevest doesn‘t offer steep discounts due to their premium quality niche position, savings opportunities do exist:

  • 15% off your first order for new mailing list subscribers
  • Seasonal sales around holidays and inventory refresh cycles
  • Loyalty program coupon codes increasing over repeat purchases
  • Rare giveaways – I once scored free socks with my jacket purchase!

Savvy shoppers can stack these various offers during already marked down sales for their best price. Or some retailer partners occasionally discount older inventory if you don‘t need this year‘s latest revisions.

Where To Buy Scottevest Jackets

While third party retailers like Amazon carry a limited Supply, I highly recommend purchasing directly through the Scottevest website at whenever possible for best pricing and latest product selection.

Beyond superior value, their customer service and return teams also offer much faster response and resolution during the occasional warranty or fit issue. And buying direct lets you accumulate loyalty points for bigger future discounts – everyone loves saving money!

Scottevest does ship to over 50 international counties depending on specific products, restrictions and import regulations. But confirm all duties, taxes and expected delivery costs using their shipping estimator during checkout.

Domestic shipping is fast, with my typical orders arriving within 5-7 days ground depending on origin state and destination with standard economy choices. Upgraded Priority Express and overnight options are available for an extra fee.

Caring for Your Scottevest Jackets and Vests

To keep your Scottevest pieces looking and performing their best for years, follow these key care instructions aligned to fabric composition:

Synthetic Jackets/Hoodies (Polyester, Nylon Blends)

  • Machine wash gentle cycle with mild detergent
  • Line dry only
  • Avoid bleach, fabric softeners
  • Spot treat interior pockets as needed

Wool/Wool Blend Garments

  • Hand wash cold or dry clean only
  • Reshape garment while damp
  • Air dry flat away from direct heat
  • Steam gently as needed

Remember to empty ALL pockets before cleaning. Any residue like tissues can damage zippers and compartment integrity. I learned that lesson the messy way once upon a travels!

Sizing Advice After 1000‘s of Fits Analyzed

Even buying direct, receiving proper online fit poses challenges. So here are my hard won tips after years of trial and error:

For men ordering tops like jackets and hoodies, size down if between typical sizes. Scottevest garments incorporate so much interior storage capacity, they intentionally cut roomy. So a M often fits like a L for a more tech integrated silhouette.

If totally unsure, the expandable shirt tail hem and Velcro wrist cuffs built into most models grants some fit insurance.

For the ladies reading this, I apologize for not having first hand body wisdom to share sizing thoughts! But Sarah advises women reference the hip measurement size chart instead of more arbitrary S/M/L labels. Scottevest designs specifically accommodate curves, so ensure your jacket dimensions align with widest hip circumference.

The Last Word

I hope this deeply researched insider perspective from my years as a Scottevest customer proves helpful as you seek your travel outfitting holy grail. At the end of the long, winding jacket quest road, their products deliver impeccably designed, hyper-functional utility for device-laden lives on the move.

If your adventures demand easy access to phones, readers, batteries, cameras or other gadgetry without compromising comfort or style, do yourself a favor and consider Scottevest as your personal wearable ecosystem. The liberty to spontaneously set out unencumbered by cords and accessories makes every excursion more enjoyable.

So whether globetrotting for business or enjoying life‘s little detours, let Scottevest finally provide gear-hauling relief so you can focus on the moments that matter most. I‘m certainly thrilled to have these jackets eliminating headaches from my wanderlust pursuits. Here‘s to happier travels!

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