Rooted Review: The Online Plant Paradise Making City Life Greener

As urban jungles continue expanding skyward, there’s one company focused on bringing nature back down to earth—Rooted. Known for delivering happiness along with each plant, fiddle leaf fig, and zen cactus cutting, this online plant shop makes it simple to fill your home with life.

Keep reading our tell-all Rooted review to get the dirt on whether this plant delivery service’s quality and customer care will help your order continue thriving for years to come. We’ve got the leafy low-down on everything from the story behind the brand to a deep dive into its top-selling plants.

Overview of Rooted

Back in 2018, friends Ryan Lee, Kay Kim, and Johnny Wu felt something missing after relocating to the concrete jungle of NYC from the lush greenery of Hawaii and California. Loving the thrill of city life yet yearning for the chill atmosphere nature brings, the trio had an idea.

What if they could combine the best of both worlds—the convenience of urban living with the vitality and positivity flowing through plants? Soon after, Rooted was born. Lee describes the brand’s mission as “to spread good vibes by making the experience of living with plants effortless for anyone, anywhere.”

The company quickly took root thanks to its judgment-free approach to matching every type of plant parent with their perfect green companion. An idea that sprouted from the founders hosting “plant parties” in their apartment and delivering purchases to friends across the city, Rooted has since blossomed into a flowering business with over 100k followers.

Venture capital investments have helped the company scale, including a $2 million seed round in 2019. This allowed Rooted to upgrade its growing operation in Florida to support nationwide shipping.

"Our goal is to spread good vibes by making the experience of living with plants effortless for anyone, anywhere." – Ryan Lee, Co-founder

From desert plants, trailing vines, and vibrant blooms, Rooted’s shop bursts with variety. Read on for the highlights of what this plant paradise has to offer.

Rooted Highlights

  • 150+ different plants and accessories available
  • Subscriptions for monthly plant deliveries
  • Quiz matches you with personalized plant recommendations
  • 1% of proceeds donated to a charity of your choice
  • Detailed care instructions provided with every order
  • Customers can text questions to a plant care expert
  • Regular sales and promotions across popular plants
  • Free shipping on all orders

Rooted Subscription Overview

For plant lovers looking to gradually turn their living space into an indoor oasis, Rooted’s subscriptions deliver a fresh new plant to your door each month. With no commitments, you can pause or cancel anytime. Here are the details on the service’s two main subscription box options.

Rooted Mystery Jungle Subscription Box

The Mystery Jungle Subscription Box takes the guesswork out of picking plants. Each month Rooted’s resident plant expert will hand select a mystery greenery fitting for your space and skill level.

While the surprise element adds excitement, they ensure whichever leafy addition you uncover will thrive in your unique environment. Subscriptions start at $20 per month for a 4 inch plant. Go month-to-month or save 10% by prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Rooted Furry Friends Subscription Box

For households with curious cats and plant-chewing canines, the Furry Friends Subscription Box delivers a pet safe plant to populate your space without threatening digestive systems. Choose from 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, again with the option to save 10% by paying upfront.

Most Popular Rooted Plants Reviews

Beyond subscriptions, Rooted offers an extensive selection of 150+ individual plants. From hanging succulents and flowering friendship plants, to majestic monstera and vibrant croton houseplants, browse their shop by categories like best sellers, pet friendly, mood boosting, and small spaces.

Here are 5 of the most popular plants rooted has available:

1. Rooted DIY Cactus Kit

For those who love hands-on projects, this unique kit has you start from a cactus clipping and includes everything you need to pot and grow your very own signature cactus. Select from two varieties—Peruvian Apple Cactus or the Montrose Cactus. Pricing starts at $55.

Rooted DIY Cactus Kit varieties to choose from

2. Variegated Spider Plant

No list of popular houseplants is complete without the spider plant. Growing quickly and tolerating low light, its aerial roots that shoot out baby spiderette offshoots are the signature mark of this retro classic. Opt for the Charlotte or Mia varieties, priced from $20.

3. Golden Barrel Cactus

Boasting vibrant neon spikes popping against dark green hues, the Golden Barrel Cactus commands attention. Its striking spherical shape lends perfectly to decorating table tops. Available in an 11-12 inch size for $160.

Golden Barrel Cactus

4. Aloe Sonic Hedgehog

With a curious name and spikes resembling its hedgehog namesake, this petite aloe strain adds rugged texture. Requiring little maintenance besides bright light, it propagates easily to fill planters or centerpieces. Bring one home starting at $20.

Aloe Sonic Hedgehog

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

No plant embodies the essence of Rooted more than the iconic Fiddle Leaf Fig. A staple in stylish spaces yet requiring patience that intimidates many caretakers, Rooted simplifies selecting the perfect specimen to suit your conditions. Prices from $165.

Beyond these 5 plants, the Rooted shop overflows with bright orchids, sculptural succulents, vibrant tropicals, zen-inducing bonsai trees, and more. Their blog also offers in-depth care tips once your new addition arrives.

Who is Rooted For?

Thanks to its stress-free shopping experience combined with transparent guidance on caring for plants, Rooted appeals to city residents longing to make their indoor space feel more natural but without the hassle. Their tips equip both rookie and veteran plant parents alike with confidence.

Busy folks appreciate the option to have new plants auto-delivered on schedule so they don’t have to remember to place orders. Enthusiasts making plant care their happy place delight in receiving fresh varieties on the regular.

Rooted’s free shipping and frequent special offers make building an urban oasis achievable without blowing budgets. Beyond humans, pet owners find refuge in the Furry Friends subscription plants verified safer for curious paws and jaws.

How Does Rooted Work?

Here is an overview of what to expect when ordering plants from Rooted:

  1. Browse – Lose yourself scrolling through pages of vibrant plants on Order individual plants or set up an auto-delivery subscription.

  2. Match – Unsure what to pick? Take Rooted’s plant match quiz. By answering questions about your home, preferences and skill level, they’ll suggest perfect plants for you.

  3. Review – Add selections to your cart and checkout. All orders over $75 let you pay in 4 interest-free installments.

  4. Wait (patiently) – Plants ship within 2-4 days on average. Rooted sources from their greenhouse and nurtures young plants until ready for successful shipping.

  5. Unbox – Carefully unpack your plants when they arrive. Each includes a detailed care card specific to that variety.

  6. Grow + Enjoy – Find the perfect spot, water when needed, and watch your new addition thrive. Text Rooted anytime with plant questions.

From browsing to unboxing, the entire process makes elevating your space with living decor easier than ever.

Rooted Customer Reviews & Ratings

When buying plants sight unseen, customer feedback offers clues into what condition they might arrive in after journeying to your door. Here is what buyers say about their Rooted plant purchases.

  • Becky Ponytail Palm – ★★★★★ "Very good plant. Healthy and strong."

  • Olenna Crown of Thorns – ★★★★★ "Beautiful and amazing quality. Well packed."

  • Nellie Alocasia Nebula – ★★★★★ “Fabulous condition!! Arrived perfectly packaged without a leaf out of place or one fallen off."

Beyond individual plants, the Mystery Jungle and Furry Friends subscriptions average 5 and 4.5 stars respectively. Reviews read "my mystery plant arrived in great condition" and "Wonderfully packaged, arrived in fantastic condition."

Satisfied customer Maggie recently left the company a Google review stating:

My plant arrived perfectly healthy and ready for repotting. The soil and pot that came with it are both high quality. Customer service went above and beyond when I requested an expedited shipping process since I was sending plants as a gift. I would order from them again!

The occasional less than 5-star review generally cites receiving plants in less than ideal condition. However, numerous reviewers noting contacting Rooted’s customer support resolved the issues through sending replacements or refunding when necessary. This level of service wins praise across the board.

Is Rooted Worth It?

For anyone seeking to liven their living space with gorgeous greenery, we deem Rooted 100% worth it. Their combination of reasonable prices, stellar selection, quality packaging, reliable shipping, plus exceptional customer service makes success with plants highly achievable.

Especially for city dwellers without vehicles, the convenience of buying beautiful, healthy plants online delivered direct to your door cannot get any easier. For gifts, monthly plant pick-me-ups, or embarking on bigger indoor garden goals, Rooted simplifies the process across the board.

Rooted Promotions & Discounts

While Rooted’s everyday plant prices stay plenty reasonable, they offer occasional opportunities to save even more:

  • Subscribe & Save – Get 10% off Mystery Box or Furry Friends subscriptions when prepaying for 3, 6 or 12 month plans

  • Affiliate Perks – Cashback and discount portal Rakuten frequently hosts doubled cash back bonuses at 10%+ on Rooted purchases. Sign up here.

  • Loyalty Freebies – Order 5 plants and get a free Macrame hanger (value $8). Or spend $250 before taxes and snag a free plants stand worth $100.

  • Sales Alerts – Check Rooted’s sales page or browse Instagram for sitewide discounts like 15% off all plants. Signing up for emails notifies you of the latest steals.

Where to Buy From Rooted

As a digitally native, direct-to-consumer company, Rooted keeps costs low by exclusively selling online. You’ll find their full selection of gorgeous greens at


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Rooted:

Who Owns Rooted?
Co-founders Ryan Lee, Kay Kim and Johnny Wu own and operate Rooted out of NYC. All plants ship from their greenhouse and fulfillment facility in Florida.

Where Does Rooted Ship To?
Rooted delivers plants to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States only. Shipping plants overseas or to Alaska/Hawaii brings prohibitive logistics.

How Long Does Rooted Take to Deliver Plants?
On average expect a 3-5 business day in transit time. Orders leave the greenhouse 2-4 days after placed. Some ship same or next day. Bad weather can result in transit delays.

What Is Rooted‘s Return Policy?
Unfortunately custom arrangements and live plants cannot be returned or refunded due to perishable nature. Issues with orders accurately or condition should be reported via email with photos for resolution on case-by-case basis.

Can You Visit Rooted In Person?
At this time Rooted solely sells online direct to consumers nationwide from their Florida facility. Their NYC founders operate the business behind the scenes versus any public retail space.

Contact Rooted

Reach out to Rooted‘s helpful customer experience team:

💻 Online: Submit questions via contact form at

✉️ Email: [email protected]

📞 Phone: Monday to Friday 10 AM – 6 PM Eastern at 301-890-5086

No matter your obstacle on the journey to plant parenthood joy, Rooted promises dependable support.


As this comprehensive Rooted review makes clear, the exceptional variety, surprising subscriptions, transparent guidance, plus 5-star service give life to any space lucky enough to get graced with their greens.

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