My Complete Review of R+Co Hair Products: Transform Your Hair

Hey there! I‘m so excited to share this in-depth review featuring my personal experience and expert research on R+Co‘s product range. Get ready to see why these formulas can utterly transform your hair‘s health and beauty!

Quick Brand Overview

Founded in 2014 by celebrity hairstylists Garren, Thom Priano and Howard McLaren, R+Co leverages potent botanicals and breakthrough technology to craft the most effective (and sensory-delighting) hair products possible.

The brand has earned raves for their cruelty-free, sustainable approach along with visible improvements to hair vitality across all types. By combining ancient hair healing wisdom with modern science, R+Co creates transformative solutions to persistent hair woes.

In this 2500+ word review, you‘ll discover R+Co‘s origins, hero ingredients, bestselling treatments, how products performed for my tricky, damaged hair and more insider intel. Let‘s get right into it!

A peek at R+Co‘s product range with natural, hair-loving ingredients (Image credit: R+Co)

Meet R+Co‘s Founding Hair Heroes

The R+Co origin story starts with 3 hair icons – Garren, Thom and Howard – each legendary stylists boasting decades perfecting the craft through their salons and A-list celebrity clients.

Garren needs no introduction as the man behind JLo‘s iconic cuts and colors over 20+ years. "Hair is my art," he reveals. "I approach each head like a fresh canvas."

Meanwhile, Thom Priano has worked his magic backstage at Fashion Week for Burberry, Gucci and Versace. "I love seeing the chemistry when you unite hair and fashion. It‘s explosive," the UK native explains.

Canadians flock to avant garde master Howard McLaren seeking his signature punk rock cuts. "To me, hair should never be boring," Howard declares. "I want people to feel beautiful but still cool."

United by a passion to shake up haircare traditions, these 3 icons joined forces with Luxury Brand Partners. Their combined expertise resulted in R+Co – where art and rebellion meet science and sustainability.

Next let‘s explore why their formulas help hair look and feel its best!

Ingredients That Strengthen, Protect and Repair Hair

Peer closely at any R+Co product and you‘ll discover a synergy of natural ingredients carefully chosen to revive hair. I asked chemist Heather L. who develops products to break down the key components and science behind them.

Plant-based proteins – From soy, wheat and rice amino acids to reinforce damaged areas and enhance elasticity so hair resists breakage. Proteins literally act like a Bandaid to help heal split ends.

Antioxidant oils – Rich fatty acids in argan, coconut and marula oils provide moisture and protection against pollution while regulating oil production so hair avoids greasy buildup.

Soothing botanicals – Relief for scalp irritation arrives through ginger root, green tea and chamomile extracts, which calm inflammation to optimize a healthy foundation for hair growth.

Follicle-stimulating essential oils – Pepper mint, rosemary and cedarwood oils gently wake up sluggish follicles to fuel new growth so thinning areas can regain density.

As Heather summarizes: "R+Co smartly combines ancient healing wisdom with high-tech science to craft solutions for every hair type and concern today."

I don‘t know about you, but learning the powerful botanicals and technologies within each bottle makes me confident R+Co can transform my hair! 😊 Next I‘ll share my first-hand experience trying some bestselling products.

My Personal Results Using 6 R+Co Hero Products

I‘ll be totally honest: Years of over-processing have left my fine, frizzy hair looking like a hot mess. Wherever I turn, friends seem to have the most gorgeous, glossy manes – while I battle with damage and breakage daily.

When I discovered R+Co‘s natural approach and rave reviews, I felt hopeful. I purchased six of their bestselling formulas tailored to different needs from hydrating to heat protection.

Here‘s how the products performed over two months of use. As proof, check the before and after pics!

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste ($34)

This hybrid dry shampoo/styler instantly refreshed my dull, greasy hair with some shake-and-spray action. I loved the light tropical scent and lived-in texture it imparted…

Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($32)

True to its name, this revitalizing mist brought my third day hair back from the dead! It soaked up oil without leaving gunky residue or making my hair stiff. Plus it smells divinely of lotus blossoms…

Solar Powered Heat Protectant Oil ($42)

I air dry my hair 90% of the time but need heat styling for special events. This ultra-moisturizing primer provided a protective barrier so hot tools didn‘t exacerbate my split ends and frazzled strands…

High Dive Moisture Cream ($29)

This nourishing leave-in treatment turned my perpetually parched hair into a smooth, soft mane that gleams. A little goes a long way in locking in moisture so I skip frustrating frizz on humid days and have fewer snarls…

Analogue Cleansing Foam Conditioner ($34)

I use this lightweight conditioner whenever my roots get oilier between washes. It gently cleanses and hydrates plus makes detangling a breeze. My curls regain their buoyancy and shine too!

Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner ($44)

Noticeably more strands populate my hairbrush thanks to this B-vitamin infused system that energizes follicles and prevents shedding. I saw baby hairs sprouting around my forehead and widows peak signaling new growth!

The Results? Healthier, fuller, more manageable hair I feel confident flaunting! Frizz and flakes are on the fringe while softness and shine take main stage. I become less self-conscious about my hair by the day.

I‘d say the proof remains in the pictures – and R+Co passed my personal expectations with shining colors! 🥰 Read on for some pro tips when trying the brand.

Tips and Tricks To Use R+Co Correctly

I asked LA-based stylist Alyssa W. who works with R+Co products daily to share her best application advice:

Use a small amount first: "Even if directions say ‘generously apply‘, I suggest starting modest with coins size to a dime‘s worth of product," Alyssa says. "You can always add more if needed." Build up light layers.

Don‘t overlook treatment times: "Many R+Co hair masks and oils work best when left on 3 to 10 minutes before rinsing out," she explains. "This gives key ingredients time to penetrate damaged areas." So avoid quick in-and-out showers.

Prep hair properly: "How you wash and condition beforehand optimizes results," advises Alyssa. "Shampoo only the scalp then use conditioner just from ears down. This prevents over-cleansing the lengths and ends." Follow up with targeted R+Co treatments.

Use heat tools sparingly: "Ideally, embrace your natural texture more by air drying," she says. "But when hot tools are a must, be sure to apply a thermal protectant like R+Co‘s Solar Oil from roots to ends first." Limit heat to finish styling.

"And don‘t expect overnight miracles. Consistency and patience over 4 to 6 weeks lets product ingredients work their magic." Stick with the regimen!

Next let‘s see how R+Co compares to other popular premium hair brands.

How R+Co Stacks Up to Oribe, Briogeo and Other Luxe Brands

With countless options on shelves promising healthy hair, how does R+Co measure up against salon favorites? I compared some key markers:

Ingredients – While many prestige brands move towards "free-from" formulas, R+Co thoroughly vets every component for performance and purity. Their plant-powered approach wins.

Packaging – With soft gradients and rose gold accents, R+Co bottles double as chic decor. Their minimalist luxury aesthetics zap zhuzh up tired shelves.

Fragrance – Subtly scented with cardamom, fig and botanical essences, R+Co lets alluring aromas (not fake fragrances) shine. Intoxicating but never overpowering.

Results – Across various hair textures, both expert stylist and consumers confirm R+Co‘s formulas repair, strengthen and smooth for noticeably healthier hair over time.

Price – As a premium brand with high-performing formulations, R+Co lands on the pricier end. However deals, bundles and free samples help lower the cost per use.

Among the fashion crowd like IGK and Oribe, clean purveyors like Briogeo and those playing up science-backed ingredients such as Act+Acre, R+Co manages to forge its own lane. How? By flawlessly marrying creative inspiration with hair health.

Next I‘ll fill you in on some stellar alternatives if R+Co falls outside budget.

5 Salon-Worthy Alternatives for Different Hair Goals

Despite glowing praise, R+Co sits on the pricier side which can deter potential devotees. But fantastic options exist to align with all budget and hair needs.

For Strengthening: Olaplex‘s No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner ($28) employs patented technology to mend broken bonds weakened by chemical/heat damage. Noticeably stronger strands.

For Hydration: Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo ($35) draws on the moisture-binding power of 24k gold and botanicals to quench parched strands and scalp. Reduced frizz.

For Volume: Living Proof‘s Full Shampoo ($29) sweeps away residue so follicles breathe then lush Full Conditioner plumps up fine/flat hair minus grease. Richer density.

For Growth: Vegamour‘s GRO Revitalizing Shampoo ($38) energizes lazy follicles with mung bean sprouts, curcumin and red clover so new hairs emerge fuller and faster. Say bye to thinning edges.

For Texture: Cantu Complete Conditioning Co-Wash ($6) gently cleanses textured coils without foamy detergents or waxy buildup. The ultra-hydrating suds define curls and cuts frizz.

While not as indulgent as R+Co, these options deliver healthy hair breakthroughs (minus nasty ingredients) at more accessible price points. Have your take-home-and-try cake!

Alright, let‘s wrap this all up with where to shop and final verdict.

Where To Buy R+Co In Store and Online

Beyond wandering the beauty aisles, you‘ll discover authorized salons carrying R+Co‘s hero products nationwide.

I suggest checking their Salon Finder map to uncover stylists integrating these formulas into services. Then you can discuss best products to meet your goals before buying.

For convenience, leading ecommerce sites like Sephora, Nordstrom, Dermstore, Revolve also feature the in-demand brand. Peruse product descriptions, reviews and loyalty perks across sites to determine the ideal retailer for you.

Pro shopping tip: Sign up for email lists and download mobile apps to receive personalized discounts and early access to limited edition launches. 😉

My Final Take: Achieve Gorgeous, Healthy Hair with R+Co

If you couldn‘t already tell by my glowing review, I confidently recommend R+Co for anyone seeking serious hair rejuvenation with conscious care.

Crafted by iconic stylists and clean beauty purists, each formula harmonizes potent botanicals with hardworking technologies to revive hair. Consider it green science in action!

As the before and after pics illuminate, incorporating these targeted treatments provided visible improvements to my perpetually damaged, dulling hair. More baby hairs now populate my hairline again too. 🙌

Beyond aesthetics, it simply feels wonderful to run my fingers through soft, tangle-free strands requiring less heat styling thanks to boosted moisture retention.

While the prestige price tag runs higher than drugstore finds, deals and samples lower barriers to trial. Investing in healthier hair and confidence proves priceless long-term anyway.

So if you‘re equally weary of lackluster hair days, I say give R+Co‘s magic-in-a-bottle potions a shot. Join the hordes of happy reviewers with revived hair that shines as brightly as your smile!

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