Picking Laptops Instead of PCs in 2021 – Pros & Cons

Your guide to picking a laptop over a PC: pros such as portability and price & cons such as screen size and inconvenience upgrading hardware.

The age-old question of whether one should pick a laptop or a desktop computer continues to pose problems to many people. Even if you have some experience with computers, the decision is not always easy. And when it comes to those who are thinking about buying their first computer, the issue is even harder.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of laptops and whether you should consider them instead of desktop computers.


  • Portability

One of the best things about laptops is their portability. Unlike a desktop computer, a laptop is a device you can take with you. For example, if you want to go and work at a local library or a cafe for a change of pace, grab your laptop and do it.

A similar thing applies to traveling. These days, it is difficult to imagine a trip without a laptop despite the existence of smartphones and tablets. And we are not talking about business trips. Plenty of people take laptops with them while they are traveling for fun because they still want a computer with them.

  • Price

Price is a bit tricky because there are quite a few options. Some laptops can cost as much as custom-built desktop computers.

Overall, though, when you are looking for a decent option and do not have a lot of money to invest, laptops are much cheaper and are a superior option.

  • Power Usage

Since PCs have less powerful hardware, they consume less power. It is true that some laptop owners have to deal with battery problems after a while, the power usage is one of the areas that make laptops a better option.

  • Internet Access

Internet Access

If you have a desktop computer, you will need to get an ethernet cable and use the computer only at home. Meanwhile, laptop owners can join wireless internet networks in public locations, such as cafes or hotels.

Moreover, if you have internet problems and need to use your mobile data on a computer, you can connect to a laptop, whereas doing so on a desktop computer is not an option.

  • Dimensions and Weight

Laptops are great for those who do not have that much room at their home. A desktop computer will require more space and a dedicated location. Meanwhile, you can use a laptop pretty much anywhere by placing it on your lap.


  • Hardware

Now, as far as laptop disadvantages go, one thing that stands out is the hardware. Since laptops have integrated hardware and are cheaper, it is natural that they will come with drives that offer lower storage, GPUs that are not as powerful, and less memory, to name a few.

If you plan to play video games or use other resource-heavy applications, expect to struggle as a laptop user.

  • Screen Size

There are some laptops with a large screen, but they can be pretty clunky. On average, a laptop comes with a relatively small screen that makes it difficult to use it. Meanwhile, a desktop computer has a large monitor that improves the work and entertainment experience.

  • Keyboard and Mouse

The question of whether you should get a mouse and a keyboard for a laptop is more common than you might think. The problem with this one is that investing in accessories might seem redundant because you already have a keyboard and a trackpad.

However, not all people find it convenient to use the trackpad and keyboard on a laptop. Therefore, it is likely that there will be some unexpected expenses.

  • Inconvenience Upgrading Hardware

Inconvenience Upgrading Hardware

PC owners have it easier when it comes to hardware upgrades. They can usually replace parts quite easily. In addition, since the PC hardware market is so large, there are plenty of different hardware choices. One can also wait for discounts and not spend too much.

Meanwhile, the nature of laptops makes it difficult to upgrade hardware. Integrated pieces are usually not replaceable, and even if they are, the costs are more expensive than that of a desktop computer.

Keep in mind, though, that recent laptop models have been more flexible in terms of hardware upgrades, but they are nowhere close to personal computers.

  • Cleaning

Not everyone is that keen to clean the dust inside their computers, but that should be a thing if you want to maintain the laptop in good condition. Too much dust clogs the internal hardware, particularly fans, leading them to make loud noises.

And if your fan is loud and you notice that the laptop is overheating, that should be a significant sign to take action. Leaving the dust and letting it continue to accumulate is not a good approach.

It should be clear that cleaning the dust inside a laptop is harder than cleaning the dust inside a desktop computer.

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