Pending Internal Amazon Review In 2023 (+ Other FAQs)

Hi there! If you recently applied for a job at Amazon and saw your application status changed to "Pending Internal Review," I bet you have some questions. Don‘t worry! In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain exactly what pending internal review means, why Amazon may flag applications for further inspection, how their hiring process works, and plenty more to help you understand what‘s going on.

Let‘s dive in!

What Does "Pending Internal Review" Mean For Amazon Job Applications?

When you submit a job application through Amazon‘s website, it goes into a status called "Pending Internal Review." This means your application is currently being reviewed and assessed by the Amazon human resources and recruiting team before a final hiring decision is made.

I know it may cause some stress or uncertainty, but having your application marked for pending internal review does not necessarily indicate any problem. It is a standard part of Amazon‘s careful evaluation process for new hires.

Here is a quick rundown of key things to know about Pending Internal Review status:

  • It signals Amazon has received your application and it is now under active consideration. The job requisition is still open.

  • No final hiring decision has been made yet by the recruiters. Your status will be updated once the review is complete.

  • Something in your initial application triggered it to be flagged for further inspection by HR before approval or rejection. This could be background check findings, a lack of information, or any issues that require clarification.

  • You now need to patiently wait for the internal review by Amazon‘s HR team to play out. This process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to complete in most cases.

  • Rest assured your application is being evaluated – the "Pending Review" status means you are still very much in the running for the job.

In a nutshell, consider pending review as a "processing" status as Amazon‘s recruiting team fully verifies and evaluates your qualifications. It‘s a necessary step, not a rejection. Now let‘s go over the application process and FAQs in more detail!

Walking Through The Amazon Application Process

Before going any further, let‘s briefly outline the standard process when you apply for a job at Amazon so you know what to expect:

1. Search for open positions – You can browse and look for available roles either on Amazon‘s main careers webpage or LinkedIn job board. Focus on openings that are a good match for your skills and interests.

2. Submit your application – When you find a job to apply for, create an account on Amazon‘s site. Thoroughly fill out the application form and provide all requested info like your resume, cover letter, etc.

3. Initial review – After submitting, your application goes into pending status for recruiting team members to evaluate. This initial review usually takes 3-5 days.

4. Consideration for interviews – If your application passes the initial review, you may have interviews requested by the hiring manager to further assess your qualifications.

5. Internal review – If anything comes up that requires further inspection, your application could be flagged for a pending internal review by HR before advancing any further.

6. Final decision – Once the internal review is completed, you‘ll be notified if your application was approved and you move forward, or if it was rejected.

Okay, now that you know the basic process, let‘s cover common pending review questions!

What Happens When An Application Is Marked "Pending Internal Review?"

If you checked your application status and see it is stuck in "Pending Internal Review", no need to panic! Here is an overview of what it likely means:

  • The Amazon recruiting team has not made a final hiring decision on your application just yet. You are still under consideration.

  • Before you can advance any further, your application must undergo a review by Amazon‘s human resources department.

  • You will need to wait patiently during this review period to hear back from Amazon‘s recruiters. It can take 1-3 weeks on average to complete pending reviews.

  • Once the internal review finishes, you will be notified by email or phone if your application was approved and you move forward, or if it was rejected.

  • Until you receive this final notification, your status will remain "Pending Internal Review."

  • This signals that no hiring decision has been made yet by Amazon, and the job requisition you applied for remains open.

Bottom line, pending internal review status means you must wait for Amazon‘s HR team to complete their assessment of your application. I know the waiting isn‘t easy, but avoid stressing too much if it takes a week or two in review. Soon enough you‘ll hear the final verdict!

Why Might An Application Be Flagged For Review?

Now you may be wondering – under what circumstances will my application be flagged for further review instead of instantly approved?

There are a few scenarios that could trigger additional inspection:

Previous applications – If you have applied for other jobs at Amazon recently but were rejected or didn‘t receive an offer, any subsequent applications will likely require review before moving forward.

High volume of applications – Be cautious about applying for too many jobs simultaneously as this can appear suspicious and prompt reviews to assess your seriousness as a candidate.

Incomplete information – Failing to thoroughly provide all required application materials like your resume or transcripts may raise flags necessitating review.

Background check findings – If something negative shows up during your criminal history and reference checks, Amazon will justifiably scrutinize your case further before proceeding.

Failed drug test – Not passing any pre-employment drug test would understandably set off alarm bells and warrant additional examination.

Missed paperwork deadlines – If you are extended a job offer but don‘t complete mandatory HR documentation or orientation steps on time, your standing may end up back in review.

The best course of action if your application gets held up or questioned is to proactively reach out to your recruiter to explain the situation or provide any missing information. Honesty and transparency are key!

How To Avoid Getting Flagged For Internal Review

Let‘s shift gears and talk about some proven tips to minimize the chances of your application getting flagged for internal review, which can slow down the hiring process:

  • Only apply for positions you are genuinely interested in and feel you are competitively qualified for. Avoid blanketing applications just to see what sticks.

  • Provide strong work references who will vouch for your abilities and list all highly relevant experience for the role on your application.

  • Thoroughly complete each section of the application form and attach any requested supplemental documents like your updated resume, cover letter, transcripts, etc.

  • Answer any prescreening questions candidly and fully. Do not try to finesse answers to increase your chances.

  • Carefully follow all instructions if you receive a job offer from Amazon, like promptly completing all required HR paperwork, drug tests, background checks and orientation requirements.

  • Maintain a clean criminal and credit background plus pass any drug screenings to avoid red flags.

  • Continue polite follow up if your application goes to pending review to show ongoing interest and provide clarification.

Showcasing your qualifications, attention to detail and genuine interest will minimize hiccups leading to pending reviews that create delays.

How Long Could An Application Stay In "Pending Review?"

A logical follow up question is – how long might an application stay in pending internal review status before a final decision is reached?

Unfortunately there is no set timeline, as the duration depends on several factors:

  • The current volume of job applications being processed – During peak seasons, reviews may take longer.

  • Capacity of the recruiting team – If staff are overwhelmed, pending reviews can stretch out.

  • Specific circumstances of your application – More complex cases mean longer reviews.

While delays are possible, here are some general benchmarks:

  • 1-2 weeks is typical for most straightforward pending reviews.

  • 2-4 weeks for applications needing deeper investigation or follow up.

  • Within 1 week is possible if you have a clean record and the team has quick capacity.

A reasonable rule of thumb is to follow up with your recruiter if your status remains pending internal review for longer than 7-10 days. Checking in shows continued interest and helps provide answers.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Make Hiring Decisions?

To set proper expectations, it‘s also helpful to know Amazon‘s standard timeline for reviewing applications and making final hiring determinations:

  • 3-5 days is normal for initial application review

  • 1-3 weeks if pending internal HR review is required

  • 2-3 days to communicate final decision after review completes

According to employees and past candidates, Amazon typically takes 2-3 weeks from application submission to final decision notification, assuming no pending reviews.

If you don‘t hear a final verdict after 3 weeks, your application most likely was rejected or the job position was filled. Polite follow up is recommended at that point to get closure.

How does Amazon‘s process compare to other major companies? Here is a sampling of typical application timelines:

Company Initial Review Final Decision
Amazon 3-5 days 2-3 weeks
Apple 1 week 3-4 weeks
Google 1 week 3 weeks
Microsoft 5 days 2 weeks
Facebook 1 week 2-3 weeks

As you can see, Amazon is very competitive in quickly screening applicants and making determinations compared to its peers.

What‘s The Next Step After "Under Consideration" Status?

Finally, let‘s quickly cover what to expect after your Amazon application moves to "Under Consideration" status:

  • This signals you are in the final stages of evaluation for the role. Amazon likely wants to discuss via interviews.

  • Within 2-3 days of Under Consideration status, a recruiter will reach out to schedule interviews or regretfully inform you the role was filled.

  • If you don‘t hear anything after 3 days, chances are unfortunately your application was ultimately rejected.

  • Treat this stage as a great sign you are a serious contender! Be ready to impress in any upcoming interviews.

  • Check your email and voicemail closely during this period for any communication.

  • You can also proactively reach out to the recruiter as a final courtesy follow up and reaffirmation of interest.

Reaching "Under Consideration" means an offer may be just around the corner! Prepare to seal the deal in final talks.

Summary And Final Tips

Hopefully this guide provided a thorough overview of what "Pending Internal Review" means for Amazon applications, what timelines you can expect, how to handle reviews smoothly, and other facets of their hiring process.

Here are some final tips to recap:

  • Pending review status is common. It means recruiters are still evaluating your case before final approval/rejection.

  • The review typically takes 1-3 weeks to complete. Follow up at the 7 day mark for status updates.

  • Red flags like an incomplete application can trigger reviews, so be diligent.

  • "Under Consideration" signals you are a top candidate. Get ready to interview!

  • With an accurate, compelling application you have a great chance to move forward.

Wishing you the absolute best of luck with your Amazon application! Let me know if any other questions come up. I‘m always happy to help you navigate the process.

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