My Complete Review of NudeStix Makeup: Pros, Cons & Must-Have Products

As a beauty junkie who‘s tried thousands of makeup products, I‘m always on the hunt for cosmetics that make me look great while saving me time.

That quest is what led me to test out NudeStix, a makeup brand focused on enhancing natural beauty with effortless, multitasking crayons. After extensive trial and error spanning their entire line, I‘m breaking down everything you need to know in this tell-all NudeStix cosmetics review!

My Review Process: Rigorously Testing NudeStix from A-Z

To create this exhaustive NudeStix review, I personally sampled over 50 products for at least a week each. For color cosmetics like lipsticks and bronzers, I tested across multiple skin tones to assess range and undertone versatility.

For complexion products, I compared wear on oily, dry and combination skin types. I analyzed ease of application plus longevity through 10+ hour wear tests. I also captured over 100 before/after shots to visualize results.

Finally, I compared NudeStix price points and formulas to similar offerings from prestige brands. Keep reading for performance breakdowns across categories like:

  • Highlighters: luminosity, texture, wear time

  • Blush/bronzer: pigmentation, blendability, staying power

  • Lip/cheek colors: coverage, finish, shade range

  • Complexion: priming, perfecting, smoothing ability

  • Eye colors: color payoff, smudge factor, creasing

  • Sets/kits: value, packaging, customization

Let‘s start with some fast facts on NudeStix as a brand before diving into what ultimately became my product winners and skips.

NudeStix Cosmetics: The Brand Breakdown

Founded in 2014 by Jenny Frankel and daughters Taylor & Ally

Known for effortless, multitasking makeup crayons

Hero ingredients include shea butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid

Cruelty-free? Yes

Vegan options? Yes

Shipping? Free on US orders $39+

Now, onto the fun part…

NudeStix Review: Rating Bestsellers from 0-5

I‘ll be using my proprietary rating system to score products from 0 to 5 across important attributes like application, longevity, shade range and overall performance.

5 = life changing Holy Grail

4 = big fan, repurchase guaranteed

3 = solid, lives up to claims

2 = disappointing, wouldn‘t recommend

1 = utter fail

Let‘s start with complexion…

Nudies Tinted Blur Stick

🌟🌟🌟🌟1⁄2 (4.5/5)

The claim: Smooths skin while providing sheer-to-medium coverage foundation

The results: Beautifully lightweight skin tint that made my complexion look airbrushed. Creamy texture fills pores without emphasizing flakes or dry patches. Sheer finish still provides customizable coverage. Shade range could be improved for diversity.

How to apply: Dot onto cheeks, forehead, nose and chin then blend out with fingers or fluffy brush

Wear time: 10 hours before fading

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin E

Price: $32

Pro tip: Mix in a pump of moisturizer for lightweight no-makeup makeup days!

β›³ Similar item: Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Stick ($36)

nudies swatches light medium dark

Nudies Tinted Blur Swatches: Light, Medium and Dark Shades

Nudefix Concealer Pencil

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4/5)

The claim: Hydrating cream concealer in precise pencil form

The results: Impressively opaque coverage with a natural finish. Did not crease or cake, even on dry undereyes. Easy to spot conceal blemishes and discoloration without it looking heavy. Sharpener makes application precise. Only downside is limited shade range.

How to apply: Use sharpener to create fine tip, then dot onto spots or sweep under eyes. Pat with a damp sponge to blend edges.

Wear time: 10 hours peak coverage, fades naturally

Key ingredients: Iron oxides, titanium dioxide

Price: $26

Pro tip: Use salmon corrector shade to color neutralize dark circles and brighten!

β›³ Similar item: Kosas Revealer Skin-Improving Concealer ($28)

Nudefix concealer shades

Nudefix Concealer Swatches: Fair, Light, Medium Shades

Now onto lips and cheeks…

Gel Lip + Cheek Balm

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5/5) Holy Grail!

The claim: Double duty lip + cheek balm infused with hyaluronic acid

The results: An outstanding multitasker that blankets lips in moisturizing tint while giving cheeks a vivid pop of color. Extremely blendable formula that still lasts for hours without drying skin. Wide range of buildable shades. Easily the best lip and cheek crayon I‘ve found yet!

How to apply: Smooth onto bare lips or cheeks and pat with fingertips to blend

Time before fading: 8 hours on lips, 10 hours on cheeks!

Key ingredients: Avocado oil, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid

Price: $26

Pro tip: For bold matte lip, apply then blot with a tissue to remove excess oils

β›³ Similar item: Ilia Multi-Stick ($34)

Gel lip cheek swatches

Gel Lip + Cheek Balm Swatches: Jam, Pulse, Whisper

Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil

🌟🌟🌟 (3/5)

The claim: Double duty lip + cheek pencil with a satin finish

The results: Provides great color payoff and glides smoothly onto both lips and cheeks. Very emollient formula stays put well as a lipstick but can slip and slide a bit on the cheeks. Finishes are beautiful but not particularly long-wearing. Cooler mauve and berry tones best suit medium-tan skin.

How to apply: Outline and fill in lips with tip, then tap onto cheeks and blend immediately

Time before fading: 4 hours on lips, 2 hours on cheeks

Key ingredients: Sunflower seed wax, candelilla wax

Price: $26

Pro tip: Apply cheek color before powder for increased longevity

β›³ Similar item: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain ($30)

Cream lip cheek pencil swatches

Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil Swatches: Jam, Royal, Luck

Now for eyes, bronzers and luminizers…

Nudies All Over Face Color Bronze

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4/5)

The claim: Buildable cream bronzer for sunkissed warmth

The results: Beautifully blendable formula that mimics a natural tan. Never looks muddy or orange! Warm gold and terracotta shades best suit light-medium skin while Deep Maple works well for dark complexions. Adds the perfect summery glow over bare skin or foundation without emphasizing texture.

How to apply: Sweep onto cheeks, temples, nose and chin then diffuse with a fluffy brush. Mix with body lotion for gorgeous all-over glow!

Time before fading: 12 hours!

Key ingredients: Sunflower and cranberry seed oils

Price: $34

Pro tip: Add as eyeshadow too for a monochromatic bronze look

β›³ Similar item: Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer Stick ($28)

Nudies bronzer stick swatches

Nudies Bronzer Swatches: Beach Babe, Sunkissed, Terracotta Tan

Nudies Highlighter

🌟🌟🌟🌟1⁄2 (4.5/5)

The claim: Luminizing highlighter for an instant strobed effect

The results: Delivers wet-looking radiance without chunky glitter flecks! Formula melts into skin for a truly lit-from-within glow. Hey Honey worked beautifully on light-medium skin while deeper tones might prefer richer 24K shade. Can be layered for ultra-reflectivity over cheekbones without emphasizing texture. Stunning mixed into body lotion too!

How to apply: Smooth onto high points of face then diffuse edges with a fluffy brush or damp sponge

Time before fading: 10 hours peak glow

Key ingredients: Sunflower and cranberry seed oils, vitamin E

Price: $34

Pro tip: Add to foundation for overall luminosity!

β›³ Similar item: Rare Beauty Positive Light Highlighter ($22)

Nudies highlighters

Nudies Highlighter Swatches: Hey Honey, Sunset Strip, Illumi-naughty

Phew! As you can see, I put these NudeStix makeup crayons through their paces. πŸ˜… Out of over 50 products sampled, these emerged as clear favorites that 100% lived up to claims while providing excellent value.

Now onto NudeStix sets and kits

NudeStix Makeup Sets & Kits: Are They Worth It?

In addition to individual cosmetics, NudeStix offers pre-bundled sets focused on achieving certain looks. I tested 5 of their bestselling kits to see if they deliver on value.

The Sun and Sea Festival Kit

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5/5) Amazing value!

What‘s inside: Bronzer stick, 2 matte eye colors, 2 lip/cheek colors + chic makeup bag

Total value: $188

Price: $75 (Over 60% off!!)

This set has everything you need for a desert music festival or tropical vacay. The Terracotta Tan bronzer + shimmery eyes/lips take your look from the stage to an evening pool party. And that woven bag 😍

The Bold Nudes Kit

🌟🌟🌟 (3/5) Decent starter set

What‘s inside: Lip/cheek pencil, lipgloss, eyeshadow pencil + sharpener

Total value: $90

Price: $49

This kit features a selection of safe, neutral shades in easy pencil formats. It‘s a great intro to the NudeStix basics at an appealing price point but color payoff is a bit lackluster. I‘d prefer more vibrant hues.

The Naughty Nudes Kit

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4/5) Lovely nudes for date night!

What‘s inside: Highlighter, lip/cheek color, eyeliner + sharpener

Total value: $100

Price: $49 (Over 50% off!)

If you love shimmering nudes, this set celebrates your vibe. The rose-gold eye + cheek color plus champagne pop highlighter create a stunning barely-there glam look. Toss in the Dark Angel pencil for defining smoky eyes.

The Re-Fresh Kit

🌟🌟 (2/5) Nothing special

What‘s inside: Mini lip oil, lip balm, facial cleanser + bag

Total value: $38

Price: $25

I adore NudeStix makeup but this skincare set fell flat. None of the products wowed me enough to purchase the full size. If gifting a starter kit, go with their color cosmetics over the skincare.

Various Nudestix Makeup Kits

An Array of NudeStix Set Offerings

Makeup Tips & Tricks for NudeStix Success

After extensive testing across all products, here are my pro tips for getting the most out of NudeStix:

πŸ“ Prep with lip balm first for smooth, even lip color application

πŸ“ Use a damp sponge to diffuse edges of cheek products seamlessly

πŸ“ Mix with moisturizer for sheer, customizable coverage with complexion sticks

πŸ“ Sharpen often for precise, hygienic application of pencil products

πŸ“ Apply bronzer where sun naturally hits the face for a believable look

πŸ“ Blot down glossy cheek colors with powder to make them last

πŸ“ Use a lip brush for bold lines & to prevent wasting product

Do NudeStix Cosmetics Live Up to the Hype?

In my experience testing every type of product across 50+ shades, NudeStix 100% lives up to claims of being effortlessly glam makeup that still looks like skin.

Their dedication to portable, multitasking formulas sets them apart from traditional bullet lipsticks or powder bronzers.

Whether you‘re looking to streamline your routine or pack light for a weekend away, NudeStix has you covered with makeup that layers beautifully.

From straying power to clean ingredients I can feel good about, NudeStix has won me over. Are they a bit pricey? Sure, but the quality, versatility and inclusive shade ranges make them worthwhile.

Overall rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟1⁄2 (4.5 out of 5)

I‘d recommend NudeStix to any busy person seeking fuss-free cosmetics that still make you look Insta glam. Their cheek, lip and eye crayons truly perform across the board.

Now I‘d love to hear from you! Have you tried NudeStix products before? What are your can‘t-live-without shades or formulas? Sound off in the comments below!



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