Myro Deodorant: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Over the past few years, natural deodorants have grown rapidly in popularity thanks to increasing health consciousness among consumers. Brands like Myro aim to provide effective odor protection using plant-based ingredients in sustainable packaging.

In this 2500+ word guide, we‘ll take an in-depth look at Myro deodorant including its formulation, subscription model, customer reviews, and effectiveness compared to other natural deodorant brands. Whether you‘re considering switching to Myro or simply looking to learn more, read on for the complete scoop.

An Introduction to Myro Deodorant

Founded in 2018 by Greg Laptevsky, Myro offers a line of vegan and cruelty-free deodorants featuring essential oil-based scents. The signature refillable case and compostable deodorant pods set Myro apart from competitors striving to reduce single-use plastics.

Myro aims to keep "weird stuff" like aluminum, parabens, and phthalates off your skin while harnessing the power of plant extracts and probiotics for odor protection. With pleasing scents like Big Dipper (bergamot, lavender, vetiver) and Stargazer (grapefruit, vanilla, amber), Myro caters to those seeking an effective natural deodorant alternative.

The Key Pros of Choosing Myro

1. Thoughtfully formulated using botanical ingredients

True to natural deodorant form, Myro products contain no aluminum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils or talc. Instead, aloe leaf juice, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and probiotic ferments neutralize odor causing bacteria. Essential oils like lavender, citrus and mint provide light, refreshing scents.

2. Refillable case and compostable pods reduce plastic waste

As part of its sustainability commitment, Myro designed a refillable aluminum case paired with biodegradable deodorant pods. This reduces single-use plastics by nearly 50% compared to traditional stick deodorants.

3. Range of scents to match your mood

With six core scents like grapefruit-vanilla Stargazer and woody Orion Forest, Myro offers variety for men and women. Change up your scent profile by swapping deodorant pods at each refill.

4. Vegan, cruelty-free formula

All Myro products are vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, avoiding animal testing and animal-derived ingredients like beeswax. The brand also donates a portion of profits to animal welfare charities.

5. Perks program rewards loyal customers

From discount codes to free gifts and concierge access, Myro‘s three-tier rewards program benefits repeat shoppers. Refer friends for additional savings on future orders.

Examining the Downsides of Myro

1. Reviews suggest mediocre sweat/odor protection

While some reviewers rave about Myro‘s scent and ease of use, others report issues with wetness, yellow stains and midday reapplication needs. This lackluster performance is common for natural aluminum-free deodorants.

2. Recent formula tweaks resulted in skin reactions

In late 2021, Myro launched an updated formula aiming to improve performance. However, for some customers, it had the opposite effect causing burning, itching and rashes. Myro quickly reverted to the original recipe upon receiving complaints.

3. Need for reapplication to maintain dryness/scent

Due to the non-pore blocking nature of natural deodorants, multiple daily applications may be necessary. Without an antiperspirant active ingredient, moisture breakthrough can lead to body odor over time.

4. Contains polymer ingredient linked to irritation

While free of most concerning chemicals, Myro does contain propylene glycol – an alcohol-based polymer that can provoke skin reactions in sensitive individuals. Those with easily disrupted moisture barriers may wish to avoid PG-containing products.

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant 101

If you‘re considering a switch from conventional antiperspirants to natural deodorant, it‘s helpful to understand the process your body goes through. This adjustment phase often lasts 4-6 weeks as your system clears built-up residues.

Initially you may deal with increased sweat, body odor and possibly skin irritation or flare ups. This is known as the "detox" period as underarm bacteria rebalance and pores open up after aluminum salt blockade. Pushing through the awkward stage leads to improved function.

It‘s important not to judge natural deodorant performance during transition. Allow your body time to adapt before forming opinions on product effectiveness. Seek options with skin soothing ingredients like aloe and probiotics to ease the ride.

Examining Myro‘s Formula Changes and Impacts

In late 2021, Myro launched an upgraded formula designed to "reduce wetness by up to 40% while keeping your pits happy". However, numerous customers reported adverse skin reactions, dark underarm staining and deodorant melting.

Myro stated that increased concentrations of starches and humectants for moisture absorption unfortunately caused irritation for those with sensitivities. The brand quickly reverted to its original formula to ease discomfort.

Going forward, Myro says it will take a more gradual approach to formula evolution. The brand also encourages customers to patch test all new natural deodorant products before full underarm application to check for irritation.

How Myro‘s Ingredients Perform and Safety Concerns

Myro contains several ingredients commonly found across natural deodorants:

Aloe Leaf Juice – Soothes and hydrates skin while allowing other active ingredients to absorb

Sunflower Seed Oil – Softens underarms and provides vitamin E to nourish skin

Probiotic Ferments – Suppress odor by breaking down bacteria components

Essential Oils – Counteract smell-causing microbial growth with antimicrobial properties

Corn Starch & Tapioca Starch – Absorb excess moisture to keep armpits dry

Propylene Glycol – Controversial synthetic moisture-wicking alcohol that can irritate sensitive skin

While free of concerning ingredients like parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde releasing preservatives, Myro does contain propylene glycol PG.

At less than 3% concentration PG is considered safe by most health agencies. However those with easily disrupted skin may wish to avoid products containing this penetration enhancing compound. Test patch before full application.

How Myro Compares to Other Natural Deodorant Brands

Myro faces stiff competition in the natural deodorant realm with brands like Native, Schmidt‘s and Hello gaining major market share. How does Myro stack up against the rest?

Native Deodorant – Very similar formulations with plant oils, starches and probiotics. Native offers plastic-free paperboard tubes and widespread retail availability. Also contains PG.

Schmidt‘s – Schmidt‘s relies more heavily on mineral salts for odor absorption versus probiotic ferments. Features charcoal and magnesium for added performance. Offers wider scent range.

Hello – One of few aluminum/PG-free natural deodorant lines. Uses tapioca starch, shea butter and antioxidants for odor fighting. Noticeably thinner, wetter texture.

Compared to these category leaders, Myro holds its own with quality ingredients, alluring scents and sustainability-minded packaging. While new to market, recurring formula issues indicate a need for additional refinement and testing.

Using Myro Deodorant: Application Tips and Tricks

Using natural deodorant differs from traditional antiperspirants. Here are some tips to get the most from Myro:

Store in a cool, dry place – To prevent melting (especially in hot climates) keep Myro away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight

Allow to fully dry upon application – Give the initial layer a few minutes absorb before dressing to avoid white residue marks

Cleanse underarms before applying – Start with dry pits to allow key ingredients like arrowroot powder maximal odor-fighting power

Reapply as needed – Unlike pore-clogging antiperspirants, natural deodorant requires periodic reapplication to continually combat sweat and bacteria

Consider a different formula if irritation persists – Not all bodies tolerate propylene glycol well. Try a sensitive skin or PG-free natural deo if rashes won‘t resolve

Breaking Down the Myro Subscription Experience

For devoted users, Myro offers a subscription program with regular delivery of deodorant refill pods. Here‘s an overview:

Flexible Frequency – Choose every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months

Free Shipping – All subscription orders over $25 ship free within the US

Adjustable – Delay, skip or cancel upcoming deliveries effortlessly through your account

Subscription Discounts – Save 25% by subscribing versus one-time purchases

Swappable Scents – Try different aromas by alternating pod types with each delivery

Loyalty Rewards – Earn points towards free gifts plus access special sales as a subscriber

Give the subscription a shot if you love the ease of auto-delivery. Tweak frequency and scents until you find your perfect regimen.

Saving on Myro Products with Promos and Referrals

While Myro doesn‘t currently offer any active coupon codes directly, signing up through a referral link provides discounts.

Both referrer and referee receive $10 off their next purchase when joining via a friend‘s special invite link. Consider posting your link on social channels or texting to close contacts.

For the biggest savings, opt for the subscription plan and maximize referral points. Also keep an eye out for holiday sales advertised through email and on Myro‘s website.

Final Verdict: Is Myro Worth Trying?

At the end of the day, yes we recommend giving Myro deodorant a shot especially if you‘re seeking an aluminum-free alternative. The delightful scents, sustainability focus and vegan formulation help Myro stand apart from the natural deodorant crowd.

However, recent formula issues indicate the need for more stability and testing before the brand can be considered tops in the category. Provide your underarms a lengthy transition period of 4-6 weeks when making the switch.

For optimal sweat and odor fighting power, apply Myro to clean, dry underarms allowing a few minutes to fully absorb. Reapply as needed throughout the day. Also know that the brand‘s return policy has you covered in case of irritation or lackluster performance.

Have you tried Myro or are you considering making the switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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