My Hands-On Review After Using Mother Dirt‘s Probiotic Skincare

Want to balance your skin microbiome with good bacteria? Read this before trying buzzed-about Mother Dirt! I tested their pricey yet beloved formulas on my sensitive, breakout-prone skin for months.

Here’s my plain English take on what’s legit (and what’s not) based on first-hand results. Because lets be honest – clinical studies are great, but we really want to know if products WORK in everyday life!

What Makes Mother Dirt Different

This Boston brand launched in 2015 around a shockingly simple idea: use LIVE probiotics and prebiotics to heal skin. Most skincare does the opposite by damaging your natural biome with chemicals like sulfates or alcohols.

Mother Dirt’s hero is an ammonia-oxidizing bacteria called AOB missing from 90% of people! Replenishing AOB brought founder David Whitlock’s severe eczema under control. His company Aobiome published studies on reducing itchiness and inflammation up to 97%!

Brand devotees gush:

“Within a week my skin did a 180…I no longer need foundation.”

“Healed my painful monthly breakouts that NO prescription helped.”

But at $25 for a tiny bottle, does Mother Dirt live up to miracles? I was determined to find out…

Why I Tested Mother Dirt’s Microbiome Makeup

After a lifetime battling red, angry skin prone to cysts when stressed, I turned 30 desperate for solutions. I already used gentle cleansers without alcohol and followed tips for my skin type.

Yet foundation still looked patchy on dry spots by midday. And monthly chin monsters left scars. Fearing expensive procedures, I wondered:

  • Could adding good bacteria back really heal genetic acne and rosacea?
  • Or is Mother Dirt overpriced hype capitalizing on microbiome buzz?

Armed with a starter kit, I committed to 90 days testing Mother Dirt as my sole skincare. Read on for what shocked me!

Inside My Mother Dirt Trial Routine

I know you’re dying to hear what happened! First let me explain the specific Mother Dirt products I tested:

AO+ Mist – This star product promises to calm inflammation and rebalance skin’s pH using live cultures. Fans say it vanquishes monthly hormonal acne overnight! At $69 a bottle, it better be magic.

Foaming Cleanser – Skipping makeup removers, I used this gentle, creamy face wash morning and night to reset skin without stripping microbiome. Chicory root feeds good bacteria.

Probiotic Serum – To boost hydration and pH balance, I applied 3-5 drops of this soothing serum after cleansing and before mist. It has moisture magnet squalane.

That’s it! I stopped all other skincare and makeup that could impact results.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of what I saw…

My Skin After 30 Days Using Mother Dirt

Talk about patience paying off! Honestly I almost quit 2 weeks in since adding bacteria made me break out initially. Cystic pimples clustered on my chin and cheeks looking worse than before. I realized it was just purging gunk trapped below.

But pushing through the ugly stage transformed texture and oil control noticeably. Smaller blackheads on my nose cleared up. And reddened patches calmed down without getting dry. Even my husband noticed how smooth and glowy my skin looked saying:

“Your face looks less red and angry.”

The true test came during my period in week 4. Bracing for big underground chin cysts, I grabbed an ice cube ready to spot treat swellings overnight. Shockingly NO new monthly breakouts appeared! Old hyperpigmentation also lightened up.

60 Days Using MD: Bumpy Skin’s Worst Nightmare

Right when i got comfortable with the simple 3-step system, winter weather shifted. My combination skin battled dry patches and oil slicks duking it out. But the gentle cleanser kept flakiness at bay without exacerbating oily T-zones.

What floored me was watching little congested skin-colored bumps on my cheeks fade. I had stubborn keratosis pilaris even prescription retinoids couldn’t budge! Yet slowly the mist transformed texture.

By day 60, I stopped needing matte touch-up powder. And rare small pimples surfaced then self-resolved in days not weeks. No more under-the-skin monsters! After a lifetime battling cystic eruptions, could my microbiome finally reach homeostasis?

90 Days Later: A Total Microbiome Makeover!

Fast forward just 3 months and I’m a full convert. These days I happily flaunt a fresh bare face at age 31! Acne scars keep improving with consistent use. And I’m this close to ditching foundation thanks to an even skin tone.

What won me over was watching my microbiome rebalance in real time. Month 2 brought less oiliness and sensitivity overall. My skin turned from red, bumpy and mad to calm, glowing perfection.

Now I only get a stray small pimple before my period…if that! And they disappear in just 2 days not 2 weeks. No more digging oppressive cysts out.

My skin has NEVER looked or felt this good thanks to Mother Dirt. So take it from me…the sticker shock pays off. Consider it a long-term facial investment that keeps paying you back.

The Highs & Lows of Mother Dirt For Your Microbiome

Let’s recap the biggest pros and cons I found using MD’s formulas extensively:


  • Lightweight textures suitable for acne-prone skin
  • No irritating essential oils or problem ingredients
  • Cleanses deeply without drying or disrupting moisture barrier
  • Calms monthly hormonal breakouts
  • Improves redness, oil control and texture clarity
  • Fades acne scars and hyperpigmentation
  • Simple sustainable packaging and ethical company


  • Expensive compared to normal skincare
  • Limited product range – no SPF options
  • Occasional restock delays due to popularity
  • Can cause initial breakout or purge phase
  • Mist nozzle clogs easily messing application
  • Serum and body wash offer lower value for money

Considering my remarkable results, the cons feel trivial. Yes Mother Dirt costs more but also does more by rebalancing your entire microbiome. No $15 cleanser could transform adult acne and rosacea this fast.

Who Should Buy Mother Dirt Probiotic Skincare?

If you constantly battle ONE or more of these, don’t walk – run! – to

  • Acne or breakouts
  • Monthly hormonal flares
  • Oily, congested skin
  • Redness, burning or stinging
  • Keratosis pilaris bumps
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Sensitization from harsh products
  • Wanting to reduce use of makeup
  • Seeking clean, vegan skincare

Combination and sensitive skin types tend to see the most dramatic turnarounds. But users worldwide with every skin color and type report improvements.

However if you’re very dry or mature, add a rich moisturizer until the mist balances oil flow. And set realistic expectations understanding skin purging can happen when starting.

Tips For Getting Best Mother Dirt Results From Home

Take it from my trial and error – here are tips ensuring Mother Dirt transforms your skin:

  • Commit to consistent use without skipping days
  • Start with only their core range – no mixing other serums or acids
  • Expect a potential “purge phase” at first lasting 1-2 weeks
  • Apply mist liberally morning and night 6-8 inches from skin
  • Use supplied misting tube for mess-free application
  • Store formulas in fridge to maintain live cultures
  • Email CS promptly if products arrive warm or ineffective
  • Buy the Phase One kit for bundled savings on top items

Once your microbiome looks balanced, you can add in your preferred antioxidant serum, gentle scrub etc. Just don’t overdo actives too quickly before homeostasis.

And pro tip – mist your chest and back too for body acne!

The Final Takeaway From My 90 Day Skin Transformation

Not to sound dramatic, but discovering Mother Dirt felt like finding the holy grail my finicky skin needed. Harsh formulas do more harm than good for some. But rebalancing your unique microbiome the right way makes all the difference.

Of course, I can’t guarantee every product will be life changing. Skincare works differently for everyone. But after 25 years battling acne, I’m blown away by my smooth, calm complexion.

And hundreds of reviews echo similar shock at how well these unassuming bacteria formulas handle issues prescription meds couldn’t.

So if you’re still hunting for clear skin without redness, irritation and breakouts, I say grab a starter kit! Get ready to join the ranks of Mother Dirt superfans.

Because sometimes finding perfect skincare means going back to basics with amazing probiotic science. My microbiome is finally balanced – will you be next?

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