What Is The Most Popular Squishmallow 2022?

These days, everyone is obsessed with Squishmallows. These soft pillow companions are the epitome of coziness in their own right. The search is over if you were seeking anything to put the final touch on your kid's bedroom. Collectors of all ages have been drawn in by these characters' marshmallow-like feel and attractive characteristics.

Squishmallows, much like Beanie Babies, each has their unique hobbies and histories, much like the poetry that accompanies Beanie Babies. As with many collectibles, some are very hard to come by, making it challenging to acquire them, especially if you’re eyeing on the largest Squishmallow. A handful of the squads are also exclusive to specific merchants and may only be bought from them.

For instance, Claire's is the only place you can find the fantasy team, whereas Costco is the only place you can get Sanrio characters. Some of them may sell out, so check back often to see if the Squishmallow of your dreams is back in stock. But which Squishmallow will reign supreme in 2022 in terms of popularity? Now, to provide an answer, here is a list of the most popular Squishmallows, beginning with the sixth most popular and working its way down to the most popular of all.

Top 6 most popular Squishmallow of 2022

With sizes ranging from 2″ to 24″, there is, in all honesty, something for everyone. Many of the releases are in limited editions, contributing to the current collecting craze. You can select holiday-themed characters, such as the Halloween Squishmallows, Disney characters, and Sanrio characters.

In addition, there are people's favorite cuisines, wild creatures, and prehistoric animals. Here are the 6th most popular Squishmallows of 2022.

6. Disney Squishmallow Characters

Disney Squishmallow Characters

There are several familiar faces within the Disney cast and some fresh ones.

5. Citrus Squishmallow Squad

The Citrus Squad provides customers with a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, including items such as lemons, strawberries, avocados, and guava.

4. Surprise Squishmallows

Those who can't pick which charming character to go with will find this the ideal answer for your predicament. The surprise box hides a small version of a character, and it is just waiting to be unveiled.

3. Hello Kitty Squishmallows

Hello Kitty Squishmallows

Hello Kitty, Sanrio's most popular character, has been given the Squishmallow shape. There are presently four different styles of Hello Kitty available at Costco: scuba, mermaid, floral, and sunglass. However, keep an eye out for other characters, like the Pompompurin Burger plush, which will be arriving soon.

2. French Fry Floyd Squishmallows

Do you think there's anything that could top snuggling up with your favorite snacks? Fries, French Floyd, is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the snack squad. He is a young upstart with lofty ambitions.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for. The most popular Squishimallow of 2022 is:

1. Fantasy Squad Squishmallows

Fantasy Squad Squishmallows

Claire's is the place to purchase a fantasy team. Take a chance and order online to see if you get one of the charming creatures as a surprise delivery. Pay a visit to Claire's in person so that you may personally make your choice.

And that's the end of the discussion! In the year 2022, the most popular Squishmallow is the Fantasy Squad Squishmallows. Be sure to collect them all if you want to hop into the trend!

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