Manscaped Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

As men‘s below-the-belt grooming continues trending upwards, I decided to put leading brand Manscaped to the test. I invested in their top-rated hair trimmer, skin care items and more over 3 months.

Keep reading for my in-depth assessment based on hands-on experience as an average guy navigating the manscaping product category.

Why Pubic Hair Grooming is Skyrocketing

Before diving into Manscaped, it helps understanding what’s driving growth in male intimate grooming. Based on research firm surveys, 60-80% of men now maintain their pubic hair in some capacity.

Removal or trimming has many perceived benefits:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Improved hygiene
  • Confidence boost
  • Easier access during sex
  • Aesthetic preferences

However, using regular body grooming tools in sensitive areas poses risks. Razor companies still primarily cater their products, guiding advice and formulations to facial shaving.

This knowledge gap has paved the way for specialty brands accommodating below-the-belt needs. Manscaped leads the pack with devices engineered to trim hair down there sans pain or irritation. Their formulations also address friction, chafing and odor – common pubic shaving side effects.

Now let’s see if the steep price tags warrant moving beyond DIY hacks to level up your manscaping routine…

Overview of Manscaped‘s Lineup

Founded in 2017, Manscaped designs a wide assortment specifically for groin, ball and butt grooming. Their range includes:

Hair Trimmers: Electric shavers with adjustable guards, proprietary SkinSafe blades, batteries and ergonomic handling. Devices cater to pubes, nose, ears, body etc.

Skin Care: Lotions, toners and wipes that hydrate skin and fight chafing, irritation, ingrowns and odor before/after trimming.

Other Accessories: Supporting products like anti-microbial boxers, styptic balms, body wash, grooming tools and gift sets.

Manscaped sells direct-to-consumer via their website and Amazon. But are the costs warranted compared to general personal care tools?

Putting Manscaped‘s Hair Trimmer Through Extensive Testing

The pinnacle of Manscaped‘s lineup is The Lawn Mower 3.0 pubic hair trimmer. Priced at $99.99, it‘s a premium investment – hence my in-depth trial.

Over 3 months, I used The Lawn Mower 3.0 for 25 full grooming sessions. My pubic hairstyle varies from neatly trimmed to fully shaven depending on mood and circumstances.

Here are the key highlights from extensive hands-on testing:

Hair Length Settings: The Lawn Mower includes guards for customizing cut length from 0.5mm to 12mm. The increments allow gradually shorter trims. I started longer, gauging comfort before going closer.

Blade Technology: Manscaped utilizes advanced SkinSafe blades featuring ceramic coating and rounded tips. My past experience with cheaper trimmers caused irritation. But The Lawn Mower smoothly removed hair while preventing nicks across various lengths.

Wet/Dry Shaving: Waterproof construction let me trim directly in the shower. This saves time for busy guys by combining grooming and cleaning in one step. The silicone grip also never slipped despite soapy conditions.

Ergonomic Design: Thoughtful details like compact size, anti-slip grip, intuitive controls and adjustable settings made guiding the trimmer easier. I could manscape handed in tricky areas without fumbling.

Battery Runtime: I achieved roughly 60-70 minutes per full charge depending on hair density. Quick charging also got me back up in about an hour. This beat my expectations considering the powerful motor.

Ongoing Use: With regular maintenance like detachable blade cleaning and charging properly, performance remains consistent. Yet replacement components are affordable if anything wears our years later.

Overall, The Lawn Mower 3.0 proved a worthwhile upgrade that enhanced my manscaping experience. I haven‘t experienced razor bumps or burns since switching. And the adjustments provide flexibility to find your preferred style.

Next let‘s examine Manscaped‘s magic formulas for keeping freshly shaved skin happy…

Crop Preserver Ball Deodorant Review

Manscaped offers many skin solutions, but Crop Preserver proved a daily essential. This moisturizing ball deodorant utilizes key ingredients to curb friction, irritation, odor and chafing.

I apply Crop Preserver every morning after showering whether manscaping that day or not. It gets to work immediately hydrating and soothing using:

  • Aloe Vera: Soothes, cools and hydrates
  • Tapioca Starch: Reduces sticky friction
  • Vitamin E: Protects delicate skin
  • Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil: Fight germs and odor

The light formula sinks in rapidly without leaving messy residue or interfering with clothing. And the fresh powdery scent provides a clean revitalizing feel unlike old-school talc powders.

Within a week, I noticed less redness and sensitivity. The anti-chafing protection also seems to curb residual razor bumps. Based on my experience, Crop Preserver deserves a permanent spot alongside your Manscaped trimmer.

For days where visibility and access proves crucial, their Crop Reviver toner spray comes in handy too. It refreshes while soothing just-shaved skin using cooling aloe vera and witch hazel. Spritz away sweat before a big meeting or date when laundering the undercarriage isn‘t convenient.

And speaking of odor fighting, Manscaped‘s anti-microbial boxers prevent swamp crotch without heavy fabrics or bulky seams chafing your assets. Well worth the $24 for long days.

Expert & Customer Sentiments: Yay or Nay?

Manscaped built awareness through viral marketing and reality TV. But do experts and real-world usage cement them as a reputable grooming brand?

The resounding answer seems to be yes based on my independent research:

  • Men‘s Health, AskMen, GQ and other publications praise Manscaped‘s engineering and innovation for decreasing grooming injuries. Style experts also like their sleek, modern aesthetic.

  • Review aggregation sites show mostly 4 and 5 star ratings from customers. Guys appreciate the customization, smooth shaving and skin improvements versus DIY techniques.

  • I surveyed three female friends who agree properly groomed men‘s pubic areas are more attractive and hygienic. Manscaped‘s education and product range simplify upkeep.

The consensus supports Manscaped merit accolades through purpose-built grooming products rather than Instagram hype and shock value. Now let‘s crunch the numbers on whether the costs outweigh professional barbers…

Cost & Value Breakdown: Manscaping at Home

There’s no denying Manscaped commands steeper pricing than multipurpose personal care items. Then again, you get what you pay for.

But does DIY manscaping using their tools offer long-term savings?

The investment of an initial Lawn Mower trimmer and skin routine runs about $150. Replacement cartridges, deodorant and battery life last roughly around 6 months before needing replenishment around $100.

That’s $250 yearly for unlimited solo manscaping.

Now let‘s compare costs if outsourcing this delicate handiwork instead:

  • Men‘s Waxing Salons: $50 per appointment (sessions every 3-4 weeks)

Yearly Total: $600 – $800

  • Barbers: $25 – $40 per cut (trims needed every 2 weeks)

Yearly Total: $650 – $1000

Based on these numbers, breaking even on buying your own tools rather than paying pros requires nearly three years. However the long-term convenience, privacy and control over end results outpace saving money in my opinion.

It‘s a win-win – elevated manscaping with no awkward small talk!

Ideal Manscaped Buyers: Who Should Consider Investing?

Manscaped touts their products as essential men‘s grooming cogs. But certain guys stand to benefit more from the hefty price tags.

Based on my first-hand testing and research, Manscaped best suits men who:

  • Already manscape frequently and want to level up tools and techniques

  • Seek premium devices purpose-built for pubic, ball and butt grooming

  • Desire expert education around safety, skincare etc. to avoid irritation

  • Prefer grooming independence rather than booking appointments

  • Willing to spend more for quality, convenience and customization

  • Appreciate modern, sleek designs adding luxury to their bathrooms

Occasional manscapers may find cheaper battery-powered alternatives sufficient. The nuanced engineering also gets lost on men maintaining a completely natural landscape down under.

That said, Manscaped still converts many new devotees based on viral word-of-mouth enthusiasm. Wrap your head around that!

Final Verdict: Achieving Peak Masculine Confidence

In closing, I believe Manscaped provides tremendous pubic pampering value by actually innovating rather than relyingpurely on hype. Customer satisfaction metrics back this thesis as well.

Yes, the collection requires splurging more than synonymously branded beard trimmers and body groomers. Then again, you shouldn’t cut corners when literally cutting corners on delicate anatomy.

Through intelligent engineering alongside refreshing transparency, Manscaped earns endorsements for taking men’s below-the-belt grooming to the next level.

Itching to elevate your landscape design? Visit and explore bundles like The Perfect Package 3.0. Questions about using their tools? Ask in the comments!

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