Top Language Learning APPS Everyone Should Try

Moving beyond one’s mother tongue is a monumental task. It takes mammoth effort to pick oneself up from the comfort of lingo and go head-first into a world full of uncertainty and doubt – which is what occurs when we do not pay heed to the local culture and history of the place we visit or are interested in.

Italian film director Federico Fellini once put it remarkably: “A different language is a different vision of life,” and that quote couldn’t be any truer, given the highly interactive environs we live in due to technology and globalization.

Learning a second language or even a third goes a long way. Whether you like to read and learn or hear through the intricate pronunciations and grasp knowledge. Here is the roundup of the best applications for learning a new language, all from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop.

1. Duolingo


The granddaddy of language learning apps, Duolingo is an exciting and free (yes, you heard that right!) option to bide away your spare time with something productive – all without paying a single penny. It is easily one of the most interactive and incentivizing apps out there, due to the opportunity to accomplish daily streaks, earn points, level up and match-up with other learns through the leaderboards feature.

NY Times famously outlined what 500 days of Duolingo could end up offering i.e., what you can and can’t learn from the language app. It also offers a consistent streak of reminders that you can use to motivate yourself. All in all, Duolingo is the best free language learning app in the market to grasp the basics of a foreign language.

Cost: Free. However, Duolingo Plus (From $6.99 per month) gives learners an ad-free experience, offline functionalities, more learning content and other perks.

PlatformsWeb, iOS and Android

2. Memrise

Memrise has eased learning a new language like very few other apps have. Its trademark flashcard type of learning paves way for a trouble-free and fun experience that is birthed from its friendly interface and large community of polyglots. The London-based British language learning platform in filled with real life lessons and original phrases that do not seem like something you would never use.

These lessons from native speakers allow one to mimic the language they want to learn – a quickfire and sure-shot way of grasping something foreign. While exercises can get repetitive, there is abundant content and game elements to keep you hooked on until you gain a proper understanding of the language you have taken up.

Cost: Free, but also subscription based. Memrise Pro starts from $8.99 per month; lifetime access for $139.99 & annual plans start from $7.50.

PlatformsWeb, iOS and Android

3. LinguaLift


Geared towards the more serious learners, LinguaLift is an absolute gem if you want to master the language with the help of professional guides/teachers who will assist throughout your language learning journey. The possibility to take up customized study plans and receive feedback and reviews from your tutors makes this a valuable skill-based app for aspiring polyglots.

The HILL (Hybrid Innovative Language Learning) used by the company system boasts to be one of the best in the business. Before you jump in, do take a close look at the things to know before buying LinguaLift.

Cost: Subscription based, starting from $19.99 per month. Reduced rates can be availed if you buy quarterly, half-yearly or yearly plans.

PlatformsWeb, iOS and Android

4. Babbel

Babbel is a German subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform that has grown to become one of the world’s favourite among soon-to-be multilinguals. It offers some really productive learning options such as Babbel Live, which are online classes with expert teachers in small groups, and also Culture Bites, which are fun facts about the language from a cultural and historical perspective.

Babbel allows learners to keep in track of their schedules using an immersive teaching style and also possesses interactive dialogues to help build your pronunciations.

Cost: Subscription based, starting from $13.95 per month. Reduced rates can be availed if you buy quarterly, half-yearly or yearly plans.

PlatformsWeb, iOS and Android

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While online betting and sportsbooks are taking the world by storm due to easy accessibility, language learning apps are no different. Gone are the days when you had to go to school to try to master Spanish or go through a whole film such as Lord of the Rings trying to figure out the details behind Quenya or even learning a dead language such as Aramaic.

In the age of heightened globalization, fast-moving technology and heterogenous cultures, it can never be an unpleasant experience to know a foreign language.

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