What You Need To Teach Your Kids About Safety

It is pretty easy to say that having children is the greatest responsibility of all. On paper, we care for them from the moment they born until they come of age – but in reality, many of us continue to care for our kids long after that day has passed!

However, it is during their childhood years where we really have to be on the ball with them in terms of looking out for them. Children are not born with a detailed sense of the world – they have to learn things as they go, and learn lessons from the adults around them.

On a similar note, you must also be prepared, as a parent, to teach them things that will also make them more independent. This will also take some of the pressure off you too, in your everyday life. Why is that?

Well, quite simply because it is impossible to keep your eyes on your children at all times, especially if you have quite a few kids. With child safety being as paramount as ever in today’s society, here are some of the best ways you can keep your children safe and sound.

Online security for Kids

kid notebook computer learns

Part of the reason why parenting in 2017 differs so much to parenting in, say, 1987, is due to the rise of the internet. Pretty much every modern home has an internet connection these days, along with a whole host of different consoles and gadgets on which to connect to that internet.

This opens up a whole new world for the younger members of the family and exposes them to a lot of different types of platforms. Some can be beneficial and totally innocent; for example, your child might use the internet to help with their homework, or they might play a video game that needs an internet connection.

But at the same time, the internet can be a dark and dangerous place too. Teach your child the basics of online safety – such as never to speak to someone they do not know in person, and to avoid giving out personal information (even when filling in forms). If you have any doubts regarding your child’s internet usage (for example, are they highly secretive about it?), gentle intervene just to check that everything is okay.

Home security for Kids

Indoor security for Kids

You might wonder what danger can present itself to your children while in the home – but you would be surprised!

There are plenty of hazards all around that could prove harmful to your kids if you and they are not careful. For example, a child’s curiosity can often get the better of them, and they will be tempted to reach and pull on various household items.

For this reason, make sure you are taking a few precautions. Hide any wires or cables that your child may come into contact with. When cooking, make sure any pan handles are not within reach of your children, or you could have a potentially harmful spillage on your hands.

Like on the internet, it is also worth teaching your children the importance of being (somewhat) wary about security. Make sure they never answer the door to anyone they don’t know, and install a security doorbell camera that all members of your family can work.

Outside the home

kids outdoor

For all this talk of danger, you do need to still allow your children out of your sight fairly regularly. It is all part of them growing up – after all, what kind of world would we live in if the local schoolchildren couldn’t play out in the street on a hot summer’s day?

Before you let them run amok, however, teach them the basics of stranger danger. Make sure that all of your kids can remember your cell phone number off by heart, they know how to call 911 and what to say and they can recite their home address. Let them know the warning signs that a problematic ‘stranger’ might give off.

Tell them that they should never go off with a stranger, even if that person offers them candy or some other kind of treat. You may also want to provide your child with a cell phone of sorts, just for extra peace of mind. Giving young children cell phones is a bit of a contentious issue, but some parents find that it works for both parties.

Your children deserve to have an enjoyable childhood that’s full of freedom – and by covering your back with safety measures like this, you can rest assured that not one single member of your family is ever at risk.


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