Is the PS5 worth it for Gran Turismo 7?

In one word: absolutely. As a long-time Gran Turismo fan, I can confidently say that GT7 is a must-have title that takes full advantage of everything the PS5 has to offer. This is the most advanced, immersive, and visually stunning entry in the series yet. Read on as I fully break down why upgrading to Sony‘s latest console opens up GT7‘s true potential.

Breathtaking Fidelity: Native 4K at 60fps with Ray Tracing

Make no mistake, Gran Turismo 7 is a visual powerhouse designed to showcase the PS5‘s capabilities. It renders natively at 4K resolution while maintaining a buttery smooth 60fps frame rate. This level of fidelity is a massive upgrade from the PS4‘s 1080p resolution and inconsistent framerates.

The PS5‘s ray tracing support takes things to the next level. Ray traced reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion produce photorealistic lighting effects on cars and tracks. Light realistically reflects and reacts as it would in real life. Just look at the image below of a scene with and without ray tracing – the difference is astonishing!

Higher resolutions, stable framerates, and advanced lighting deliver unprecedented visual quality. Cars and environments look so pristine you just want to stop and admire the craftsmanship. GT7 sets a benchmark for graphics that simply isn‘t possible on PS4.

Loading Times Slashed to Near Instant

The PS5‘s custom SSD completely eliminates laborious load times, getting you racing without delay. Gran Turismo 7 loads in a mere second or two – everything from booting the game, starting races, returning from events to the menu, or fast traveling between locations. No exaggeration, it‘s instant. This keeps the action flowing and allows you to race uninterrupted.

Game-Changing Immersion with DualSense

While the visuals are clearly impressive, GT7‘s sublime use of the PS5‘s DualSense controller is what really separates it from the last-gen experience…

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