Is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond worth it?

Hey Pokemon fan! If you grew up with the original Diamond and Pearl versions on the Nintendo DS, you‘ve probably wondered if the recent Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes are worth picking up. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the 2006 classics, I‘m happy to report the answer is a resounding yes – with a few caveats. Let‘s dive into the details!

## The Nostalgia Factor Makes Brilliant Diamond a Must-Buy

For diehard Gen 4 fans, the wave of nostalgia Brilliant Diamond brings makes it absolutely worth the purchase. Walking through the vibrant 3D Sinnoh region with fresh new chibi character models flooded me with memories of my original adventures. The stellar recreation of the soundtrack also instantly transported me back to my DS days.

While modern quality of life improvements have been added, the structure, story beats, characters and core spirit of Diamond and Pearl remain intact. The sense of adventure and charm are perfectly recaptured – it‘s a wonderful trip down memory lane.

## Faithful Remake Improves on Diamond/Pearl in Every Way

Game Freak has crafted an incredibly faithful remake that improves Diamond and Pearl in almost every aspect. Here‘s a quick feature comparison:

| Feature | Original D/P | Brilliant Diamond |
| Graphics/Visuals | Pixelated 2D sprites | Vibrant 3D chibi models |
| Environments | Tile-based grids | Fully 3D areas |
| Soundtrack | Midi | Orchestrated scores |
| Convenience | Clunky UI | Streamlined box/PC |
| New Areas | None | Grand Underground |
| Pokemon Selection | 150 | 493 species |

Brilliant Diamond retains the classic formula and progression while enhancing the presentation and convenience for a modern audience. It strikes the perfect balance of preserving what made Diamond and Pearl special, while smoothing out rough edges.

## Robust Post-Game Content Adds Replayability

A hallmark of Pokemon titles is robust post-game content once you become Champion. Brilliant Diamond adds even more with the new Ramanas Park which lets you capture Legendary Pokemon from previous generations including Mewtwo after rolling credits.

The underground Grand Underground area also makes catching Pokemon more engaging than simple random encounters. You can spend dozens of hours customizing a Secret Base, digging up treasure and rare Pokemon, and interacting with friends.

## Critical Reception and Sales Signal a Worthy Remake

Brilliant Diamond sits at a 83 average critic score on Metacritic, indicating generally favorable reviews. It‘s not a groundbreaking reinvention, but critics widely agreed it‘s a well crafted remake that long-time fans will cherish.

Commercially Brilliant Diamond also delivered – it‘s sold over 14.65 million copies as of September 2022, proving major enthusiasm from players. For comparison, the original Diamond only sold 17.67 million units lifetime.

## But More Casual Players Can Wait for a Price Drop

However, more casual fans who don‘t have built-up nostalgia for Gen 4 may want to wait for a discount. Those seeking a major shakeup to the formula may be disappointed by the faithful approach.CONS

If you‘re new to the Sinnoh chapter or not a completionist obsessed with catching ‘em all, the $60 asking price is quite steep. The main adventure can be finished in around 26 hours if rushing.

For more casual playthroughs, I‘d recommend waiting for a 50% or higher price drop before diving into Brilliant Diamond. Its undeniable nostalgia factor makes it a must-buy for dedicated fans immediately though.

## The Verdict? A Must-Buy for Longtime Fans

For Pokemon fans with fond Sinnoh memories, Brilliant Diamond recaptures the magic wonderfully and is absolutely worth purchasing immediately. It‘s a meticulously crafted nostalgia trip improved in virtually every way.

However, more casual audiences may want to wait for a discount before committing. While Brilliant Diamond doesn‘t redefine Pokemon, it‘s a loving remake that delivers a flood of nostalgia. For diehard fans of the originals, it‘s an easy recommendation and 90+ hours of pure nostalgic bliss. Relive your Gen 4 glory days in style!

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