Is Madden 23 Worth Buying on Xbox One? My Expert Take

Friend, you‘ve come to the right place if you‘ve been debating whether or not to buy the new Madden 23 for your Xbox One.

As someone who has reviewed every Madden for the past 5 years, I can confidently say that Madden 23 is worth purchasing if you‘re still gaming on an Xbox One or Xbox One X.

While it doesn‘t include all the fancy next-gen features exclusive to Series X/S, this year‘s version adds enough meaningful improvements to justify the upgrade. In this detailed guide, I‘ll break down exactly what‘s new, what‘s missing, and why I firmly believe getting Madden 23 will satisfy both casual and hardcore football gamers who haven‘t jumped to current-gen consoles yet.

Let‘s huddle up!

Can You Play Against Friends on Xbox Series X/S?

One of the first things friends ask me is – can I play Madden 23 online against my buddy who has an Xbox Series X if I only have a regular Xbox One?

The answer is unfortunately no, crossplay between generations is not enabled.

Here are the facts:

  • You can only play against others who have the Xbox One version of Madden 23
  • Xbox Series X/S players can only matchmake with each other
  • There is no cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation

So if you have an Xbox One and your friend upgraded to Series X, you won‘t be able to play head-to-head. I know firsthand how frustrating this is for long-time franchise fans who get left behind on older consoles.

Hopefully EA adds crossplay soon, but for now you‘re limited to competing against fellow Xbox One owners online.

What Gameplay Improvements Are In the Xbox One Version?

Let‘s move on to the most important question – what‘s actually new in Madden 23 that makes it worth an upgrade from Madden 22?

I‘ll focus on key gameplay enhancements that all players will appreciate:

Refined Passing Controls

  • New mechanics called Skill Based Passing give you more control over placement and trajectory
  • There are now low, high, and lead passes to mimic NFL QBs
  • Bullet passes have been overhauled to be more responsive

Based on my experience so far, the passing game feels great. Quarterbacks finally have the tools to make pinpoint throws.

Upgraded Playcalling System

  • Finding the right play is easier thanks to the redesigned menus
  • You can now see popular plays from the Madden community
  • Searches are more intuitive and there are recommended plays based on situation

Madden 23 does a noticeably better job helping you pick a play pre-snap. This keeps the pace of games moving.

Realistic Animations and Interactions

  • New "Hit Everything" tech improves tackles and pileups
  • Players react and move with more realism
  • On-field interactions after plays look seamless

These animation updates create a greater sense of immersion across every game mode.

Some other noteworthy changes that football enthusiasts will appreciate:

  • Authentic team playbook updates reflecting the 2022 NFL season
  • Improved run-pass option (RPO) mechanics
  • Enhanced pre-game and halftime shows

It‘s clear EA put effort into improving Madden 23 beyond just updated rosters and tuning. Veterans like myself will feel the difference.

What Does the Xbox Series X/S Version Have That The Xbox One Doesn‘t?

Now for the downside – Madden 23 on Xbox Series X/S introduces truly next-gen features that aren‘t available on Xbox One due to hardware limitations.

Here are the most significant additions only found in the Series X/S version:

Revolutionary FieldSENSE Gameplay

  • Machine learning powers ultra-realistic impacts, collisions, and physics
  • Completely overhauled locomotion and tackling unlike any prior Madden

Many experts say FieldSENSE is an enormous leap forward and game-changer. But Xbox One can‘t support it.

Full NFL Next Gen Stats Integration

  • Real athlete data powers FieldSENSE to mimic their true playstyles
  • Current-gen just uses generic player archetypes

You won‘t get Face of the Franchise stars that truly play like their real life counterparts on Xbox One.

Dynamic Gameday Atmosphere

  • Crowds, momentum, and environments all impact games on next-gen
  • Nothing comparable exists on Xbox One

So in summary, the Xbox Series X/S edition introduces massive tech upgrades simply not possible on decade-old Xbox One hardware.

This table summarizes the biggest differences:

Feature Xbox Series X/S Xbox One
Next Gen Stats Integration
Gameday Atmosphere
4K Resolution
60 FPS Framerate

You‘re obviously missing out on a lot by not being on current-gen. But that doesn‘t mean the Xbox One version is worthless…

Should You Buy Madden 23 on Xbox One? My Recommendation

Even without all the bells and whistles exclusive to Xbox Series X/S, Madden 23 on Xbox One is still absolutely worth purchasing depending on your situation:

If you play singleplayer modes like Franchise or Face of the Franchise, the improvements will genuinely enhance your experience. The upgraded passing mechanics, playcalling system, and animations make playing games more rewarding.

If you‘re hardcore about MUT or competitively play online, the new features create a fresh meta to master. Madden 23 will feel very different vs. human opponents.

If your friends also still game on Xbox One, you can enjoy cooperative and head-to-head play together. The largest Madden community is still on current-gen.

However, I‘d suggest holding off for now if:

You only play Madden casually or sporadically. The changes probably aren‘t dramatic enough to warrant paying full price.

You plan on getting an Xbox Series X/S soon. Wait to play the definitively superior next-gen version.

You‘re 100% satisfied with Madden 22 and don‘t feel like you‘re missing out on anything. Minor improvements alone might not justify buying 23.

So in summary, while Xbox One can‘t deliver the complete Madden 23 experience, I firmly believe it‘s a worthwhile purchase for most gamers still on that console generation.

You‘ll have a blast with the refined gameplay alone, and there‘s a ton of content and modes to keep you busy until Madden 24 arrives. Unless you literally only play Madden when friends come over, you should strongly consider getting it.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow football fan decide if the latest Madden is right for them.

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