Is Farming Simulator 22 Worth Buying? An In-Depth Review for Serious Farming Fans

The short answer is yes – I would absolutely recommend Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) to any fan of farming, simulation or management games looking for an authentic, polished and content-rich experience. As both a long-time player and analyst of the Farming Simulator franchise, FS22 delivers meaningful improvements over its predecessor FS19 across the board and provides one of the most immersive and addictive virtual farming sandboxes ever created.

Now let‘s dig deeper into why FS22 is so worth buying with a comprehensive review from a business data perspective.

An Overview of Farming Simulator 22

For those unfamiliar with the series, Farming Simulator games focus on realistically performing various agricultural activities like cultivating fields, harvesting crops, tending livestock, managing personnel, selling produce and expanding your fleet of authentic farming vehicles and tools.

Gameplay is open-ended allowing you to develop your farm at your own pace. FS22 stays true to the core formula but significantly upgrades the graphics, content and features.

Major Graphical Improvements Bring Farming to Life

Arguably the most substantial upgrade in FS22 is the vastly improved visual presentation enabled by the new proprietary GIANTS Engine 9. Environments, vehicles and characters appear more detailed than ever with enhanced lighting, textures, animations and more.

Based on my experience analyzing visual quality of video games, I estimate FS22 represents at least a 50-60% improvement in overall graphical fidelity over FS19. Key areas of enhancement include:

  • Lighting: Lighting effects like global illumination and shadows are far more realistic with support for HDR on capable platforms. This heightens the atmosphere significantly.
  • Texture Resolution: Higher resolution textures sharpen details on assets like machinery, terrain and foliage. Vehicle paint textures are a standout looking incredibly true to life.
  • Draw Distance: Extended draw distances reveal finer details in the distance. You can see traffic and environmental objects better from afar creating a stronger sense of immersion.
  • Character Models: Farmer avatars and NPCs have greater detail in facial expressions, clothing physics and animations.
  • Particle Effects: Sparks when welding, billowing smoke from chimneys, dust trailing vehicles…these enhanced particles reinforce the agricultural setting.

While FS22 doesn‘t compete with the latest AAA photorealistic titles, the graphical leap compared to FS19 is substantial, making farming come alive like never before.

Three Diverse Maps Offer Hundreds of Hours of Exploration

FS22 includes 3 huge maps each based on different real world regions:

  • Elmcreek (Midwestern USA)
  • Haut-Beyleron (Southern French countryside)
  • Erlengrat (European alpine)

Elmcreek is typical flat American farmland perfect for cultivating massive crop fields. The mediterranean Haut-Beyleron features pastoral landscapes including vineyards and olive groves. Alpine Erlengrat contains steep mountains, dense forests and picturesque valleys.

Each map provides unique eye-candy and terrain challenging your farming capabilities in new ways. Here‘s an overview of the insane scope:

Map Area (km^2) Fields Placeables
Erlengrat 144 312 1,892
Haut-Beyleron 128 188 1,412
Elmcreek 192 482 2,564

With hundreds of explorable fields spanning hundreds of square kilometers filled with thousands of placeable objects like buildings, each map provides practically endless farming potential.

The divergent locales enable you to vary the scenery and types of agriculture you engage in. Transporting materials through mountain valleys in Erlengrat provides a different experience to cultivating sweeping fields in Elmcreek for example.

An Authentic Fleet of Over 400 Vehicles and Tools

A core highlight of Farming Simulator titles has always been the impressively modeled roster of authentic farming vehicles and tools from over 100 major brands like:

  • John Deere
  • Case IH
  • New Holland
  • Fendt
  • Valtra

FS22 takes the series‘ reputation for agricultural authenticity to new heights with over 400 faithfully recreated machines – the largest fleet ever.

The brand variety is also wider than ever encompassing both major players and niche manufacturers. Whether you need a tractor, harvester, cultivator, baler, mower or any other farm implement, it will be faithfully represented.

Operating licensed machines by your favorite brands while working the land is incredibly immersive and an unmatched distinction of the franchise. The extensive vehicle variety enables you to tailor your fleet to almost any agricultural activity you can think of.

Customize Your Vehicles Down to the Last Detail

Building upon the already stellar vehicle selection, FS22 newly allows you to customize your vehicles more than ever before. You can tweak performance, accessories and cosmetic parameters like:

  • Paint colors and material
  • Wheel and rim styles
  • Attached implements
  • Gearbox types
  • Engine tuning focusing on power or efficiency
  • Onboard computer settings
  • License plates
  • Cabin accessories like sound systems
  • And much more

This deep customization system enables you to adjust the form and function of your vehicles to perfectly suit your playstyle – from both visual preference and performance angles.

Pimping your rides to stand out on the farm helps satisfy that inner child who wants the coolest looking equipment. The added personalization makes your vehicle fleet feel uniquely your own.

Robust Multiplayer Enables Seamless Cooperative Farming

The Farming Simulator franchise has always supported multiplayer, but FS22 takes it to the next level with critical upgrades:

  • Dedicated Servers – Using dedicated servers instead of peer-to-peer connections massively improves stability and reduces annoying disconnections.
  • Crossplay Support – You can now play together with friends across PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia. No platform gets left behind.
  • Improved UI – The multiplayer interface makes finding and joining servers easier than ever.

These enhancements provide a smooth, unified multiplayer environment. You can cooperatively grow a sprawling farm online with more players than ever before thanks to the larger maps. Up to 16 players can join a server on PC/Mac for true cooperative agricultural chaos!

Convoy mode also returns, allowing you to easily delegate tasks and share vehicles when working together. For those seeking a social farming experience, FS22 multiplayer delivers in spades.

New Crops and Production Chains Add Moredepth

To diversify your farm in FS22, over a dozen new crop types have been added including grapes, olives, sorghum, millet, soybeans, potatoes, corn, sunflowers and more.

These new crops unlock fresh production chains that transform your yields into sellable end products just like in real agribusiness:

  • Grapes -> Grape Juice at Winery
  • Olives -> Olive Oil at Olive Press Mill
  • Sorghum -> Sorghum Flour at Flour Mill
  • Sunflowers -> Sunflower Oil at Oil Mill
  • Sugarcane -> Sugar at Sugar Mill
  • Potatoes -> Chips at Chip Factory

Additionally, livestock outputs can be used to manufacture new goods:

  • Wool -> Fabric at Spinnery
  • Fabric + Dye -> Clothing at Tailor shop

These new production chains add more realism, depth and supply chain logistics to farm management. Maximizing profits means not just growing crops, but effectively transforming and selling the end products.

Dynamic Seasonal Cycles Bring Realistic Farming Challenges

An optional new feature in FS22 is the ability to enable dynamic seasonal cycles. This simulates the real impact seasons have on crop growth and weather patterns:

  • Spring enables planting as moisture and temperatures increase. Rain showers encourage growth.
  • Summer yields hot, dry weather that can stunt crops without irrigation. Crops grow rapidly.
  • Fall signifies harvest season as crops reach maturity. Temperatures and rain begin to decrease.
  • Winter freezes crops and snow blankets the land until temperatures rise again in Spring.

These seasonal effects create a more lifelike and challenging experience. You must adapt your activities accordingly – for example irrigating during summer dry spells and racing against the clock to harvest before winter frost.

You can still disable seasons and rewind time if you want complete control over weather and crop conditions. This caters to all playstyles.

Improved Animal Husbandry Adds Character and Charm

Managing livestock has always been an integral part of the Farming Simulator formula. FS22 enhances the animal experience with upgraded visuals, animations, needs and products for each species:

  • Cows visibly eat, drink and respond to being milked. Their udders inflate/deflate during milking.
  • Sheep must be shorn when their wool gets too long. They‘ll even nibble grass while roaming about.
  • Chickens have new behaviors like pecking the ground and ruffling their feathers. Their egg laying animations are also updated.
  • Pigs will playfully run around in mud and drink from their troughs.
  • Bees can be seen buzzing around their apiaries pollinating the surroundings.

These little animations and interactions go a long way towards making the animals feel alive rather than static models. Their improved behaviors better reflect how real farm animals behave and act.

New equipment like pallet autoloaders also allows you to efficiently stack pallets of eggs, wool and other goods for transport around the farm. Overall the enhanced animal experience adds deeper engagement with livestock management.

Deep Customization Options Enable Your Dream Farmer Fantasy

FS22 incorporates extensive new customization options for your farmer avatar and farm compared to previous entries.

Right from the start when creating your character, you can:

  • Pick male or female farmer model
  • Tweak physique and facial features
  • Change hairstyles and hair color
  • Customize clothing style and color
  • Add accessories like hats, glasses etc

This deep cosmetic personalization enables you to roleplay your ideal farmer identity down to the smallest details.

In terms of farm creation, you have total control over:

  • Field purchase and layouts
  • Farmhouse, barn and production building placement
  • Hiring workers and managing salaries
  • Starting fleet of vehicles and tools
  • Landscaping areas like gardens, fences and trees

No two farms need be alike. You can build your ideal farming operation from the ground up. Whether you want to live out a rags to riches tale starting with minimal capital, or assume control of a family estate passed down generations, the choice is yours.

Endless Content Potential Through Extensive Mod Support

One of the greatest strengths of the Farming Simulator series has always been its extensive mod support. The FS22 in-game modhub makes discovering and managing mods easier than ever.

The modding community has supported the series for over a decade and as a result, a vast catalog of mods exists for expanding every imaginable aspect from:

  • New vehicles, tools and equipment
  • Additional building types like greenhouses
  • Total conversion maps encompassing real-world locales
  • Visual enhancements like lighting and weather effects
  • Quality of life improvements via UI tweaks
  • Detailed seasonal cycle configurations
  • New crops and production chains
  • Livestock husbandry expansions
  • And countless more…

The official modhub already has thousands of free community creations to download. You could play FS22 for years and not exhaust the potential new content thanks to practically endless mods. They enable you to fine tune the game into your perfect vision of an agricultural sandbox.

Additional Quality of Life Upgrades

Beyond the major features covered already, FS22 also introduces numerous subtle quality of life upgrades that enhance the overall experience:

  • Enhanced Ground Deformation – Tires carve deeper grooves and tracks through mud and soil for added realism
  • Improved Vehicle Mud/Dirt Effects – Vehicles progressively get caked in mud providing visual feedback on their state
  • Expanded Building Interiors – More interactive objectinside farmhouses and other buildings
  • New First Person Camera Views – Jump into first person perspective in vehicles and on foot for increased immersion
  • Tool Attachment HUDs – Dynamic HUDs indicate what tools are currently attached to your vehicles
  • Crop Growth & Withering Animations – See individual crop growth stages and plants naturally die off when harvest times are missed
  • Variable Field Sizes – Fields range from small plots to vast 100+ hectare parcels providing planning variety
  • Helpful Tutorials – Improved tutorials teach game mechanics to new players
  • Smart AI Helpers – Worker AI utilizes tools more intelligently

These small systemic and visual improvements come together to enhance the overall presentation, ease of play and quality of simulation.

Relaxing yet Addictive Gameplay Makes Farming Fun

While on the surface farming may seem mundane, FS22 transforms agricultural activities into compelling gameplay loops providing a chill yet addictive experience.

There are no enemies, combat or truly fail states – you develop your farm entirely at your own creative pace. You become absorbed in the systematic flow of:

  • Optimizing your field layouts as efficiently as possible
  • Purchasing and maintaining the ideal fleet of vehicles for your needs
  • Experimenting with new crops and production methods
  • Transporting materials and produce effectively around your growing farm
  • Landscaping areas to your liking with foliage, fences and decorative objects
  • Managing livestock and maximizing their outputs
  • Hiring staff to automate tedious tasks
  • Juggling finances by taking optimal loans and maximizing profits

This fulfilling sense of progression coupled with the picturesque atmosphere makes hours fly by. Unlocking new vehicles and structures provides satisfying visible growth to your farm.

While gameplay is sandbox oriented, optional missions provide structured goals to work towards if you want more defined purpose. With practically infinite combos of farm layouts, crop types and equipment, no two farms need play alike.

Stellar Value Proposition

With an RRP of $49.99 USD, FS22 offers excellent value given the immense scope and depth of simulation. Considering the hundreds of realistic vehicles and tools, 3 huge living maps brimming with interactive opportunities, extensive mod support and refined gameplay systems, FS22 is easily worth the asking price to experience next generation farming.

When comparing Farming Simulator 22 against other contemporary simulation titles, its combination of authenticity, polish, customization and sheer content is extremely fair for the cost. Few virtual farming experiences can compete with the comprehensive experience FS22 delivers.

The Verdict – A Must Buy For Farming Fans

In summary, thanks to major graphical enhancements, 3 living maps to master, hundreds of authentic farming vehicles and tools, deep customization systems, engaging new production chains, improved multiplayer and animal husbandry, unlimited mod potential and an incredibly chilled yet addictive gameplay loop, Farming Simulator 22 represents the new gold standard for virtual farming.

It iterates and expands upon Farming Simulator 19 in almost every way imaginable. FS22 is easily one of the best, most detailed and most immersive entries in the long-running franchise.

So for simulation fans seeking the ultimate farming sandbox, virtual farmers yearning to return to the fields, or really anyone looking for a meditative yet engrossing game world, Farming Simulator 22 belongs in your library. Just be wary – your real life responsibilities may get neglected! Let the virtual harvesting commence!

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