Top 4 Ways to Use Technology to Pivot Careers

Technology is everywhere and like it or not, you can’t get away from it. But you can, however, use it to help you in life. Technology makes driving cars easier; it keeps you connected to your family when you’re away, and it even helps you with your career. Can you imagine doing your job if there was no technology?

One of the ways that technology benefits you is that it can help you if you want to switch careers. There are plenty of smart ways to use tech to help you when you are ready to pivot careers. Here are the top ones.

Use Professional Social Media Networks

Use Professional Social Media Networks

Networking is critical. Nowadays more people are using online tools to help them connect with people in their industry. Professional social media networks like LinkedIn give you a landing pad where you can share your expertise, connect with others, and collaborate in groups. Having this camaraderie can be great especially for people who don’t have many others nearby doing the same things.

When you use your professional social media network strategically you can find people in the career field you want to move into. You can learn from them and when the time comes for you to make the shift, they may be able to introduce you to decision makers in the field.

Dip Your Toes in By Freelancing After Work Hours

Working full-time makes it hard to pursue other opportunities. But when you are diligent to look for part-time options after normal work hours, you can get a feel for what it’s really like doing the new career.

Freelancing after hours gives you experience, but it also helps you connect to people in the field. And when new opportunities open up, they may consider you for full-time employment. Freelancing also helps you earn some extra money so that you can set it aside for a rainy day.

Switching careers can fill some people with anxiety. By freelancing while you work full-time, it can help you gain experience and confidence.

Take Online Classes

Take Online Classes

Sometimes you need new skills to make the switch to a new career. The great thing is that the opportunities for learning have opened up tremendously because of technology. Online classes through Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, or even taking these modules in Lancaster can give you the training you need to advance your career. You can take certification courses, study more effectively, and learn safety habits all leveraging new technologies.

Did you know that you can use AI for learning as well? Advanced AI systems help learners progress and can adapt to their needs. Using this type of tech can provide significant benefits when you’re changing careers.

Track Your Goals With an App

Switching careers is often a multistep process. You’ll need to set goals and track milestones along the way. Using an app can give you the help you need to set and achieve these goals. Apps are a wonderful and simple piece of technology. If you like rewards, some apps will send you incentives as you track your goals and achieve them. They will send you reminders and notifications to ensure you are staying on track.

Let’s say you’ve set a goal to connect with 30 new people in the industry you are switching careers to. When you input this goal into an app it can set reminders every week and allow you to add information that helps you track your goal. If your goal is to read 4 new industry specific books that month, the app can similarly help you monitor your progress toward the goal.

Final Thoughts

Changing careers can be a huge benefit for many people. Sometimes you discover that the career path you’ve been on isn’t serving your needs and it’s time to make a shift. Making that shift starts with knowing what you want to do instead and then taking strategic steps toward the new career field.

Eventually, you’ll need to step out and apply for jobs in the new direction you are heading. But on the way to get there, you’ll need to pick up valuable skills and knowledge to make yourself a better candidate. Technology can be instrumental in helping you reach that goal and giving you the platform to step into a new career.

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