How To Pass the Walmart Assessment Test in 2024: The Complete Guide

Looking to get hired at Walmart or Sam‘s Club this year? Then you need to know how to pass the Walmart assessment test – a crucial hurdle standing between you and a Walmart job offer.

In this complete guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to pass the Walmart assessment and launch your career with one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Whether you‘re an avid bargain hunter, a convenience-focused shopper, or someone who values quality goods, read on to learn insider tips and tricks to pass the personality and skills assessment with flying colors.

Here‘s What I‘ll Cover:

  • What the Walmart Assessment Evaluates
  • Do You Have to Pass the Walmart Test?
  • When Do Applicants Take the Assessment?
  • Breaking Down the Walmart Assessment Sections
  • Savvy Strategies to Pass the Walmart Test
  • Tips to Ace the Teaming Employment Assessment
  • Conquering the Physical Assessment (PAT)
  • Comparison to Other Major Retailers‘ Tests
  • Resources to Study Smarter, Not Harder
  • FAQs on the Walmart Assessment

Let‘s start at the beginning: what exactly does the Walmart assessment test for?

What the Walmart Assessment Evaluates

The Walmart assessment evaluates potential candidates in four core areas:

  • Customer Service Abilities: Do you have the skills to handle complex customer service scenarios?
  • Problem Solving Skills: Can you think critically and analytically?
  • Work History and Experience: Do you have relevant experience and qualifications?
  • Personality Fit: Are your innate traits a match for the role?

According to experts, these categories align directly with Walmart‘s core values of customer service, community, respect, and excellence.

The retail giant uses the assessment results to determine which applicants demonstrate strengths in these critical areas. So it‘s about more than just getting some answers right!

Do You Have to Pass the Walmart Test?

Yes, you must pass the Walmart assessment in order to move forward in the hiring process. The company will not make exceptions or let candidates skip this crucial screening step.

Here are some eye-opening statistics around the test:

  • Walmart receives over 1 million job applications every year.
  • Less than 10% of applicants pass the assessment on their first try.
  • Candidates who fail must wait 6 months to retake the test.

So while the assessment sets a high bar, it‘s not impossible – with the right preparation, you can join the elite 10% who pass on the first attempt!

When Do Applicants Take the Assessment?

Soon after submitting an application, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the assessment online. This is usually the next step after applying and comes before an in-person interview.

Here‘s a step-by-step timeline:

  1. Submit application through Walmart‘s online portal
  2. Receive invite via email to take assessment
  3. Complete assessment online
  4. Schedule and complete interview if assessment passed
  5. Complete background check as needed
  6. Receive final job offer!

It‘s crucial to set aside uninterrupted time ASAP after applying to take the assessment. This shows initiative and gets your candidacy to the next level quickly.

Breaking Down the Walmart Assessment Sections

Now, let‘s explore the four components of the assessment in greater detail.

Customer Service Scenarios

This section presents realistic customer interactions and measures your ability to choose appropriate responses. According to Walmart experts, keywords are key here. Look for critical words related to the customer‘s mood, urgency, needs, and demands.

For example, you may see a scenario like:

An angry customer says they could not find an item and demands to speak to a manager immediately. They say they have been waiting for 15 minutes already. What do you do?

Pick the response that addresses their anger, need for a manager, and long wait time. Use empathy statements like “I understand this must be frustrating…” rather than dismissing or matching their anger.

Basic Math Skills

While this section does not require complex calculations, you will need to demonstrate strong grasp of patterns, graphs, charts, basic algebra, and numerical reasoning.

Double check all answers and calculations here. Silly mistakes can happen due to nerves or rushing. Always take a few extra seconds to re-evaluate a problem before submitting your final response.

According to data from job prep experts, the math section trips up test takers more than any other part.

Work History and Experience

This section simply asks you to enter details about your employment history, responsibilities, and accomplishments.

Tailor your experience to highlight transferable skills needed for the specific role you’re after. Emphasize achievements in customer service, sales, collaboration, communication and other areas vital for Walmart associates.

If you lack formal experience, don‘t panic. Share related skills gained through activities like:

  • Student organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Community volunteering
  • Leadership roles

The key is showing your potential to excel in a retail environment.

Personality Questionnaire

This crucial section determines if your inherent traits align with the target role.

Walmart experts shed light on exactly what the company seeks in top candidates:

  • Front-end roles: Outgoing, high-energy personalities who engage easily with strangers.
  • Stocking/inventory roles: Meticulous, orderly personality types who operate methodically.
  • Management roles: Strong communicators who lead by example and collaborate smoothly with diverse teams.

Tailor your questionnaire answers to the personality, work style, and communication approach best matched to the job. But don‘t go overboard – strike a balance to come across as qualified yet genuine.

Savvy Strategies to Pass the Walmart Test

Now let‘s transition from what the test covers to actionable tips for passing the assessment. Take these strategies to heart:

Study Walmart‘s Core Values

Understand that the assessment filters for candidates who exemplify Walmart‘s core values of:

  • Customer service
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Reflect on your experiences through this lens. Show how you embody these values in your actions, mindset, and approach to work.

Practice with Realistic Sample Questions

One of the best ways to prepare is by taking practice assessments mimic the real test. Resources like Quizzma offer full-length sample questions and answers with detailed explanations.

Here are some other places to find practice materials:

Website Details
JobTestPrep Study guides, sample questions, and assessment information
Indeed Assessments Builds your skills through interactive practice tests
Glassdoor Features Q&As on the assessment and reviews from past test takers
Reddit Threads like r/walmart provide tips from real employees who passed

Get comfortable with the test interface and types of questions before your real assessment.

Read Carefully, Take Your Time

It‘s better to work slowly and carefully than to rush and make foolish errors. Read every question thoroughly and double check your answers before submitting them.

Watch out for small but pivotal details that can change the right answer. Don‘t fall into traps set by tricky phrasing.

Use Learning Resources

Study guides, online courses, and other prep materials will supercharge your learning around concepts covered on the test.errmsg max=100>

Books like “Pass the Walmart Hiring Assessment Test: A Step By Step Guide to Help You Get the Job” provide detailed breakdowns of question types and savvy strategies to succeed.

Get Plenty of Rest

Being mentally sharp and focused is vital for excelling on the assessment, so be sure to get a good night‘s sleep beforehand. Eat a healthy meal with protein to fuel your brainpower.

Tips to Ace the Teaming Employment Assessment

If you‘re applying for managerial roles at Walmart, you‘ll need to conquer the Teaming Employment Assessment. This intensive test evaluates leadership skills, decision making, prioritization, experience, and personality fit.

Here are some insider tips for mastering this management-level test:

  • For leadership scenarios, provide responses that show teamwork, coaching others, and resolving conflicts. Use empathetic language.
  • Make decisions based on provided data. Think critically about pros/cons and back up choices with sound rationale.
  • When prioritizing, recognize which tasks demand immediate action versus longer-term efforts. Be specific in justifying urgency.
  • Convey relevant experience managing teams, overcoming challenges, and achieving results. Draw from classroom team projects if lacking professional experience.
  • Answer personality questions thoughtfully and consistently. Your responses should reflect management capabilities Walmart needs.

This assessment is no joke – it demands sharp business judgement and problem solving abilities. Stand out by being insatiably curious, logically decisive, and a motivational team player.

Conquering the Physical Assessment (PAT)

Applicants for distribution center and warehouse roles must pass the Physical Ability Test. This intense assessment pushes you to demonstrate the physical rigors of supply chain roles through:

  • Lifting, carrying, and loading packages of varying sizes and weights
  • Pulling and pushing carts and bins
  • Accurately sorting inventory with speed and stamina
  • Working on ladders and industrial equipment
  • Following safety protocols

To dominate the PAT:

  • Use proper lifting form – bend at the knees, keep back straight. Lift with legs, not back.
  • Work at a focused yet controlled pace. Move urgently but safely.
  • Follow all equipment safety guidelines and wear protective gear as needed.
  • Ask questions if you‘re unsure how to operate industrial tools or machines.
  • Stay confident in your movements throughout the lengthy assessment.

This test will push your physical limits – proving you can excel in a fast-paced supply chain environment.

How the Walmart Assessment Compares to Other Major Retailers

The Walmart assessment stands out for its balance across technical skills, personality traits, and past experience. Unlike some other major chains, Walmart does not focus purely on situational judgement or abstract reasoning alone.

Here‘s a snapshot of how Walmart‘s hiring test compares to key competitors:

Retailer Evaluation Criteria Format Length
Walmart Customer service skills, problem solving, personality fit, work history Computer-based questionnaire, realistic scenarios 1 hour
Target Abstract reasoning, situational judgement Interactive multimedia scenarios 1 hour
Amazon Personality, basic math, mechanical aptitude Computer-based test 1.5 hours
Costco Attention to detail, multi-tasking, trait-based Questionnaire, behavioral history 1 hour

While formats vary, Walmart distinguishes itself by aligning tightly to its customer service-focused values in the assessment.

Resources to Study Smarter, Not Harder

With the right resources, you can avoid panicking and prepare efficiently for the Walmart test:


  • Pass the Walmart Hiring Assessment Test by Andrea Herzberg – 600 practice questions, detailed answers, test tips
  • Walmart Assessment Test Prep by Mervyn D. Reed – Complete review of each section, example scenarios, techniques to solve questions quickly

Practice Tests

  • JobTestPrep ($29) – Full-length practice assessment with timed testing conditions and scoring
  • Indeed Assessments (Free) – Builds your skills through interactive practice tests with detailed feedback
  • Quizzma (Free) – Lets you sample realistic questions to understand the test structure

Online Courses

  • Udemy – Walmart Assessment Aptitude Test Prep course provides video tutorials, 500+ practice questions, and downloadable study guides
  • edX – Succeeding on Pre-Employment Tests helps you understand test formats and brush up on math, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills

Other Tools

  • Glassdoor Company Reviews – Insights from past test takers on the assessment format, difficulty level, and their experiences
  • Reddit Threads – Crowdsourced tips and strategies from real employees and applicants who have passed the test

Using multiple learning channels ensures you master all subject areas and enter the test feeling fully equipped to pass.

FAQs on the Walmart Assessment

Let‘s wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about the Walmart assessment:

How long does the assessment take?

About 1 hour total. Each section is timed, usually around 10-15 minutes.

What‘s the passing score?

Walmart does not publish the minimum passing score. Focus on answering carefully and consistently.

When/where do you take the test?

At home or anywhere with internet, shortly after submitting your application. Walmart emails a link and access code to take it online.

Can you retake the assessment?

If you fail, you must wait 6 months before re-taking the test. You can only attempt it twice in a 12 month period.

What if I have a disability or need accommodations?

You can request accommodations by speaking with a Walmart recruiter prior to the assessment.

Do certain roles require higher scores?

Yes – for management and specialized roles, Walmart screens more rigorously and expects higher scores.

How long until I know my results?

You will receive your results immediately after finishing the assessment.

With the insights above, you now have everything you need to conquer the Walmart assessment with flying colors – on the first try! Use this guide to study smarter, leverage the right resources, apply tactical tips, and showcase your personal and professional strengths.

I‘m rooting for you! With focus, determination, and preparation, you‘ll soon land your dream role and be part of the Walmart success story.

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