How To Make Money On YouTube Live Streams

According to Google, a broadcast represents an event that can be watched on YouTube as it happens. Each broadcast is a distinct YouTube video. Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streaming cannot be edited – this is the main feature. Another characteristic is the presence of live chat, which allows streamers to interact directly with the audience.

Many bloggers and creators have noticed a decline in the popularity of ordinary videos compared to live broadcasts. Yesterday's approach won't work tomorrow.

During lockdown, the whole world went online, and it affected the audience's behavior. For many creators Live streams have become the main content format that allows them to interact actively with the audience at the moment.

And if we talk about YouTube, the algorithms of the platform began to prioritize and promote this type of content – live streams rank higher in search results, generate more traffic and increase Watch Time on the channel.

How to pull the crowd to the streamings

How to pull the crowd to the streamings

Even big bloggers with thousands of subscribers stream with 100 people sometimes. And what should the newcomers with the little audience do? To promote YouTube live stream and attract many viewers you could use special services on SMM panels.

How does it work? We’re going to show you on Viewsta example – one of the proven SMM panel to buy YouTube live stream views. You need to choose a service depending on the time of the broadcast. You can order viewers for your stream from 5 minutes to 24 hours. People are real, not bots – that's the main feature! You can also choose whether you will be viewed by users from a particular country or from all over the world.

Provide a link to the broadcast, choose the relevant amount of viewers, and pay for it. Your audience will come to you as soon as you start broadcasting. Convenient, easy and safe. The prices start from $4 per 1000 views.

Earn Money On YouTube Live Streams

Earn Money On YouTube Live Streams

YouTube monetization

To enable monetization on your channel, you need to make sure you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time of your content in a year. In this case, you can turn on the official advertising Google AdSense.

If a user doesn't have a Premium subscription, he or she will regularly see ads in front of or inside their ads. For views and clicks on such ads, the authors of the videos receive rewards from YouTube.

Superchat (18+)

Superchat is a part of YouTube monetization program. It allows to build a strong connection with your viewers and earn extra money. With this feature, people watching live broadcasts or the premiere of a YouTube video can highlight their message in the chat.

Superchat messages are highlighted in color and are fixed on the activity bar for a certain period of time, which depends on the amount paid by the viewer. In this way, you can see who your biggest fans are and also pay attention to the messages that need to be dealt with as a priority.

Branded offers and sponsorships

Sponsorships and brand deals are another way to earn good income via a win-win cooperation. Usually this only happens if you have a significant number of subscribers. Then it is profitable for brands to appear in your streams.

There are several ways to add ads to a video clip:

Product placement – you promote products without mentioning the brand name. For example, you put on a T-shirt with the logo, drink a beverage and put the bottle with the label facing the camera, or use a device that clearly shows the company's name.

An advertising spot is an advertisement that is not necessarily related to the topic of the video and not even necessarily filmed by you personally. In other words, it's a commercial within your video where you talk about your partner.

Native advertising is something between ad insertion and product placement. It's when the author mentions the brand in a way that generates interest as much as the content itself, so the ads are integrated naturally.

Review – a partner sends you a product and you talk about it on video and share your feedback.

If you are just starting to promote your channel, you can cooperate with advertising marketplaces (for example, Traackr) or contact partners directly. If the channel already has popularity, the partners will increasingly find you themselves.

Collaboration with partners (affiliate marketing)

Participating in an affiliate program allows you to receive a commission every time a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase.

Sometimes this may not require a link because interested customers may be given a coupon or promo code to use when making purchases on the platform you are advertising. This works if you place the link or code in the broadcast description.


Separately we should note the donations. In the description you give a link where users can transfer money, for example, to support the author or to express their sympathy.

This way of earning is available to everyone. You can use DonationAlerts and DonatePay services to receive donations.

To recap

Making money with live broadcasts is possible for everyone, you just need to choose the methods that are appropriate for you. Don't limit yourself to one tool, use several instruments to increase your income.

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