How to Get Hotstar on Firestick in the USA?

Disney+ Hotstar, commonly known as Hotstar, is an Indian video-on-demand streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment of Star India and operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, both a Unit of The Walt Disney Company.

Since its launch in February 2015, this streaming service has quickly become one of India’s most popular streaming services. It offers Star India’s local network content, including movies, TV series, and licensed content from various third-party production houses such as Showtime and HBO.

Hotstar also operates outside India in territories such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States and targets the Indian population living abroad.

However, in November 2021, Disney discontinued the United States version of Hotstar to add its content to Hulu and ESPN+ services. This step has forced many United States viewers to find ways to access Indian Hotstar as it has more content than the US Hotstar.

Also, the annual price of the Disney+ Hotstar US subscription was $11.85/mo (INR 899 approx.), whereas the Indian Hotstar subscription currently costs INR 499/mo ($6.58 approx). That’s a lot of difference.

Furthermore, Indian Hotstar recently went into partnership with Disney Plus, so you can now enjoy Disney Plus and Indian Hotstar simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Indian Hotstar is geo-restricted to India. Don’t worry. There’s a very easy solution to this problem. Just use a virtual private network and bypass the geographical restrictions. But, only rely on these top VPNs to unlock Hotstar in your region (US).

Hotstar’s ability to support almost all major devices and operating systems makes it special. It can be easily watched on smartphones, laptops, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung SmartTV, Android TV, FireTV, and even FireSticks.

So today, we have brought you a tutorial on how to get Hotstar on Firestick in the United States of America. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to get Hotstar on Firestick in the United States

Hotstar on Firestick

Here are the steps to get Hotstar on Firestick in the United States:


Launch our Firestick device and then select the Magnifying glass icon from the top menu. You can reach the top menu by pressing the (UP) button on the remote control. Then use the (LEFT) button to move onto the Magnifying glass.

Finally, click on the (CENTER) button to select the Search option.

Step 2:

Type in the app’s name using the directional pad on the remote control. In this case, you will have to type in “Hotstar.” It is also possible that the app’s name may appear before you completely type the name.

Step 3:

Press the center button on your remote control to select the Hotstar application.

Step 4:

Select either Get or Download. If you have already downloaded the application in the past, you’d see the Download button, but if you have never downloaded it before, you’d see the Get button.

Step 5:

Wait for the Hotstar application to finish downloading. Once downloaded, launch the application and log into it using your Hotstar account.

Once you have completed the login process, all that is left to do is to search for your favorite movie or TV show and start binge-watching.

So now you know how to get Hotstar on Firestick in the United States. But what if you wish to get the Indian Hotstar’s content library directly in the United States.

How to get Indian Hotstar on Firestick in the United States

How to get Indian Hotstar

Follow the steps mentioned below to access the Indian version of the Hotstar on Firestick in the United States.

Step 1:

Subscribe to a reliable virtual private network with multiple servers in India and strong unblocking capabilities.

Step 2:

Download the virtual private network application from the Firestick App Store. Or you can refer to the steps mentioned above for downloading the application using the search feature.

Step 3:

Launch the virtual private network application using the VPN account details. VPN account details are usually emailed to the user after purchasing a VPN subscription.

Step 4:

Locate and connect to the Indian VPN server from the virtual private network application.

Step 5:

Once you have made sure that the VPN connection is established, launch your Hotstar application.

Step 6:

You should now be getting the Indian Hotstar with the content library that is only restricted to the viewers in India.

Note: You must keep your Firestick device’s location services disabled at all times.

So there you go, that’s how you can easily get Indian Hotstar on Firestick in the United States. Similarly, by changing the location of your VPN server, you can also circumvent many other streaming services’ geoblocks.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our steps will help you get past Hotstar’s geographical restriction, and you can access it on Firestick in the United States.

Subscribing to a reliable virtual private network for this job is equally important, so always make sure that you select the most optimized and best virtual private network.

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