How rich is Di Maria? A deep dive into the Argentinian star‘s net worth

With sublime skills and trophy-laden stints at Europe‘s top clubs, Ángel Di María has cemented his place among football‘s financial elite. According to the latest estimates, the Argentine winger has accrued a net worth of approximately $18 million. Let‘s take a detailed look at the sources and growth of Di Maria‘s wealth.

Lucrative salaries and transfers drive his multimillion net worth

The bulk of Di Maria‘s fortune comes from his playing contracts with renowned clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain. During his 2014-15 season at Old Trafford, he pocketed a handsome salary of £300,000 per week – totalling around $16 million annually. Across his prolific career, Di Maria‘s transfers between elite clubs have also earned him significant sums. His British record €75 million move from Real Madrid to Manchester United in 2014 likely netted him a double-digit million dollar signing bonus.

Here‘s a breakdown of his earnings from salaries and transfers over the years:

Club Transfer Fee Weekly Salary
Real Madrid €25m to Benfica in 2010 £100,000
Manchester United €75m from Real Madrid in 2014 £300,000
PSG €44.3m from Man Utd in 2015 £170,000
Juventus Free transfer in 2022 £200,000

As you can see, the numbers are pretty staggering! And this doesn‘t even include performance bonuses and incentives that can bump his earnings even higher.

Endorsements and investments add to his immense wealth

In addition to his club salary, Di Maria rakes in a few million every year from endorsement deals with brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette and EA Sports. As a global Adidas athlete since 2010, he likely earns upwards of $2-3 million annually. Savvy investments in real estate assets across Europe also contribute to his wealth.

But how much does he spend to maintain his luxe lifestyle? Let‘s take a look…

Luxury cars, watches and mansions – how he spends his millions

Di Maria‘s extraordinary wealth allows him to indulge in:

  • A custom Porsche 911 worth over $250,000
  • Several high-end Mercedes Benz cars costing $100,000+
  • Patek Philippe watches valued at $100,000 apiece
  • Mansions and penthouses in Madrid, Manchester, Paris
  • First-class flights and holidays for his family

He also SETS ASIDE generous budgets for:

  • Clothing, grooming and styling
  • Security and household staff
  • His children‘s education
  • Philanthropic contributions

So between exotic cars, designer fashion, multi-million dollar homes, and lavish holidays – it‘s easy to see how his expenses can run into the millions each year!

How does his net worth compare to other footballers?

Di Maria‘s estimated $18 million net worth may seem modest compared to contemporaries like Lionel Messi ($600 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo ($500 million). However, it still places him firmly among football‘s financial elite. Here‘s how he stacks up to other stars:

Player Net Worth
Lionel Messi $600 million
Cristiano Ronaldo $500 million
Neymar Jr $200 million
Ángel Di María $18 million
Mohamed Salah $90 million

As you can see, while Ronaldo and Messi are in another league, Di Maria still surpasses many elite players in net worth.

How taxes and expenses impact his net worth

Though Di Maria has earned upwards of $350 million over his career before taxes, his current net worth of $18 million is a fraction of this. Why?

High taxes in European countries mean footballers take home only 50-60% of their bumper payslips. Agent fees (10-20%) further erode their earnings.

Lavish lifestyles also drain millions per year. After deducting taxes, fees, and splurging on cars, yachts, and mansions – most footballers are left with only a portion of their career income.

Careful investors like Ronaldo and Messi have built lasting wealth by minimizing expenses and investing wisely. At 34, Di Maria still has time to grow his fortune through smart investments and endorsements.

The road ahead – expect his wealth to keep rising

Currently at Juventus, Di Maria is still raking in €7 million annually in salary even in the latter stage of his career. With his skills still in high demand, he can expect to pocket at least $100 million more before hanging up his boots. Lucrative sponsorship deals, appearances, and endorsements will likely boost his net worth by millions more.

If Di Maria can keep expenses in check and invest wisely, his net worth has ample room to grow in the coming years. At 34, the skilful winger is still in fine form – the fortunes of "Fideo" continue to rise.

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