How Much Xbox 360 Were Sold? A Detailed Sales Analysis

The Xbox 360 was a hugely popular console, selling approximately 85.8 million units globally during its lifetime. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll analyze the Xbox 360‘s sales performance in depth – from launch figures to pricing strategy to resale value today.

Launch Sales Established Solid Early Momentum

When the Xbox 360 debuted in November 2005, it sold 1.5 million units in its first 90 days according to NPD Group. This indicated strong initial demand and a successful launch for Microsoft.

In the U.S., the console moved 4.62 million units in 2006 based on NPD‘s figures – a solid start that demonstrated appeal in Xbox 360‘s biggest market. By contrast, the PS3 sold under a million units in the U.S. in its November 2006 debut year.

Early adoption of Xbox Live, strong reviews of Xbox 360 exclusives like Gears of War, and shortages of Sony‘s PlayStation 3 contributed to this early momentum.

Sales Peaked in 2008 Then Slowed Over Time

Global sales of Xbox 360 grew steadily in the first few years, peaking in 2008 with just over 14 million units moved. According to VGChartz, 2008 marked the console‘s best sales year.

After this peak, Xbox 360 sales began declining year-over-year in 2009 and beyond. This reflected increased competition from Sony‘s PS3, which had managed to match the Xbox 360‘s $399 price point and built growing sales momentum.

The Xbox 360 still sold respectably with over 10 million units annually until 2012. But the last few years saw sharper declines as consumers shifted towards newer consoles.

Year Global Xbox 360 Sales
2005 Launch 1.5 million
2008 (Peak) 14.2 million
2012 10.6 million
2016 (Final) 0.4 million

North America Drove Majority of Sales

The Xbox 360 absolutely dominated in its home territory of North America, moving over 47 million units in the U.S. and Canada. Huge demand from American gamers fueled by top-selling franchises like Call of Duty propelled North America to represent over half the console‘s global sales.

In Europe, estimated sales reached around 30 million units lifetime according to VGChartz estimates. The Xbox 360 performed respectably in Europe, but trailed behind PlayStation.

Meanwhile Japan proved to be a weak region for Xbox 360, with lifetime sales only surpassing 250,000 according to Famitsu. The console struggled to gain traction compared to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles in Japan.

Pricing Strategy Aimed for Mass Market Appeal

Microsoft adopted an aggressive pricing strategy designed to make Xbox 360 affordable and mass market. The initial model retailed for $399 – much cheaper than the $599 launch price of PS3.

Over time, Microsoft released budget models like the Xbox 360 Arcade and E that brought prices down below $200. Bundles packaging hot games like Kinect Adventures made the system even more accessible.

Slashing prices was a strategy aimed at squeezing into more homes. While this ate into profits initially, it drove sales and expanded Xbox‘s market share in the long run.

Console Launch Price
Xbox 360 Premium $399
Xbox 360 Elite $479
Xbox 360 Arcade $279
Xbox 360 E $199

Used Market Remains Active for Xbox 360

For gamers looking to purchase an Xbox 360 in 2022, the used market is very active. According to current resale sites, an original Xbox 360 generally sells for between $50 and $150 these days.

Condition is key – units with signs of wear and tear or hardware issues sell for under $75. Well-maintained consoles bundled with controllers and games can fetch over $100.

Limited edition models in high demand like the Halo 3 edition tend to command premium prices approaching $200. But even basic Xbox 360 models retain playability and offer an affordable entry point for new gamers.

Given the Xbox 360‘s discontinuation, the used market represents the only way to acquire the console. For the classic Xbox gaming experience, purchasing a used console is still a popular option.

Discontinuation Ended Xbox 360‘s Impressive Run

Microsoft ended production on the Xbox 360 in April 2016, nearly 11 years after launch. In February 2023, Microsoft discontinued Xbox Live support and services for Xbox 360.

The sunsetting of Xbox 360 concluded an excellent run that saw over 85 million consoles sold. It established franchises like Halo and Gears of War, pioneered Xbox Live, and helped cement Microsoft as a major player in the console gaming space.

For gamers, the Xbox 360 leaves a lasting legacy of groundbreaking games, online multiplayer, and innovations that profoundly shaped console gaming as we know it today. Its sales and impact ensure the Xbox 360 will be remembered as one of the most significant consoles ever released.

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