How much is a PS2 worth?

Hey there! As an avid retro gaming fan, you may be wondering what the current value is for the iconic PlayStation 2 console. Based on my extensive research into classic gaming prices as an investment analyst, a used PS2 generally sells for $50 – $120 depending on the condition, included games and accessories, and other factors. Read on as I dive into all the details in this comprehensive guide!

Introduction: The Legendary PS2

First released in 2000, the PlayStation 2 is one of the most legendary and best selling consoles ever made. It dominated the 6th generation console wars, selling over 155 million units worldwide and boasting an incredible library of almost 4,000 original games.

20+ years later, the PS2 remains hugely popular among retro collectors and gamers. But with so many units sold, how much is a used PS2 worth today? Does it make sense as an investment? Let‘s find out!

What Impacts a PS2‘s Current Value?

Many factors influence the current resale value of a PlayStation 2 console or game collection. As a retro gaming investment analyst, I‘ve identified the following key points that affect pricing:

Condition – PS2 consoles and games in pristine, like-new condition fetch higher prices than worn or damaged items. Working, excellent condition systems offer the most value.

Completeness – Complete sets with boxes, manuals, cables and 1-2 controllers raise PS2 values significantly over loose consoles or discs only.

Rarity – Limited editions and print runs make certain PS2 releases extra valuable to collectors and investors.

Bundles – PS2s sold with extra controllers, memory cards, or bundled games gain monetary value from inclusion of these extras.

Region – Japanese or PAL region exclusives are rarer than North American releases, increasing their desirability.

Nostalgia – Popular franchises and childhood favorites drive up prices as gamers reacquire collections.

Modifications – Soft-modded PS2 systems add value by enabling homebrew software and backups.

Special Editions – Limited console variants like the Final Fantasy PS2 garner premium pricing.

Supply & Demand – Rarer and more in-demand games or accessories command higher market values.

Now let‘s analyze typical PS2 console and game values based on these factors!

Loose PS2 Consoles: $50 – $100

Loose PlayStation 2 systems – those sold without any included games, controllers, cables or original packaging – generally fall in the $50 to $100 range.

Within this segment, pricing depends mainly on cosmetic condition and confirmed functionality:

  • Non-working "for parts" PS2s: $20 – $50
  • Good condition working consoles: $60 – $80
  • Excellent condition guaranteed working: $90 – $100

Scratches, yellowing, or damage on the casing lower perceived value. Controllers showing heavy wear also decrease prices.

As a data point, GameStop currently offers $54.50 cash or $68.50 store credit for loose working PS2 systems.

Complete PS2 Sets: $150 – $300

Complete PS2 packages including the original box, manuals, cables, and 1 or 2 controllers in excellent condition can sell for between $150 to $300, depending on edition and inclusion of games or accessories.

Here‘s a breakdown of typical pricing tiers:

  • Complete in box (CIB) with manuals, cables, 1 controller: $150 – $200
  • CIB with manuals, cables, 2 controllers: $180 – $250
  • CIB plus memory card or common game: $200 – $300
  • CIB plus multiple controllers and rare game: $250+

Sealed brand new PS2 systems are extraordinarily rare, valued at $400+. But be wary – most "sealed" units are re-shrinkwrapped and worth under $100 unless verifiable new old stock.

As you can see, having the full original package with PS2 documentation and parts significantly increases the console‘s collectability and value to buyers.

PS2 Games: Most Valuable Titles

While loose discs are generally very affordable at under $10 each, some PS2 games are highly coveted by collectors:

  • Rule of Rose (Survival Horror) – $1000+ complete
  • Silent Hill 2 (Survival Horror) – $300+ complete
  • Suikoden III (JRPG) – $200+ complete
  • Xenosaga Episode III (JRPG) – $150+ complete
  • Persona 3 (JRPG) – $120+ complete

Mint condition or sealed copies of games like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy XII, and Metal Gear Solid 2 can also break $100+.

For comparison, common sports or movie titles sell for only $1 – $5 loose. But bundles or rare editions of these games may reach up to $20-$30.

Modded/Modified PS2s: $100 – $300

Modded or modified PlayStation 2 systems enable playing homebrew software, ROM backups, and emulators.

These enhanced features make modded PS2s more versatile and valuable than standard consoles:

  • Basic mod (FreeMCBoot): $100 – $150
  • Large HDD installed: $150 – $200
  • Professionally modded: $200 – $300

Well-implemented mods on clean consoles in excellent condition fetch the highest premiums. Poorly done mods can actually decrease PS2 prices if unstable.

Special Edition PS2 Models

Sony released many limited edition PS2 models, including:

  • Final Fantasy X – Blue console w/ custom design
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 – Light blue w/ custom design
  • Gran Turismo 4 – Silver w/ racing logos
  • God of War – Red w/ Kratos artwork

These special models in complete, excellent condition tend to sell for $250 – $400. Rarer editions like the Final Fantasy may even approach $500+.

Mass produced editions like Gran Turismo sit on the lower end from $200 – $300 complete.

Is the PS2 a Good Investment?

For serious collectors– seeking rare titles or editions to complete personal collections – select PS2 items can prove good investments, achieving strong returns if kept in pristine shape. Some games like Rule of Rose have already exponentially appreciated over time.

For casual buyers, either seeking to relive childhood nostalgia or hoping for bargain additions to build wealth, the PS2 offers more limited investment potential.

The console‘s extraordinary popularity produced huge supply that prevents most games or editions from ever becoming truly scarce. This curbs prospect for future growth. Already valuable games have likely peaked.

If obtained for entertainment at reasonable used prices, the PlayStation 2 can deliver strong value. But hoping for more than modest appreciation as a speculative investment is unrealistic for this common retro console.

For true investing, traditional options like stocks and bonds will almost certainly outperform the PS2 long-term. The PS2 is better viewed as a beloved gaming icon to enjoy, rather than a golden ticket to riches.

Tips for Maximizing Your PS2‘s Value

Here are my pro tips to maximize your return when buying or selling a used PlayStation 2 as an avid retro collector:

  • Carefully inspect condition & test functionality prior to any purchase or sale. Repair any issues if possible.

  • Thoroughly clean the console and games to improve appearance, fix disc read errors, and increase perceived value.

  • Bundle in controllers, memory cards, cables, and any other relevant accessories you have. Popular games also help.

  • Keep the original box, manuals and packaging materials. These exponentially boost collector appeal.

  • For mods, have upgrades professionally installed for stability, and add large HDDs to highlight utility.

  • Utilize auction sites like eBay to connect with engaged gaming collectors who will pay fair market value for items.

  • Check PriceCharting or recent eBay sales to benchmark your listing price against real market data for optimum return.

  • Local retro gaming stores may offer quick cash buyback quotes, although usually below market value.

  • Patience is key. Rare items may take time to sell, but the right buyer will eventually pay top dollar.


The PlayStation 2 has clearly demonstrated enduring demand despite being over 20 years old now. While the console and most games hold limited investment upside compared to stocks or bonds, certain rare PS2 releases have achieved modern collectible status, maintaining value for patient holders.

For gaming enthusiasts, buying a used PS2 and curating a library of memorable titles remains an engaging pursuit that delivers entertainment beyond mere monetary return. By selecting your games and accessories carefully based on rarity, popularity and condition, you can maximize your investment – both in enjoyment and potential future proceeds!

Let me know if you have any other PS2 related questions! I‘m always happy to chat retro gaming. Enjoy the hunt my friend!

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