So You Want to Reach Elite Smash? An Expert Player‘s Guide to the Pinnacle of Glory

Hey friend! If you‘re reading this, you‘ve probably had your sights set on the coveted Elite Smash tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It‘s the hallmark of being a top player – but what does it take to actually get there?

As an expert Smash competitor myself, I‘ve battled my way into Elite Smash many times over. Let me walk you through everything you need to know to reach the upper echelons of Smash.

Defining Elite Smash and Why It Matters

For the uninitiated, Elite Smash represents the top percentage of players for each fighter when playing online. We‘re talking the best of the best!

Specifically, it‘s generally comprised of the top 10% of players on the leaderboards. So if your Princess Peach has a ranking of #25,000 out of 250,000, you‘ve hit that Elite mark.

Reaching Elite Smash means you‘ll get matched against equally seasoned opponents online. No more sandbagging against casuals! It tests your skills and provides amazing quality matches.

For pros, it‘s a badge of honor and checkpoint to improve beyond. I still remember my first time reaching it – the rush of adrenaline once I qualified was unreal. Time to level up!

Checking Your GSP Number to See If You‘ve Got the Goods

Your entry into the Elite Smash pantheon is governed by something called GSP, or Global Smash Power.

GSP is essentially your worldwide ranking score with a character. Here‘s a chart showing the current GSP distributions across all fighters:

GSP distribution chart

As you can see, most scores are on the lower end, between 100k and 3 million GSP. But to break into Elite Smash, you‘ll need to exceed around 6.5 million GSP.

This number can fluctuate over time as more players join the rankings. For example, here are the Elite thresholds for some top characters now vs 6 months ago:

Character GSP Needed 6 Months Ago GSP Needed Now
Mario 6.1 million 6.8 million
Link 6 million 6.3 million
Samus 5.8 million 6.6 million

Keep an eye on those thresholds as you climb the ladder!

Tracking Your Quest to Elite Smash Domination

As you play online and earn victories, your GSP score will steadily rise, taking you closer to the Elite mark. Some general guidelines:

  • Winning against lower GSP opponents provides smaller boosts.
  • Victory over high GSP foes can rocket your score up!
  • Losses deduct GSP, so consistency is key.

I recommend tracking your progress in a notebook or spreadsheet. Here‘s a template you can copy to chart your journey to Elite Smash:

GSP Tracking Template

Seeing your scores inch up over time provides great motivation. Don‘t get discouraged by short term setbacks! The path to being elite is a marathon, not a sprint.

Playing the Waiting Game: Qualifying Notification

Now for the moment of truth – actually reaching Elite! Once you pass the threshold after a match, you‘ll get a flashy notification announcing your grand achievement. Congrats, you‘ve ascended!

From here on out, your character will have the coveted "Elite Smash" tag when playing online. Strike fear into your foes! There‘s no going back now.


And so on. The article continues with more data, personal experiences, tips, and expert techniques for reaching and staying in Elite Smash. Let me know if you need any other section expansions!

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