Hiration Online Resume Builder Review

Are you looking to create a resume that is easy to read and passes the application tracking system?

Hiration Online Resume Builder Review

If yes, Hiration is the choice for you. It has an AI Review feature that gives you instant overall resume feedback along with bullet and section level pointers.

In this review, I will be discussing my experience with their resume builder. The idea is to help people choose a resume builder that can help them create a stellar resume. 

Let’s get started.

About Hiration

Second-time entrepreneurs, Hiration was kickstarted by Anish Raj Sikka and Aditya Sharma. They created an AI-Powered resume builder with auto compose & real-time review functionalities.

Driven with a passion to assist candidates with job transition and career advancement, they have helped professionals across 170+ countries land jobs with major firms such as Luthra & Luthra, Amazon, Uber, Goldman Sachs, and Salesforce.

Further, they provide career assistance for resume & cover letter rewrite and LinkedIn profile optimization. You might want to also check the difference between cover letter and resume which both documents are essential marketing tools designed to deliver a memorable first impression and convey your suitability for a specific position.

Resume Builder

Hiration has a robust process where you can make a resume in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Create a new resume
  2. Choose the design
  3. Choose your target profile/industry
  4. Best practices or tips (can be skipped)
  5. Tailor your resume

They have customizable templates that follow an industry-specific approach. For instance, if you need to create a Software Developer resume, you will have access to a Software Developer content template that can be used as a reference.

AI review

AI review

It is an impressive feature. With the click of a button, it gives you a review of your resume where it gives you analysis of the bullet points, skills, work experience, and resume header. 

Check the snippet below: 

What makes this feature unique is that it allows users to make changes and improve the score in real-time.

AI Assistant 

This feature automatically detects the text you wish to add to your bullets. It is a cool feature to have when you cannot think of what to write in your bullet points to make them more impactful. 

However, there are instances where the prediction is not contextual to the statements, but it is not a dealbreaker as it will work with most of the industry-specific pointers.

To use it, all you need to do is click on the AI Assistant button on the resume builder, it will predict the phrase/word based on the content of your profile and bullet. 

Additionally, it has an “Autobold” feature as well that highlights important information and figures in a bullet point.

Job Matcher

Job Matcher

This feature reduces the strenuous task of building a resume. Candidates often question the quality of their resume as they cannot use anything to make sure that it is in line with their target profile. 

To use it, all you need to do is paste the job description and it will analyze your resume as per the profile. Also, it will help you with insights to make your resume specific to the role. 

For reference, check the image below:

After pasting the job description, it highlights skills that are required for the role but are not present in the resume.


A resume needs to be one or two pages long. It cannot be one and a half pages or anything along those lines. 

The spacing feature on the resume builder allows users to increase the spacing to fully utilize the blank space and decrease it to fit the page.

For instance, if the current spacing of the resume is 2 and it cannot fully utilize the 2nd page of your resume, you can increase the spacing to 3 and compose a proper two-page resume.

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