5 Best Ideas to Get Passive Income for Artists in 2021

Is making passive income online possible for artists? This article answers this question and more, giving you 5 ideas for passive income for artists.

Most Profitable Passive Income Ideas for Artists

Most Profitable

Passive income is a way of life that most people only dream about. Just imagine enjoying a hike in the mountains or a day on the beach while money is trickling into your account. It sounds like a fairy tale, but in fact, it is easy to achieve.

How? Boxmode blog has a few suggestions, including website monetization ideas. But in this article, you will learn how to earn passive income for artists.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive Income

There are at least several definitions of passive income methods. Some of them refer to passive income as income that we get by doing absolutely nothing. There is no such thing. Although the name includes the word ‘passive,’ such income always implies some work done to achieve or manage it.

Ideally, passive artist income does not require your full commitment. So the definition of passive income is:

  • The time commitment should not exceed 4 hours per month;
  • A positive cash flow where revenues exceed expenses.

Best Ways to Have Passive Income for Artists

Have Passive Income

Some things that  you can do as an artist to ensure a passive income for yourself are:

Selling templates or graphics

The increasing interest in making passive income online means that a lot of people want to set up websites or online stores.

If you have such skills, you can design website templates and sell them on your own website or special portals. Even if you do not possess the technical skills needed, you can cooperate with someone, providing your graphics for use.

Own product line

The internet offers numerous opportunities. You can use your blog, social media page, or special platforms to reach specific communities and offer them your product.

As an artist, you can pack your knowledge into a specific product:

  • E-book,
  • Online course,
  • Paid access to your platform.

If you are not ready to film art tutorials, you can simply use subscription services like Patreon, where viewers can access your creations for a monthly fee.

Photo collections

Are you a photographer? Your passion and hobby can become a source of passive income. Various image banks allow everyone to post and sell their photos through the portal as a sort of art leasing. Such image banks operate all over the world, so the number of your potential customers is infinite, although the competition is also tough.

Youtube channel

YouTube is a great place that you can use to generate passive income.

The easiest way to get passive income is through affiliate links that can be added to the video’s description. Of course, the best results are achieved when the recommended products closely correspond to the topic of the channel and the video. In your case, it can be dedicated to fine art or crafts.

Own Brand

If you are feeling ambitious, you can create your own brand. Design your clothes and profit. These can be handmade products or just your print on T-shirts. Of course, you can also create any other sort of product you are interested in.

If you can not yet create your online store, you can sell your products on a platform for handmade products like Etsy. You have probably heard about it, but just in case you do not know, Etsy is a global platform for selling unique and handmade goods. Here you can find lots of amazing products, from handicrafts to vintage treasures. Visit the website and get inspired by other people’s creativity!


As you can see, there are many ways to get passive income streams. All of them need preparation: some require a lot of time and work done at the start, others require a large amount of money invested, and some require a good idea in a previously unexplored niche.

However, the initial challenges of obtaining passive income are paid back over time through a steady flow of money.

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